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Replies for Taggies {:
Saturday, May 30, 2009 ; 10:43 PM

30 May 09, 17:31
yuhong: omg i love that post! abt you in IMM. so nice! and what's gachapon, i really don't know. >.<
} LOL. Glad you like it. :D Gachapon? Go re-read the post again.

30 May 09, 14:26
`Minhann :D: HELLO (: TAG {!}
} HELLO. :D I forgot to link you. :X

30 May 09, 14:10
HUILYNN :D: LOL, jelly all nvr smile one. Only th last two. HAHHAHA .
} Exactly! So rare she willing to smile for those two.

30 May 09, 07:58
Jieling.: BLAH!@#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^. I should have siam everywhere. x.x
} Nono. Jelly! Jelly jelly! Yay you smiled for a photo.

29 May 09, 18:52
alicia: tags=D happy hols!!
} Same for you. :D

29 May 09, 17:13
Natalie: haha wiping cream on ppl is fun =) i kana by marissa n jieyin hoho :X
} Jie Yin wiped on me too. =3= I clean alr kenna again.

29 May 09, 15:03
yuhong : WOOTS I LOVE PICTURES!!!!!!!! esp your camwhore pics. PUIYEE IS A CUTE/CHIOBUUUU. (:
} LOL. No no no.

28 May 09, 23:00
Jieling.: Another camwhore freak. Walking everywhere with all the phones up. Lawl, thankfully don't have me. If not you die.
} HAHA. Camwhoring is the love. :D

28 May 09, 22:58
Jieling.: Is huanglaoshi, not wanglaoshi. -.-
} My hanyupinyin sucks one. :D

28 May 09, 22:51
JIEYIN: Hoi , LOL Whats that about my GAHGAH phone LOL , Ahemm , Define GAHGAH
} GAHGAH = 8.0 MegaPixels , super duper wanted by me and bleh you.

28 May 09, 20:34
Ying Li: Yo. Long time no see.
} Haha , yep! :D

26 May 09, 20:54
Marissa: Pui yee.....im on prepaid man!! LOL. jkjk ;D lin lao shi rocks! (:
} You didn't told me. :D Hahaha , I wasted your money. Yep , Linlaoshi rocks. :D
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Donut , Ice Cream & Jelly
Friday, May 29, 2009 ; 9:54 PM

Another pictureful post!
Of course there's still words. :D

Both my parents went.
Our slot delayed for half an hour.
Hong hong very happy when I came. LOL.

Miss Saw asked me what I expected my class position to be.
I told her ten plus.
Cos last time p6 I'm those average de.
So many smart people that time.
My position not very expected.
Hahaha , my parents are happy.
My mum said never thought I would be so good.
My level position also quite okay...

Geography and literature brought me down.
Miss Saw says I should ask more question for geog.
Must read more for literature.
Then parents complain I keep playing comp.
But Miss Saw says the whole class also the same. HAHA.

After that ate Long John's breakfast.
Then changed out of uniform.
If didn't , some society weirdoes will complain again.

After that , my mum went to the bank to do something.
While waiting , another auntie waiting talked to me.
Lols , her english quite fluent.
She asked me about why there isn't school today.
She asked for my school and sec what.
I was afraid to tell her at first.
Later she go complain? O.O
Then she said I'm tall. :D
Lols , actually I'm average only.

We went to IMM.
While in Daiso , Jie Yin called me.
She wanna come! :D
Jelly is coming too! From PTC.

Met with Jie Yin and Jelly during lunch.
My mum went back after that.
Jie Yin bought and ate her friend Donut.
We walked unknowningly to Daiso.

Another kind of JELLY!
Pokaris jelly. LOL.

Jelly , Jie Yin and I with our favourite boxes!

Transparent boxes!

Another transparent box added in!

And another one!

And another one...

After that we went to second floor.
A whole row of GACHAPON. :D
We browsed through it.
Cinamoroll gacha! Uber kawaii!
Jie Yin wants the donut one.
I want that little cute milk.
So Jie Yin suggested we each pay one dollar.
If it's what I wanted or she wanted , then pay the rest back.
I put in the coins and turned.
OMG. Really is milk!
Geee , I'm so lucky!
First try get already.
Next , Jie Yin tried again.
She put in the coins and turned.
OMG. Really is donut!
Just what she wanted!
Then Jelly got a try.
She wanted anything.
So she just gacha-ed one.

