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I want to appeal! (Post for yesterday , 30Jan09)
Saturday, January 31, 2009 ; 8:44 PM

In the morning.
I was at the bus stop already but Kevin still at home.
And he ask me wait for another ten minutes.
But my mother say cannot wait le cos if miss this bus , have to wait quite long for the next one and will have traffic jam.
So obviously I not that stupid to wait for him.
Daniel also didn't wait for him. Hahaha.

Reached school.
Kevin also reached.
Lols. So he wasn't so stupid also , he took cab.
And still blame me for not waiting for him... O.O
As usual , we were chatting along the corridor.
It started to drizzle...
We were told to go back to our classrooms by the announcement. Yay!

Back in the classroom...
It was only seven thirty.
So after we said the pledge, (we needn't sing national anthem nor school song)
there was still time left before the first lesson of the day starts.
Miss Saw took the time to give out our apparatus drawing.
But when everybody got their drawings back, I didn't.
The funny thing is this time , I didn't panic cos I thought they were still giving out until Miss Saw asked who didn't get their drawings back.
Lol. It turns out to be that mine and James' drawings were picked to be the better ones?
Yay yay! The little zebra clip was from Miss Saw! (Refer to above photo) :D
Haha. But the drawing still has some mistakes...
The water "line" should have a little curve when I start drawing from the beaker.
And I shouldn't draw a line above the net.
Lalala. I'm quite happy.
At least , a happy start for the day?

Teacher was teaching teaching...
She went through with us the dancing raisins experiment.
And then she asked a question : what are some mistakes made in the experiment?
Then... She looked at the sitting plan and called out my name.
OMG. Me..?
I stood up to answer but it was like too sudden such that I can't think of the right answer...
I just said that the amount of vinegar added might be wrong.
But the mistake should be an inavoidable one.
I only thought of the right answer after I sat down. O.O
You know , I rarely got called out to answer , even my index number was rarely called too...

The part above my stomach hurt badly after running only like not even 1/10 of the journey?
I really , really cannot run.
I walked through.
Reached when nineteen minutes plus plus seconds was over.

We're learning negative numbers and number lines.
Quite easy!
But I still not sure it the hollow dot with arrow means less than or equal to or...
the filled dot with arrow means less than or equal to for the number line...

Today my row's turn to do duty.
But they all left during recess.. Leaving me and another guy (who has no idea that he needs to do duty).
So me , the poor cleanliness leader , arranged the tables for the sake of not getting scolded.
Then... I started arranging the table but I can't seem to get it straight. O.O
Haha! I found a pole!
I used it to align the tables straight...
I put one end of the pole against one table , another end against the next table.
And luckily the kind Kuang Teck helped me! Lol...
Ya.. really need to thank him.
And after we had finished arranging the table , recess was over...
Once again , the poor cleanliness leader (who is me! *Emphasizing*) couldn't go down for recess and stayed hungry!
Shouldn't you pity her? T_T

When through the meaning of words for half an hour then get to go down to buy books for the next half!
Tada! These are the two books I bought.
小蝴蝶小披风 (Shiny & Moony) --几米
非常小子 马鸣加 - 马鸣加成了小学生 (Male version of Totochan) --郑春华
Shiny and Moony is comic kind de...
Those which has hidden meanings in it... I think.
While the other book... is really a storybook... haven't read it yet.

We're learning dichotomous key...
Nothing much.

English Literature.
The teacher rush through!
She taught at such a fast speed!
Lols. Literature test coming.. can't be helped.

Still learning about the environment.
Sigh... And geography test is next week..?
How I wish geography test could be like Geo Challenge...
It would be fun!
Miss Nornie had a habit of fidgeting left and right while teaching..
Then the Jun Meng asked her why she kept fidgeting while teaching wor! LOL.
She answered, "Then you expect me to teach like that?" *Stands so still that she looks like those guard guarding those palace or something and has no expression on her face*
So funny de!

We learned the blacksmith dance.
Did it with JieYin , Rebecca and YuHong.
So funny.
We needed to form a square with one of our hand each time.
So we tried to form two , one with right hand on top , another with left below.
It worked! LOL.
And so , we danced our way to dismissal!

After dismissal , went to change into my P.E. ...
Had a wild goose chase to look for teacher-in-charge of softball...
Luckily the assistant head of CCA brought me there...
Erm , he is the one who always brought the audition list to our classrooms , remember?
On the way , he asked me what sports I played during primary school.
Then I answered I was in art club.
He just replied oh...
Lol. Funny eh? A girl who sucks at sports and good in art ended up softball-ing.

I was suppose to be there for try-outs , but I proceeded to practice with all the others without even trying out..?
Softball was fine...
Practiced throwing balls at the "monsters"...
The pink one looks like Angel in Lilo & Stich!
During then , Kevin , LuYao , Jasmine and another of their friend came to look for me!
Haha... Lol. We waved at each other...
But the training... was erm...?
Had to do step-ups , push-ups , leg race , the back thing etc etc.
While doing the training at corridor , saw Kuang Teck!
LOL. The NPCCs were heading don't know where.
So he saw me too..!
Also saw Hovan and JunMeng!!!
They like hide when first saw me but then appeared again to say hello to me?
Just funny... They moved on after awhile
Then... it came to step-ups
They were the worst! Had to do it on benches!
It gave me leg muscle ache...

