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Pui Yee , that's me.
11th June is loved. :D
And I really really really love taking photos. :D
I may go insane over cute stuffs. :3
I love wooden containers and wooden stamps. Heh.

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Empty Heart
[♥] That elephant plush! (Mini Toons)
[♥] Mylo plush!
[♥] One item from thesmallobject.com
[♥] Some cute wooden toy :B

{*} Build a cardboard town :D
{*} To see a complete 6 Amethyst again
{*} Catch plushies from catching machine again
{*} Go STGCC again this year with a sponsor

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Siao day for my group
Friday, September 21, 2007 ; 6:37 PM

Today , the boys in my group like mad like that ..... Heng Sheng and Johny go fuse the light bulb (during science) and put plenty of battery....... I fought with LOO JIA JUN ....... Teacher keep on asking us to practice oral.... no choice but turn behind and practice with BENJAMIN LIM......... What the.......... all bcos of LOO JIA JUN!!!!!!!!!! >:l
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It's me again (obviously it's ME)
Friday, September 14, 2007 ; 9:26 PM

Hello...changed my new blog's url liao.....www.heartslovesomebody.blogspot.com
lots of homework sia......
Hahahaha....serves BRANDON ONG rite.... he very sian on msn cos all of my friend go either block or delete him.....
this kinda ppl deserves.......
Go visit my new blog + take that test....
Thanx again
Me again
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007 ; 6:05 PM

Hello everybody!!!
hello hello hello !!! you're very very welcome to visit my new blog!!! http://www.geminigirlofjune.blogspot/ this blog just for me to use a gemini blogskin!!! anyway, today i finally got my tinni winni revenge...... LOO JIA JUN always go and put his arm on my table and he gave me a VERY crumbled math worksheet TODAY ..... SO, I use my *NEW* mechanical pencil and ..... -PoKe- him!!! He yelled and scream like a GIRL !!!! Next is a quite BIG hate's revenge on ...... guess u know... BRANDON ONG!!!!! during change of period (mother tounge) , he took his bag and put on my doggie pencil case and squash it >:( so i took my mechanical pencil again and -PoKe- him !!!!! >its not only for that ,also for how idiotic he is......<>:( Then, he 'refer' to himselves and PEK ZHENG XIN that they love LOO JIA JUN !!! >actually BRANDON ONG keep on saying me and yeeshuin toot that guy< HAHAHA................ BRANDON ONG JING JIE ---STILL SUCKS---- and i still HATE him .... MORE THEN LAST TIME....... Yee shuin ~too~
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Saturday, September 8, 2007 ; 9:37 PM

Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @ The Doll Palace

Elegant , Respect , Beautiful
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Thursday, September 6, 2007 ; 11:39 PM

my dear friends,
I believe that BRANDON ONG has offended you , anyone of you at least once.....
And now, I would reveal something not very nice to HIM...... If you have visited our class blog, you find that there's someone call 'Name' and in his blog he talk bad about us.... He is highly suspected to be BRANDON ONG JING JIE !!!!! listen well friends!!!! all of you are VERY WELCOME to scam his blog or whatever!!! GO ahead!!!!! He said in his blog that someone like someone in our class.... AND it is not true .... is just some idiotic saying from this idiotic boy!!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!! He aslo has a sweet heart but i just don't want to reveal her name bcos i don't want to betray her........ SO pls pls pls go AHEAD AND HATE him!!!! this annoying fellow deserve the Hates of us!!!!

Thank you for revenge on him,
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