Jie Yin , Jelly and Me with our gachas capsules!

We went to Mini Toons.
Browsed through.
Hahaha. We met Kuang Teck there.
In fact , a lot of Kuang Tecks.

LOL. Spongebob which has sounds.
Its voice really sounded like Kuang Teck's. LOL.

Taekwondo Spongebob!

In case it's blur , it is an image of Spongebob whacking Patrick's butt. LOL.

Jelly wanted to go Comics Connection.
She went crazy over Hyun Joong.
And bought his notebook. LOL.

We also went to the japanese shop with lots of uber cute stuff!
But then they are so ex...

DOMO! Big one.

Ah. Uber kawaii!

Jie Yin wanted a drink so we bought drinks at Sweet Talk.
I bought ICE JELLY.
Hahaha , ice jelly! LOL.
Walk walk walk , and I started using Jie Yin's phone to call boys.
I called Whisky , Tom , Jun Meng , Kai Ze , Ryan.
All didn't pick up except Kai Ze.
"Hello. What?"
And I started laughing. LOL.
He handed his phone to Hong Wei.
HEH. He so bad.
And Jie Yin started receiving lots of unknown calls.
"你要搞什么?" LOL.
"我没有要搞什么。是Pui Yee打给你的。"
Oi , why drag me down? :D
Jie Yin say Jun Meng sounded so man she didn't recognise.

We went to playground!
Lalala. So fun~!
Jie Yin played with me. :D
We climbed into the tunnel and down the slide.
Then played the spinning thingy with jelly helping us to spin.
We tried the thingy to "fly" from one platform to another.
We are too tall. ):
Hard to lift up legs luh.
The security guard walked by.
He told Jelly that cannot play in sch uniform.
He asked Jie Yin how old she is.
"Twelve only. Haven't birthday."
LOL. "Twelve years old" Jie Yin!

Jie Yin and Me in the orange tunnel.
It's very orange...

Me and Jie Yin at the end of the slide. :D

Jelly , Me and Jie Yin. :D
Sort of top view shot. :D

Jie Yin said she wanted the donut keychain on my handphone.
Haha , coincidentally IMM has that gacha machine.
So quickly brought her down.
Put in coin , turned handle.
She took out a coin from the coin refund thingy.
But I took out the capsule ball.
LOL. It's actually free! LOL.
Somebody must have forgotten to collect their refund.
Then Jie Yin put in another coin.
OMG. She got the donut she wanted.
Pay $1 get two and got the one she wanted.

Jie Yin and Me with the Gachapon machine. :D

Jie Yin and I started to be horny unknowningly.
LOL. Don't know how.
We were walking around the disc fair.
Then suddenly got one scream. LOL.
Random one from the tv. LOL.
Camwhore time ppl!

We were outside Fish & Co. :D
Then started camwhoring.
First time Jelly willing to smile for a photo!
We kept taking and taking because I kept laughing thus photo became blur.
Jelly smile until face tired. LOL. :D

Jelly and Me! :DDD

Me , Jelly and Jie Yin with her phone. LOL.

Me , Jelly and Jie Yin! Weeee.

Me and Jelly.
Jelly looks funny.

After that we went back to Comics Connection to get something for my cousin.
Then Jie Yin bought the sour candy strips.
I said I want the 尾端.
Then she want us each eat one end.
LOL. But I laughed and said lesbians. :D
However she still gave me the 尾端.
So I ate it.
She suddenly pick up the other end and eat.

While walking to MRT , Jie Yin and I were hornier.
Jelly refused to listen to our horny stuff. LOL. :D
We were talking about GUJIANING touching his b**bs.

We waved byebye to Jelly and Jie Yin and I took our train.
Then reached our stop she say want go West Mall walk one round.
Hahaha , and we did.
She went to a place which I don't believe she would go.
She did something which I had never expected she would do.
I'm not allowed to reveal.
Wahaha. xD

Going out with Donut and Jelly is great fun~
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Wonderful Semester's Last Day (:
Thursday, May 28, 2009 ; 8:29 PM

Today is the last day of our semester.
We're be enjoying our holidays. :D
A lot of things happened.
Photos will fill my post.
Cos pictures speak a thousand words. :D
And today last day before we going holidays ,
So boliao took lots of pics.