It was six plus and I was heading home.
I was very , very , very tired.
Then , I really , really , really felt like taking the cab or having somebody to drive me home.
But I had only one dollar plus left only?
No choice but walk.
I walk like three extra times?
First walked to backgate , reached there and remembered it was close.
Then walked back to frontgate.
From frontgate walked to backgate , discovered it was open.
It was raining somemore...
Finally reached the bus-stop.
Luckily just in time for the bus' arrival.
Haha. Surprised AnQi cos she didn't know I stayed back til six plus too!
Lols. Reached home at seven like a half-dead dull poor poor girl. T_T

(P.S. All of this is written in yesterday's perspective)
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A good school day with bad ending
Thursday, January 29, 2009 ; 9:17 PM

I didn't have the mood to post at first...
But here I am.
This is going to be dull and short.

Took bus with Kevin and Daniel
Haha fun.

Went to school.
Lessons are generally okay.

We got to watch Nan Jing Acrobatics for assembly.
WOAH. They're good.

I'm relieved that I passed my maths test.
Seriously I do now.
I thought I could manage without it.
Hmm... I'm good in maths de! (During primary school)

After school.
Here comes the terrible thing.
I got in NCC.
Really , I did.
At first I thought it was fun and all that when I put it as my fourth choice.
But after that... I realised I'll have to go through training which could put me to death.
So , Marissa , HongWei and I decided to appeal with THAT MISS YEO.
(KuanTek also accompanied HongWei , sorry not sure how spell his name.)
I can't believe I'm actually going to talk to that teacher I hate since she first spoke to us.

I'm really very angry after our conversation with her and so was Marissa.
She really got on my nerves. I'll gather mood tomorrow to post why I'm so angry.
Guess what...
NCC Girls currently needs people.
And it is confirmed that I got in NCC.
I'm going for softball try-outs tomorrow with Marissa.
And in the first place ,
If I failed it , NCC will be my final CCA.
I'm gonna try my best like I've never tried before for softball.
I must get in no matter what.
What would you choose when you are left with three choices , NCC Girls , Softball , Innovation Club (which is said by Miss Yeo she wants those with LOTS of experience)?

Guess what again.
I didn't get in Art and Design.
*Pissed off*
Okay , I'm not scolding or anything...
But I just wanted to ask...
So , he is trying to say my drawing isn't nice enough huh?
He is trying to say he only need a few people for A&D huh?
He is trying to say we are gonna do only drawing for our next four years huh?
He is trying to say that he found some artist for his A&D so he doesn't need such "lousy" people like me huh?
If all the answers are yes ,
I'll like to see what kind of drawings he accepted for A&D club.
And , I'll like to know how many people he needs for A&D this year.
I mean , there weren't a lot of people who went for A&D audition!
Yes , although we need the base to be able to draw well to be in A&D , it doesn't mean that we draw until it was so LOUSY right?

I'm pissed off , pissed off.
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Not a good day.
Wednesday, January 28, 2009 ; 6:01 PM

Ring ring!
Alarm clock rang...
I was in the suddenly-wake-up-but-still-want-to-continue-sleeping state.
In the very moment I woke up , it rang.
It was the first time I could get up with eyes which could be wide awake.

I was very early today , earlier than usual at least.
According to my watch ,
I boarded the bus at six twenty-seven.
It was six forty-two while crossing the road.
Six forty-three when I started to walk to Nan Hua.
I was walked through the gate at six forty-eight.

Lesson lesson lesson!

Finally dismissal...
Went to buy my pad lock.
Go home.
Wasn't very good in school today...
I felt a little uneasy , erm... I don't know why though.

Luckily today only one homework.
But but , need write two opinions based on the two news article and they have to be of at least 300 words each.
I only did one. O.O

I don't know what to expect tomorrow.
Tons of it?

I need a break.
It's killing my chinese new year mood that I've fell ill.
It's killing my chinese new year mood even more when school reopens on 初三 itself.
It's killing my chinese new year mood even even more when teacher already start loading us with homework from 初四 onwards.
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not much of a happy chinese new year...
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 ; 5:32 PM

Why we only have two days of CNY break...
And so much homework...
And due to my flu , I can't go and get AngBao ,
But it doesn't really matters much...

I haven't do the science worksheet...
Which I have no idea how to do.
I haven't written the 200 words 感想...
200 words wor...

Not posting much cos...
Nothing much to post..?
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Decided to blog
Monday, January 26, 2009 ; 11:13 PM

I'm very bored so i decided to blog.
Well , my nose is stuck.
My sore throat almost recovered! ^^

The naughty Flu and Sore Throat Monster stole my sentosa trip away.
Planned to go Sentosa see the flower de ,
But my father see me so tired and my mother a little tired (she's also down with flu , but my flu wasn't from her) ,
We went back home after dinner.