We gave linlaoshi a surprise. :D
Pop pop pop~
Then played a video made for linlaoshi.
With photos contributed by all of us.
Couldn't control my tears after watching the video.
Yeah , I sort of cried.
Really cannot control ma.
Especially when it comes to this kind of occasion.

I mean , the video has a lot of our photos.
The unglam ones , funny ones.
Those which brought back memories.
Everytime people cheer when seeing linlaoshi's photo right,
don't know why got more tears.
And linlaoshi leaving us alr...

Gah , four years man.
He said maybe coming back once a year only...
Then wanglaoshi taking over.
It will be boring.
Maybe he go jc teach us. :D

During lunch is our termly birthday celebration.
Hahaha. I really love the white choco on the cake.

Birthday cake. :D

Delicious white choco. :D

Derek himself requested me to take this photo for him.
Lame gay.

Our chinese teachers cutting the cake...

林老师! HAHA.

Cream war.
Wiping cream on each other. :D

Jie Yin and Me. :D

Me , 林老师 and Jie Yin. Hahaha.

The failed photo. LOL.
林老师 very unglam. :D

The boys arm wrestling. Again.

Ryan pulled up their sleeves and want me take a photo of their muscles.

Jia Yu and Me. :D

After school , we camwhored.
Weeee, I really love camwhoring.

Me and Vanessa K. :D

Me and Marissa. :D

Me and An Qi. :D

Jie Yin and Me. :D

Jie Yin and Me.
Taken with Jie Yin's 8.0 megapixels cybershot phone.
Credits to her and that GAHGAH phone. :l

Me and Vanessa W. :D

Me , Hui Lynn and Vanessa K. :DD

Me and Hui Lynn. :D

Gah, I'm so nervous and excited for tmr's PTC.
Scared my ranking in class/level will disappoint my parents.
Geee , I scared my maths very lan.
Jiayou ppl for tmr's PTC!

Woots , I finish posting all the photos. :D
Sorry if you dislike seeing all my camwhore pics.
But I'm just like that , love taking photos.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 ; 8:22 PM

Today... I was very forgetful.
Big big phew man.

I stayed back for chinese supp instead of doing history proj.
Only the few boys staying to do and they seem to want me to go do badly.
They kept saying without me there won't be order and they'll be playing and bla.
Wow , I didn't know I was that important.
But anyway I still went for chinese supp.

After chinese supp walked to bus stop with An Qi , Marissa and somebody from 104.
We walked all the way from the main gate cause back gate closed.
When we reached back gate , I realised I forgotten my tablet pc. :X
Shit. I could have left it in school but my parents sure scold man.
So I used Marissa's phone to call Miss Saw.
Oops , she's in a meeting. :X
Then we called Vkay.
Her parents were coming to fetch her so can't help me.
She said there were Myo , Derek , Ran Tian , Hong Wei etc. around.
I asked Hong Wei to help and Vkay talked to Hong Wei but then he wants me to go to back gate.
Siao lo. I walked one whole round.

Ahaha , we saw lin lao shi coming to back gate.
I shouted for help.
I requested lin lao shi help me get my tablet pc under my table.
Woah , lin lao shi rocks man.
He really helped me get it.

And thanks An Qi and Marissa for waiting for me.

I really forgotten about my tablet pc.
Gah , forgetful me.
Luckily there was lin lao shi... :D
Reached home very late and rush bio.
Off to play maple.

Wait wait , I need to reply tags. :X
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Camwhooore Thursday [:
Thursday, May 21, 2009 ; 8:01 PM

Camwhore camwhore.
I LOOOOVE taking pics. :D
LOLs. Snap snap.

Lala literature.
Mdm Sia drew worh!
LOL. Cause one of the questions she going through asks us to draw.
People say the paddy field (on the right) looks like signature.
And Mdm Sia caught us taking photo.
She said something like "Why you all take photo of that huh?"
The setting of Sing to the Dawn that she drew.