And and , I badly miss taking photo with my camera!
All because of my spoiled memory card.
Left me with two choices ,
a) Find someone who can help me fix it
b) Buy a new one
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; 12:40 AM

I've got the damn flu and sore-throat.
Damn it.
Sorry i'm really in a bad mood cos of it.
Ya it is chinese new year , but there isn't a single bit of cny's happiness in me.
Not a single bit.
New year then new year lo.

I am going to get some sleep and some awful medicine.

Can you believe the flu and sore-throat started with just one sneeze out of nothing...
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6Amethyst! Just like old times...
Friday, January 23, 2009 ; 8:50 PM

Today was CNY celebration!
Haha , when to sch with 4 pairs of wrapped oranges and 3 b'day presents , 2 of which belated (lol) , 1 cardigan , 1 purse.
I'm was VERY excited.
When back to class , worked in groups to make a class logo.
The concert was delayed for thirty minutes!
Forgotten to bring down my handphone.
The concert ended at eleven thirty instead of eleven...
So David and Yee Shuin were already sms-ing me at eleven plus while I was still in the hall.
Oh ya , when the concert ended , they popped the popping thing (what is it called?) , got those paper strips fly down ma...
Then Rebecca and I throwed the strips at each other at first ,
Then Rebecca started playing with 201 girls (who were behind us) and so did I,
Then the 201 girls started playing with 202 girls.
LOL. Fyi , only two of us , two of them and two of them played.
After that 201 girls de friend said , "Can you all stop it? How old already still playing this kind of things?"

Finally the concert was over.
When back class... Sigh... cleanliness leader , cleanliness leader and CLEANLINESS LEADER.
Had to clean classroom.
OMG , I'm already late can...
So I got a little irresponsible this time and ran off and left it to the other cleanliness leader.
I told the boys to wait at general office but I heard that they ran off on their own.
But I know somehow they won't go on their own de.
So when Alicia and I went out by the backgate , we saw the boys!
Yay I'm right!
Long time no see them gather like this.
So we all , 12 of us from Nan Hua , walked to the bus-stop.
And even Brandon who didn't wanted to go , went.
I don't understand why though.
Yee Shuin Yee Shuin! :D
Lols. And so , we took 106 to Keming!

Everybody rushed into the staffroom to see the teachers.. lol.

They were taking photos of Miss Inpa wor , and she actually agreed to take some with the boys...

The place we usually hang around during recess...

Haha , the boys were so happy to have Glenn back

Glenn looks so funny with his BLACK specs.

Mrs Kek , Mrs Kek... Lols.

Crowding around Mrs Kek!

After eating McDonalds...

Lol... almost half of us squeezed into the lift , intending to go to the playground but end up getting scolded by the childcare teacher.

So just sat here... Did cheers , played bomb. It was fun when we were from different schools... A way to make your opponent had a hard time to finish the bomb thing : say the full name of the school. Lol. E.g. Nan Hua bomb , Nan Hua bomb , Nan Hua bomb to National University of Singapore , High School of Mathematics and Science.

LOL. Hao Lin sitting on Brandon. Brandon didn't want anybody to sit on him cos he said,"I'm still a virgin."

Them playing captains' ball...

Yun Yu with his leaves. LOL.

I'm extremely happy that you all came back.
And , thank you so much!
All of you made me feel like a part of 6Amethyst again.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009 ; 8:47 PM

Today morning boarded a bus which the air-con was quite cold ,
colder than usual , at least.
And I love it!
Then on the bus I got a seat...
Actually , I didn't want to sit de ,
cos the seat was the one inside the four seats facing each other.
But then , later my mother will nag nag over it.
Hehe ,
My student councilor took the same bus as me wor.
For a few days already.
But I think it would be awkward to go say hi... lols.
Then after clementi interchange ,
I saw the station master for the third haunted house during OC who kept switching on and off the lights.

Arrived at school~

English lessons...
Our english teacher told us a "secret".
He was teaching on essa writing then going through "Audience".
Then he said it could be written to your parents , yourselves , your friends and even love letters.
After that he told the little "secret" that his first crush was at eight and he had woo-ed thirty girls and had four relationships before.
He also mentioned about his exams and
he told us, " The examinor said my essay was damn good."
And he corrected himself and said again , "Sorry used wrong word. The examinor said my essay was very good."
Lols. (I not sure if he said examinor... or was it someone else?)


ACC teacher was punctual today.
Haiyo... And today is the male teacher not the female one.
A bit more not boring?
A bit only... ZZZ.

After school went to look for LiYee.
Hahas ,
went to "play" with her classmates.
So funny lol.

Then went home.
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Home Econ Practical!
Monday, January 19, 2009 ; 8:12 PM

I think Mondays would have the best timetable in the whole week.
And today time passed by so fast in school!
then Maths
then Literature (Damn boring)
Art and Design!
Got some funny moments.
But forgotten le.