People talk about their overseas trips during assembly again.
Whenever there is that bitch's photo in the video , people laugh.
I understand how they felt , cause I laughed too. :D

Jie Yin was smiling through ICT.
Why? Cause she is "xin fu de ren".
Her ar. Completely smitten.

Hahaha. We doodled before we went for lunch.
Jie Yin wanted to camwhore with me.
But I look too toot to cam la. :l
So , we cam our class and doodle ba!
Our class during lunch.

My drawing of the little family. x3

We played lightbulbs for physics!
Electricity practicals are my favourites. :D
Our circuit. :D
(Secretly snapped this pic)

Tomorrow there's home econs.
It's practical! :D
Lalalala. Friday.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009 ; 8:55 PM

I should post, yeah?

This morning carried heavy bags and went to school.
Gah , I hate taking bus to school. :l
At the stop before my stop so funny.
To prevent from getting squashed by other school people ,
I stood at the door to prepare to alight , next stop. :D
LOLOL. The door couldn't close at that stop.
I mean the stop before my stop.
The driver kept trying to close the door.
But there was only "Door's closing. Beep beep beep beep."
The door also tried closing but couldn't.
Hahahaha. After a boy moved backwards , the door closed.
LOL. The "door closing" thingy very funny. :D

PE was also funny. :DD
We played badminton!
Hahaha , I really sucked at it.
Like last time play with Hui Wen , funny! :D
First me and Jelly played with An Qi and Jeannie.
Doubles! It was fun! Jelly's good. O:
I love starting. But I made it so hilarious. LOL.
Then Jie Yin and Teddy came to join us.
They retaken and got a gold. Yay for them! :D
Now we're playing triples. ;D
Hahahaha , it was funnier. LOL.

Maths test. O:
Gee , there's a few question I skipped. X_X
I didn't finish the paper!
Althought last question can get marks ,
but I really want to do the last second one.
Because because I felt waste if I didn't do.
But in the end last step wrong. ):
Scared really score very low...

Lalalala lessons.

CCA! I don't feel like going for CCA lo!
But still must go.
Teacher was here today , so strict...
It's our total defence test today.
Roughly knew how to answer.
After that we assembled outside guides room.
We formed a circle...
Some of us guessed we singing dismissal prayer/song.
And really! We sang and dismissed.
Woots , half hour early man. xD

Walked to bus stop with Jia Yu.
When reaching , I saw my bus. O:
Have to wait for the next one.
Then then , senior also came to bus stop!
LOLOL. Hahahaha.
I confirm he's really really my primary school senior.
I heard him mentioning about Keming!

Jelly , if you're reading this...

Gee , tmr have chinese remedial!
I really don't want to go.
It's til late late!
And I'm afraid there is homework...
Gahgah , hope tmr teacher has something on. xD

Instead of greeting Miss Saw tomorrow ,
We sing her a BIRTHDAY SONG.
Vanessa's afraid we won't see Miss Saw on friday.
Because no biology on friday. :D
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Monday, May 18, 2009 ; 8:10 PM

Hahahahaha , my blog is almost dead.
Thanks for the tags to keep it alive.
The blog owner isn't blogging! :D
Because nothing worth blogging , go read other people's ba!
Maybe their's more interesting.

Music is funniest today.
Hahaha , we need present our music project.
Cordelia was erasing those pencil marks.
There were a lot thus a lot eraser dust.
After she finished erasing , she said "Derek , take that."
And she lifted the paper with lots of eraser dust into Derek's face.
ROFL. I think it really went on his face.

LOL. We showed her the powerpoint and bla.
She said need write the explanation longer and bla.
Then we continued the explanation.
LOL. Funny.
When I handed up the paper to that bitch , she asked me if I had a sister in uppersec.
She said somebody from the uppersec looked like me. LOL.
I gave her a retarded giggle cause I don't know how to react. xD

Hahaha. I lazy reply tags...
But I have to...

18 May 09, 17:39
°•ICYBELL: hello (:tagged(:
} Hello. (:

17 May 09, 21:05
17 May 09, 21:05
JIEYINNN: <3<3<3
17 May 09, 21:05
17 May 09, 21:05
JIEYINNN: That toot is toot .
} Of course. If not is what. :D LOL. The heart nice eh?