Home Econ most fun de!
Today practical! Yay!
Cook chicken macoroni!
We waited for Mrs Yeo , Home Econ teacher , and we went into class.
Everybody wore their apron!
Girls of course could wear on their own... and won't look weird.
But the boys...
My partner was called Darren then the opposite's unit was Rebecca and Kai Ze.
Then Darren helped Kai Ze tie the string behind.
Lol they couldn't tie it on their own...?
Then Darren still haven't tie his string.
In the end Rebecca helped him tie wor!
I couldn't stop laughing bout the two boys.
Then they kept looking at me!
Then we were instructed to use a peeler to peel off the carrot's skin and cut the carrot and onion into cubes.
Darren peeled the skin while I cut the carrot.
Woah , he cooked before!
I cut the carrot wrongly :S
But still could be saved.
Then onion I cut until half-way he helped me cut.
After everything's done , I took them to the teacher and she poured it into the pot of soup she helped us boiled earlier on.
Rebecca and Kai Ze were the slowest pair and everybody had already finished cutting.
I think they quarreled or something thats why slowed down... Lol.

After that , teacher continued to boil the soup while we scoop our macoroni which was already cooked by teacher.
Then teacher gave each pair a drumstick to peel off the skin (optional) and scrap the chicken meat.
When that's done , we divided the meat into half and put one half into each of our bowl.

Then , teacher poured the soup into our bowl or container and ready to eat!
Hot and tasty!
Yum yum!
Tasty... very tasty!
And teacher cooked the chicken til it tasted so nice!
Plus the carrots and onion is we cut de. ^^
I takeaway the remaining which I couldn't finish.

Next is Cocoa Drink!
Very simple , just get the sugar and Cocoa powder,
Pour in one scoop of water and two scoops of hot hot milk!
Delicious hot Cocoa Drink!
I love it.

When to canteen to meet them.
Met my student leader Vanessa also!
Haha , got her msn and blog url!
Took bus home...
On bus gossiped with Alicia and Bernice.

Oh ya. I've got a new KAWAII pencil case!
It is brown! ^^
My kawaii ice-cream pencil case!

Kawaii ba?
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Orientation photos!
; 6:51 PM

Above and below : Group photo version one and two , whichever you prefer. (:
From left : Vanessa , behind Vanessa is Natalie , beside Natalie is AnQi , infront of AnQi is Vanessa , then Marissa , Vanessa (SL!) , ME! , YuHong and right infront QiaoLe.

(Below) Most artistic flag group photo.
From left : Me , YuHong , Marissa , Vanessa and another Vanessa behind Marissa and YuHong.

(Below)Marissa and meeeee! :D

(Below)Vanessa and meeeee! Lols. Vanessa isn't enthu in taking a photo.

(Below) Yay! Autographs! Wahaha, got my SLs to sign too...

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Sunday, January 18, 2009 ; 5:08 PM

For the previous post , I'd like to add on several things.
For the games stations after lunch aren't in the correct order cos I forgot which we went first.
And we've also took some photos when we got our handphones back , maybe I'll post it.
And and , some parts I didn't elaborate cos I've typed too much.
Thats all.

Btw , thanks for all compliments regarding blogskin. To me , this was the nicest one I've ever done. xD So thank you! :D
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Orientation Camp!
Saturday, January 17, 2009 ; 8:09 PM

Orientation camp is super fun!
I'm super enthu too! :D
I went to school and met Marissa and Vanessa near the staircase and they said they needed to paint the flag.
Then , we couldn't get the access to our classroom even though we've asked around.
They said we needed to wait til after assembly...
Assembly le!
That day very special , first time we were allowed to wear PE attire and assemble and no need sit according to index number! xD
After assembly , we proceeded to getting our survivor kit , including our landyards and booklet.
We settled down our bags in the respecting classroom before going to the parade square.
Speaking of bags , I was so surprised that my bag isn't the biggest...
And people with bigger bags than me , even luggages (those small ones that roll on wheels! omg) , had to take their sleeping bag seperately , while mine is already inside my bag. WOW , how I pack de? Lols.

Then we went to parade square for the icebreakers.
Our student leaders , Dennis , Kian Wee , Nicholas , Carissa , Zi Xin , Vanessa , Wen Xuan , lead us through the icebreakers!
Ten pieces of newspaper was still managable ,
Five pieces a bit squeezy.
Then after we completed five pieces (was it five pieces? not sure) , Nicholas told us that we were the first to complete the five pieces.
So obviously , we cheer!
After we cheered , Nicholas laughed and said ,"Actually we weren't the first , I tricked them!"
Then the other leaders gave him a diao look while he was laughing?

After that we went up to the hall and did our cheers...

Survivor challenge!

First we went to Sky Garden to do the "Hunt For Survival"...
Basically we blow the ping pong ball to the other end of the table and make it drop into the bucket , but only ten person can surround the table at one time.
Quite fun.

Next , "Net Of Safety" !
We had to pass the raffia string around while we stood in around a rectangular blue mat as the "river" or something.
Then the net on our end had so many big holes but the people on the other end didnt pass the sting to us!
At first they said the "victim" had to climb the net but after that he just had to lie down.
And guess who the "victim" is...
it was JunMeng! LOL.
Randomly chosen de...
When he laid on the net , he weighed the whole thing down despite us pulling the strings very tightly already...
I think somehow we passed , cos I heard one of the station master say that it was because of the "victim's" weight and not because the net was not properly "wove".

After that was "Survival Tribal"!
We had to form a group of three and tie our legs together.
Haha , I was at the side so I only got one leg tied!
Also , we attached a balloon to each pair of tied legs.
Game starts and we went around stepping on each others' balloon!
Luckily the balloon wasn't big cos it was mouth-blown so the popping sound wasn't loud!
Some tripped because they didn't held each other tight enough or didn't hold each other at all...
And... a girl twisted her ankle cos she tripped quite badly , if i'm not wrong...
But luckily her ankle wasn't painful already after lunch time.
And speaking of that , the SJAB was really very effective!
One of our student leader , Carissa I think , called the SJAB leader and within minutes they were here already , with all things prepared!

We were suppose to complete four stations before lunch but we only completed three cos we're noisy and out of control at times.
And we were scolded at the "Survivor Tribal" there for not keeping quiet to listen to instructions.

I brought a very small plate!
Lols. Partly cos can't fit in a big one.
Then people with bigger plate get more food while my teriyaki chicken and all that were stacked on top the rice cos there isn't space!
The girls serving the food was so shocked at my plate! LOL.
And I got less than enough rice...
Then form teacher , Miss Saw , couldn't resist but take a photo of me with my small plate.
Eek. Embarassing much?

Back to Survivor Challenge!

We played "Food Hunting"!
I wanted to be the blindfolded one so it would be more fun.
And we had to walk through the "maze" blindfolded.
Along the way , the station masters kept pouring water on us!
Some went into my shirt , some on my hair...
Actually I like it!
Cos it was very warm and the water cooled us all down.
Too bad for those who weren't blindfolded! :P
We had to pick up the objects in the pail at the end of the maze as "food" and take off the blindfold and return to the front.
I did it several times...
Then all of those blindfolded were wet!
So funny de , I couldn't help it but screamed when they poured water on me cos it was sudden and cooooooooooool!

After being wet , we went to play "Camouflage"!
We had to so called "camouflage" somebody by putting on newspaper , leaves and face paint.
LOL. We've all sabo-ed Nicholas (Our SL wor...)!
Most people kept stuffing stuff on him and made him look so funny!
Made him had a hard time washing off the face paint... Lols.

Let's "Escape From Cannibals" !
The station masters mixed up boys and girls and we had to squeeze from standing on four benches to three in order to get the last bench infront so we can move.
Eek. So unbalance de.
We felt like we were about to fall.
But but , we didn't reach in time before the balloon bursted on our friends' head...
T.T Had to do duck walk round the whole canteen.
So tiring and embarassing la!
Wahaha , our SLs also had to do...

"S.O.S" is so stupid and disgusting!
The station masters arranged us in one boy then two girls or sometimes three in a line.
There was more girls than boys , wahaha.
We pass pass pass the items.
And Nicholas kept telling the boys , "Boys , don't be scared to interact with the girls , cos someday they might be your girlfriend."
Everybody went EEW...
Pass pass pass the items and the most disgusting part is , we had to pass the poker card with teeth! OMG.
Infront of me was a boy and luckily behind was a girl.
And and , our faces came into close contact , close contact!
Most of us kept "spitting" after we passed the card.
TEETH. omg. Everybody bite it de.

Next next , we played "Twisted Jungle Vines".
We had to go through the holes in the "web".
And the holes at the bottom couldn't be used more than twice!
Then had to carry each other.
Bigger size people goes first.
And Mavis and I went to the washroom so when we're back , suddenly a lot of people were at the other end already.
I was the last one I think.
It was so scary leh.
People carry me through the hole.
And I meant carry... ><
I screamed... omg , I screamed. Lol.

"Lead the Lost Sheep"!
We had to give the blindfolded person on the "Keyboard" directions to the letter to "type" in.
Not much to elaborate.

And finally , "Mysterious Hut"!
Something like treasure hunt.
Had to search for pieces of the picture around the eco-garden.
18 pieces all together. Six for each picture.
I've only found one piece of it.
And the piece I found was quite obvious but nobody realised it?
It was held down by the pot and a big part of it could be seen.
Play play play.
We found 14 pieces. Yay!

Went to the hall...
Learned the OC Dance.
By then I was tired already... Cos of all those games...
We prepared for the Tribal Runway after that.

Luckily my kind SL , Wen Xuen (I think... I'm not sure) , helped me take the paper to put on the plate , cos during when it was our turn to get the food , there wasn't any paper left.
So I asked her to help me take just in case.
Now I could get more food with the help of my paper! :D
Eat eat eat.