17 May 09, 20:11
Marissa: pui yee! i want to eat mentos. LOL!! X)
} Random Marissa. Came here just to tell me that... LOL.

16 May 09, 21:43
jiatyan: ello puiyee<3
} Hi Jia Tyan. :D

16 May 09, 15:30
yuhong : ah a heart! HOHOHO.
16 May 09, 15:29
yuhong :
16 May 09, 15:23
yuhong : HELLO cleaniless rep on vacation! when are you coming back? that toot is retarded. :X
} I don't know when. It is. LOL. Happy for the heart. I know its lovely.

16 May 09, 13:25
Hong wei: i want play!!!
} Play what...

15 May 09, 22:32
H.L: ok
} Ok what...

15 May 09, 22:24
Natalie: Congratz 4 ur chinese compo 3 Lin lao shi said u deserve the marks more dan i do haha i so jealous :X
} Haha thanks! LOL. Don't be... First time I scored so well man. xD

15 May 09, 20:58
Ying Li: OMG, I feel so bad. I am not in the tag replies...
} Hahaha. You are in the tag replies le. :D I also feel bad not tagging over at your blog. :X

15 May 09, 18:45
An Qi: Hmm, Next wed ahhhh!
} O.O You don't know?

14 May 09, 22:09
yuhong : HAHA. yay you tagged. FINALLY! and only when i urged. D:
} LOL. Alright Hong Hong...

14 May 09, 20:26
alicia: to hongwei: mii too!
} Me three...

14 May 09, 20:05
hong wei: arrrrr
14 May 09, 20:04
hong wei: i want one day of lessons in 6am classroom!!! with everyone and i want lessons!!! i want hmk!!! i want scoldings!!!!!
} Same here! ):

14 May 09, 18:10vk: T.T pui yee, i also want vacation! why cant hong wei take over for a while??
} Haha! Cos he didn't slack whereas it did. :D
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Tags Replies for Past 3-4 Days :D
Tuesday, May 12, 2009 ; 9:49 PM

12 May 09, 21:22
Natalie: congratz! Now the tootie is the cleaniless rep! HOHO :X
} Yup , look forward to your dirty classroom.

12 May 09, 18:30
Marissa: PUI YEE!!! XD

12 May 09, 17:44
An Qi: sry he is that ngerbgneogbe ok haha
} LOL.

12 May 09, 17:43
An Qi: 2day was so funny that he fell off the chair. haha.
} HAHAHA. He deserved it , serve him right.

12 May 09, 13:40
Natalie: lol
} LOL.

11 May 09, 18:03
Jieiling.: Nothing much to say here. All said by ither people already. x.x
} Hahaha. Jelly is always so Jelly. Nvm , you still came. HELLO JELLY.

10 May 09, 23:14
Natalie: lol sorry yogurt. ROFL... james damn funny hor? u lucky u sit wif him btr dan some other tooties lyk jianing haha...
} Of course! If I ever sat beside him hor , I will go complain til teacher change my seat. If not , I'll torture him. WAHAHAHA. xD

10 May 09, 18:02
°•ICYBELL: hello(:Tagged!
} Hello. :D Thanks for tagging.

10 May 09, 16:20
yuhong : haha hongwei said sorry to the yoghurt! LOLOLOL. haaa, im tagging here. WHY YOU NEVER TAKE PICTURE OF MY SALAD HUHHH.
} Okay okay you're tagging. I didn't took everybody's ma. No time. :D

10 May 09, 15:46
HUILYNN :D: James file. LOL. And jame's damn funneh laa. Lend me a fullscap and i let you play and take pictures of my file. LOL.
} Haha! Yup.

10 May 09, 15:43
HUILYNN :D: LOL, Hongwei says sorry to yoghurt. HAHAHAH.
} LOL. Yeah.

10 May 09, 15:41
HUILYNN :D: HELLO SUPER CUTEE! LOL, if myo was installed, surely cannot work. I think your cable will tio jammed by myo. LOLOLOLOL.
} HELLO SUPER CHIO! Of course tio jam! He so FAT. LOL.

10 May 09, 15:03
JIEYINNN!: HOHOHO. I'll be normal soon! HAHAHA. LALALALA. KawaiiSan
} LOL. As if... Chiobu!

10 May 09, 01:07
alicia: halo.
} Hello! Also long time didn't tag at your blog. Hahaha , will tag soon.

9 May 09, 23:04
Natalie: lol agree wif u rachel~ even tho i dono hu u r muahaha
} LOL! Hahaha. Rachel's Sujata and my friend. ;D

9 May 09, 22:28
Rachel: James' file so cuteeeee. Can't believe a boy will carry such cute file.ROFL
} LOL. He said he had that file when he was little.

9 May 09, 14:03
Yun Yu: hello!! haha ^^ apologise to yoghurt! and the file! (:
} Haha. Long time no tag at your blog. So sorry , quite "busy". :X

9 May 09, 00:24
Natalie: lol i cant imagine some1 apologising 2 non-living tings lyk yogurt!!! HAHA when i read dat part, i was laughing lyk mad
} HAHA! Same reaction that day! :D

Read from bottom to top pls (Oldest is at the bottom).
Gahgah , will find time to go tag everybody who tag me.
So sorry.
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Super Duper Happy Tuesday
; 8:10 PM

I've never been so happy since edajefodgkmadkvli was the cleanliness leader. xD
Come on , read on. :D

I was very sleepy during biology and english.
I wanted to sleep.
But then , I'm afraid teacher would scold. :X

It was maths after recess.
But a relief teacher came in.
Miss Er didn't come today , free period! :D
Soon Miss Saw took over and gave us biology questions to do within the time limit.
After that we have our free time. :D
It's the best chance to complain , so Rebecca accompanied me to complain to teacher. :D
I told Miss Saw about his reply about reminding people to do duty.
I'm really fucking fed up with that reply.
I also added on with whatever I could.
Then Miss Saw asked iekefanfkdeaib to come.
And spoke to him and he couldn't answer Miss Saw's question.

Miss Saw then got the class attention.
She asked what position did jkeandvdajnmavd hold.
Sherwin was surprised and was like "He got position meh?"
Well said man! He acted as if he doesn't have a position in the first place.
Except for Sherwin , the whole class answered cleanliness rep of course.
Miss Saw asked the class two questions :
Who thinks that GUJIANING doesn't deserve to be the cleanliness rep?
Who thinks that GUJIANING hasn't done anything as a cleanliness rep?
(I couldn't remember the exact questions Miss Saw asked...)
For both questions , about the whole class raised their hands.
See! It's not just me , it's a truth , a fact , something everybody witness.
Miss Saw told ejfadjodfajiefj that she don't want to demote him , she wants to make life difficult for him.
And it is either that he is thick skinned and hold a position and does nothing or he is just !@#$%^&. (Forgotten the end of the sentence...)
Miss Saw scolded him and finally asked if he can do it.
Because when Miss Saw asked me what I want him to do , all I said was remind people to do their duty.
You know what , he still answered HESITANTLY!
Fuckfreakdamndarn him luhs.

In the end , I will take a rest from being a cleanliness rep.
And he would take over my job.
I handed him the duty record, so you all still must do duty hor!
And and , don't don't do duty because it is eofadlafmjealdmn reminding you.
I know it would sound horrible that it killed your mood to do duty.
But , for the sake of me , keep the classroom clean.
Meanwhile , I'll be off on vacation! :D
But people , I would definitely come back soon. :D
Because , HE WON'T BE UP TO IT.
I'm sure of that , very very sure.

Literature teacher also didn't come today.
Oh yeah , rocks man!
Another freeee period.

Sorry for not reply tags.
Will reply asap. :D
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Happy Friday!
Friday, May 8, 2009 ; 9:13 PM

Friday friday! :D

Brought a bagful of ingredients and utensils to school.
Ahaha , so bulky. X_X
Reached school and went up to put my ingredients in the home econs classroom's fridge.
On our way met Derek and Spongebob , kept telling us no space alr.
Actually we're not in the same home econs class ma...