Back to hall~
We did some cheers and then Tribal Runway.
We were so nervous for Yu Hong who was our model...
Also played games.

After that we went to wash up.
Luckily Vanessa brought me to a "secret" toilet , if not we would have to line up to wash up...

Night activities!
Haunted house and Night games!
Haunted house was scary.
They made the atmosphere very eery...
The music and messed up tables and chairs.

First room , we were told the ghost story :
There was once a girl named Adeline and she had a Teddy Bear.
The Teddy Bear possessed her soul and made her see some things...
And that caused Adeline to commit suicide.
But after her death , the Teddy Bear still won't give up and continued to try to get her soul.
Our job is to find the charm of the undead and Adeline's soul.

Second room :
Have to find the charm of the undead.
I began screaming already...
Cos got the phantoms.
I was holding on to Vanessa very tightly...
And got a councillor act as the girl Adeline and carry Teddy Bear.
So scary from far...
With torchlight shining and her expression...
And she like follow us de...
MUSIC ALSO made it scary...

Third room :
Phantoms and black ghosts.
Had to find Adeline's soul , which was a light stick. O.O
Black ghost grab people de.
Luckily the ghost only tap me on the shoulder.
She kept tapping me.
But she grabbed Marissa's neck...
Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap for lots of time.
But I was too scared to look le.
I was closing my eyes while Marissa lead me on...

Forth room :
The coffin room...
Had to put the charm of undead in the coffin...
Then got black ghosts walking around...
They kept following us!
I was very scared..
Yeah I'm very timid.
After the charm was put inside , the station master switched on the light for us to see the coffin.
The "dead" Adeline in the coffin look so "ghostly".
She was sitting up and she sat very straight!
I wonder how she could sit up so straight for such a long time...
And she was wearing Qi Pao...

Oh ya, in one of the room , forgotten which , there was a phantom which pat me...
I was like closing my eyes while covering my mouth...
And was very very scared...
Marissa stood with me at the front of the room...
Then got one phantom come pat me and asked ,"Are you alright?" several time...

Also got people talk to the ghosts.
After the lights were on , some even shake hands and talked to them...
They aren't scary when you face them calmly , but I'm not calm!
I screamed like dunno how many times. O.O

After that went to play "Chingay".
Like act out the word and pass down...
They acted out "T" with hand which looks alike.
Then the "V"... became like flower like that...

Also played the whatever game that is...
Blindfold and walkthrough a "tunnel" and get soft toy...

Next ,
Blindfold and crawl underneath the net.
So embarrasing... Me and another Vanessa was the last ones.
And everybody was watching us crawling.. I can imagine how retarded I look.
All of them went "Jia you jia you"

Everything's over...
Brushed teeth...
Went to washroom...
Lights out alr we still haven't settled down.
One midnight , then laid down in the sleeping bag...
I so lucky , didn't wake up in the middle of the night at all...
Slept through! :D

Flag raising , morning exercise , breakfast...
Then , cheering session!
We also did our OC dance.
Then it was disco.
Disco was super fun.
We all super enthu de.
And I meant SUPER.
Everybody screaming and shouting while we ran along our "tutu-trains" songs after songs.
We were holding on to each others' shoulders...
Some who we don't even know... Lol.

Prize presentation.
what the...?
We won most artistic flag...
I was like... our flag artistic ar?
And Mavis and I agree that... it was because each class could only get one award and they couldn't find us any award so just give us this.
Cos 101 de flag much nicer than ours.

After that ,
The student coucillors in charge , Karine , James and Noel all spoke.
While Karine spoke , I was receiving things from my friends' HP so didn't pay attention.
But then I heard what James said.
He said till really couldn't control and cried le.
What he said made me want to cry too but... I don't want my mum see me cry.
But my nose sour sour already.

We waited quite long before we took our class photo...
Then went home.
Too short the camp... I want it to be longer! :D

I want to say thank you to all the student leaders who planned this wonderful camp for us. I really loved it! ^^ It was really fun! And it was all because they planned it and made effort to let us enjoy it! When we slept , they haven't slept and before we woke up , they already woke up. A BIG THANK YOU SENIORS! 辛苦了seniors! Also special thanks to my class leaders , Nicholas , Vanessa , Zi Xin , Wen Xuan , Dennis and Kian Wee! :D

Oh gosh.
How long have I been typing this...?
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Off to camp!
Thursday, January 15, 2009 ; 10:03 PM

Hey people ,
Off to camp!
Will be back to reply tags and post on saturday afternoon (or maybe later).
See you!
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; 9:20 PM

Start with unhappy things first. (:
Today got music.
And damn it.
Our music's teacher's Miss Yeo , they one which I hated so much when she talk to us about the CCA thing.
I hate her , hate her!
She blabber blabber non-stop.
What discipline what shit.
She said music is fun.
Yes , it is and I love it.
But with her , no way.
She totally killed my mood.
Luckily the rest of the lessons were not boring and cheered me up.
OMG. I can't believe I'm gonna learn a beautiful thing music with such a teacher.

After that ,
normal lessons~

Went to take class photo.
The same thing happened.
My fringe is blocking my eyebrow...
At Keming that time also same thing happened.
Forgotten bring clip!
At first teacher wanted me to push my fringe behind with my hairband.
No way I'm gonna do that.
I will look damn retarded de.
Luckily , I was allowed to use water to keep my fringe aside.
I kept the right side fringe underneath the hairband while leaving the left side to the side with water.
Phew. Accepted. :D

Took so long to be dismissed.
After continuing our test for fifteen minutes due to the photo taking ,
maths teacher continued reminding us this and that.
Thats not all ,
form teacher came in and talk talk talk.

Went home~
Started packing for camp!
Yay! I'm so excited.
During camp...
I'm gonna get more msn addresses and phone numbers...
Snap pictures too?
Btw , my memory card cannot use le.
Camera kept telling me it is not initialized.
ARGH. Anybody can help me solve my problem?
How to initialise a memory card?
What cause the memory card to be not initialized?

I read the instruction booklet but... still don't understand.
It still could work when it is opened using computer...
T.T I want my memory card to work!

Camp rock.
We rock.
Reminds me of "Camp Rock".
It's a great show. ^^
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009 ; 8:19 PM

Lessons are... boring for ACC (Appreciation of chinese culture. OMG) and Geography...
Lessons are... normal for English and Biology.

Got to play during recess. :D
Zheng Xin refused to let me see the sms related to going back to school on 23rd.
So I snatched his black file. Lols.
Then he chased me for the file.
Chase chase chase... till the piano there.
Then seeing that he would be close enough to get it back already , I anyhow threw the file.
It landed very near beside the "door" (it was that kind which seperate our Keming's MPR , can be opened or closed).
By that time , Kiat Haw and I think Jun Meng was there to help him while Alicia and Xin Yi were helping me. And it was like CHAOTIC cos everybody's trying to get the file?
And in this "chaos" situation... the file was being kicked into the gap under the door and went into the St.John's room...
LOL. He had to wait till tuesday when the St.John's opened the room to use it in order to get the file.
Then the boys kept shaking the door , trying to open.
And a girl (senior of course) asked Kevin (was it him?) what happened... then i think he told her about the file then the girl told us she could help us retrieve it tomorrow.

After sch dismiss , we went to eat lunch then went for auditions.
Yep , I went in art and design. I really dunno what to join.
They wanted us to draw the vase for the audition.
And I thought the vase behind was really a vase.
But after I finished my drawing , I went to take a look and it was... not hollow.
I felt that I drew the shadow damn ugly.
And hopefully I get in... if not I join infocomm but I've no background definitely not in... then I really have to join NCC le.
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Another day of school~
Monday, January 12, 2009 ; 8:52 PM

Today morning got on to a very crowded bus
And the worse thing is , I stood at the door of the bus.
Meaning , when people wanted to alight I have to somehow "squeeze" myself.
It was still okay at the stops before Clementi Interchange.
But then , when the bus stopped at the interchange , LOTS of people needed to alight.
And I've been "squeezed"!
It's like , people coming from behind , infront , at the seats beside me , A LOT needed to alight.
And everybody sort of "push and shove".
And somemore my bag damn heavy. @_@
Finally there were some vacant seats.
Eek. My bag so heavy such that I just got a seat and sat for two stops before alighting.
LOL. So much for the trouble getting in and out the seat , with my bulky bag.

Carried the heavy bag of mine and walked into school.

English and maths lessons were alright.
But for Literature , it was super boring... supeeeerr.
Needed to draw the blabla using dots and lines.
I felt that my drawings were quite ugly.

And finally home econ!
At first , we all had the thought that we were gonna make the drink.
But teacher spent all the time on theory , not even a bit of time to make the drink!
T.T Even if it's only a simple cocoa drink , I still want to make , cos it would be fun!
But no... teacher spent the last fifteen minutes on workbook , and we could have did the drink during the fifteen minutes!

When to met them.
Bought another kneaded eraser...
And and Kevin and I each bought a bowl of japanese rice to eat. Lolol.
I ate cos I didn't eat lunch and my parents would definitely scold me if they found out.
And Kevin...
He used the excuse "pei wo chi" but I know he wanted to eat de! ^^ Lols.

Alicia , Bernice and I headed to take bus home.
Walk walk walk.
Then saw a group of malay teenages (gangsters type).
If I'm not wrong , they're from Yusof Ishak... Cos I saw their uniform...
But he wasn't exactly that very very gangsters kind , as in his appearance. He just gel-ed his hair and gives an loitering-around-kinda-people impression.
I just continued walking la.
Then suddenly one boy walked infront of me. Right infront.
He gave me that "cunning" look.
Not sure how to describe...
I just stared at him. And I mean stare.
After a few seconds he and his bunch of gangsters friends walked away.