During assembly , it rained halfway.
So we had to go back to class and do pledge taking.
Hoho , we're feeling droplets of rain while waiting to go off. :D

Moved seats again during maths lesson.
Lolol. As usual sat beside James. HAHA.
Teacher wanted us to do the questions from textbook.
But then James didn't have fullscap.
He asked me would I lend him a fullscap if he let me play with his file. LOL.
His file's freaking cute, that's why I agreed.
HAHA , James call this the weirdest trade he had ever heard.
I was so crazy over it that I snapped a picture of it. :D
The freaking cute file. LOL.

He needed another fullscap to do the revision exercises.
So he told me that since he allowed me to play and take photo of his file , could he borrow another fullscape from me.
Hahaha , no reason to say no.

Aww , Myo sat infront of me during malay. :l
Then managed to get Ryan to swap seats with him.
Surprising that he was willing.
Haha , I assured him that me and Jie Yin won't bully him.
Jie Yin was boy crazy. LOL.
Hahaha , somehow I got affected too. X_X
Then we started giggling and talking away.
Jelly was emo during malay. ):

Gah , the geog test!
I didn't really revise. D:
I just briefly studied.
A lot I don't know.
Especially the Singapore rocks thingy.

Home econs , home econs!
I was damn excited man.
So excited that I forgotten to bring up my recipe.
So forgetful that I ran down without getting the key to open the door.
In the end estimated the amount and wasted my energy. HAHA.
We began preparing our salad.
Don't know why Ryan kept coming to Rebecca's stove to cook his chicken.
Darren brought avocado for his salad.
And when he was cutting , the seed got stuck in the knife.
He had to carry the knife with the seed to Mrs Yeo. LOL.
I was helpless when it came to peeling potatoes and washing cabbage.
How the heck do you wash a cabbage? O:

Finally we finished our practical test.
We served our salads and arranged it.

My "Breakfast Salad" accompanied with apple juice.
Haha , a lot said it's cute and for kindergarden kids.
Some said that it really gave a breakfast feeling. :D

My menu card!
Spent so much effort on it. :D

After that , took a "gallery walk" to look at people's salad.
Here are some which I snapped photos of :
Natalie's salad!

An Qi's salad!

Rebecca's salad!
Arrange til very nice. :D

Hui Lynn's salad!

Cheryl's salad!

After that , we needed to clear up.
I managed to keep my salad and all the leftovers except the yogurt which was left with half a cup and opened.
I went around asking if anybody wants yogurt , no reply.
Finally Cheryl said she wants , so I gave her.
I continued washing the utensils.
Then Cheryl came over to my counter and said she was so unhappy that Hong Wei dipped his finger inside , said it's not nice and threw it away.
She asked if he threw a lot because he said he ate finished to Cheryl.
It happened that I just came back from the dustbin and saw the yogurt as it was when I gave Cheryl.
Cheryl asked Hong Wei to say sorry.
He said from his counter , I told Cheryl I didn't hear him.
He came over to my counter and said.
Then Cheryl asked if I was fine with his sorry.
I told Cheryl to tell him to go to the dustbin and say sorry to the yogurt.
LOL , guess what!
He really went to the dustbin , opened the lid , looked inside , and said "Sorry yogurt."
ROFL! I'm so amused by him when he really went to apologise to the yogurt.
LOL , I thought boys would be so mean as to won't do it.
But he did! HAHAHA.
Thanks to Hong Wei , I laughed like mad. xD
And it's the first time somebody apologised to yogurts. LOL. :DDD

Packed up and went back to class.
Gah , Hong Wei left me with the keys.
When most of the people left and the classroom is quite vacant , I saw the dirty dirty floor and untidy classroom!
Eeek , I took a broom and swept.
Pieces of paints , dust , dirts , hole punched paper pieces and all sorts of crap.
I "briefly" swept the classroom and arranged those super super outstanding tables.
Meaning whole row like suddenly only that table pop out.

Hui Lynn , Cheryl , Jie Yin and I walked to the bus stop together.
Hahaha , we're quarreling about who is chiobu and who is kawaiibu.
Hui Lynn and Jie Yin are chiobu-s! ♥
Cheryl is uberkawaiibu! ♥
Hahahaha , it was funny on the way. :D

Gahgah , the wireless connection couldn't work , since myo mio was installed.
Gah , lazy go call the customer service or whatever shit.
Using me desktop now. :D
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