I could only have a few possibilities why he did that.
1. He was trying to frighten me.
2. He was trying to... flirt?? Lol jk.

After that reached home...
Did homework...
And blabla-ed.
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Saturday, January 10, 2009 ; 11:35 PM

Yesterday was quite fun.
Firstly , it was Physics , but we were asked to go to the hall.
There was a presentation on the orientation camp.
After that , the student councillors taught us cheers!
When we were taught the "sexy clap" ,
the vice-president of student council and another guy did the sexy clap this way :
*Claps* *Points to himself* *Says,"ME!"*
Lols. You understand what I meant?
Never mind if you dont.

After that was geography...
The teacher wanted us to write our name on a piece of paper and hold it up and take a photo.
Like prisoners like that... lols.
But luckily , we did it three by three (or even four by four).


Yay. Biology teacher also form teacher.
We were chosing Bio Reps and lots of people volunteered immediately.
The strange thing is there isn't lots who voluteer for other teachers.
So they had to stand infront of the class and say why they should get the position of a Bio Rep.
Erm... Jun Meng also volunteered leh!
This was what he said (something like that) :
"I want to be a Bio Rep because I like Science because of my science teacher in primary school. My science teacher is Mrs Kek and she is quite fat and she... *don't know how to continues*"
Teacher :
"So you mean you like science because I'm fat la?"
Jun Meng :
"No no no no."
It was funny la. This was just part of it.

I miss Mdm Tan teaching us!

Lunch break~

We did chicken dance for enrichment...
And the teacher got almost everybody to really dance!
Yup , quite fun.

Form teacher as PC teacher , yay!
Yup yup , as I wanted , we spent the whole PC period on admin work.
Go home!

We went to the bookshop and queued up to buy the books we needed to buy.
Then we went home together.
Lols. The usual us.
We played the orange cheer along the way out of school.
We were scattered and
I shouted, "Orange!"
The others,"SQUEZE!"
*Squezed together*
I shouted, "Peanut butter!"
The others, "SPREAD!"

Then on our way to the bus stop , we did the "oi" cheer.
Kemingnites oi!
Kemingnites oi!
Kemingnites kemingnites oi!
Sup sup oii!

We were noisy de.
On the bus we sang.
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First day of actual school
Wednesday, January 7, 2009 ; 9:00 PM

Reached the bus-stop at six fifty-two...
I always reached at that time and always take five minutes to walk to school.
I tried to walk faster and overtook people.
But when I was about to reach the school , I no energy already.
I'm breathless cos my bag is so damn heavy!

Flag raising...
Followed by free period.
OMG , I have to read a book for the whole half an hour (well , almost).
And the book isn't one that I have interest in!
I haven't bought a new book :X
And the book I was reading was like... read from last year and yet to finish?!

Finally the free period was over...
And after a long wait , it was our class' turn to go back to class...
We were in the middle so we needed to wait for the classes by the side to go off first.

First lesson of the day... Higher Chinese.
We have two teachers...
One would stop teaching in june and leaving for university...
While another would be our teacher throughout.
They talk talk talk for the whole one hour?
I listened cos I'm not distracted... early in the morning.

Next , literature.
Well , I thought it would be quite okay... given that the teacher isn't that boring kind.
But but , she's that "classic" kind wor!
That means... its boring... Zzz


Home Econ!
I thought we'll be cooking but I think we wont cos it's our first lesson!
This lesson was sort of theory kind?
And and , we have to partner boys!
Apart from two lucky girls.
Cos we were arranged according to index!
I mean , our index number is like girls first then boys.
And there is person "A" and "B".
So the girls are "A" for each counter le then got one extra.
So one of the lucky girl partnered her lo.
Then got another girl at the end cos she wasn't here on last friday.

Teacher taught us bout the utensils...
Then gave us test.
Have to write down the utensils' names.
But luckily ,
it is interesting! :D

After that is English!
This teacher is a relieve teacher as our permanent teacher will take over in feb , if I'm not wrong.
Lol. So funny de.
Then he even asked us , "You want me teach today?"
And of course the answer is "Noo~".
So he spoke about whatever and ever.
He was a life coach so he spoke like the guy in the take flight programme de.
And he was also a hypnotherapist!
Yup , he hypnotise people de.
The boys wanted him to demostrate.
But he didn't.

Then , he mentioned bout the word "woman".
And he told us the real definition.
Woman =
Winners of man
Then he told the boys never to bully the girls.
Wahaha again.
He said he seriously punished a boy who beaten a girl before but he don't want to tell us what he did.
So a boy said , "What? You hypnotised him ar?"
The whole class laughed.
After that school dismissed!

Went home together with An Qi , Li Yee , Bernice , Kevin.
Waited so long for the bus!
And Hovan and Kiat Haw also boarded the same bus as us.
When the bus stopped at clementi interchange , met Wei Na and Nina!
Then I reached home.

In the afternoon chatted with Yee Shuin.
I told her I had home econ.
Then we both talked about how funny the boys (6amethyst) could be while cooking!!!
Must be super funny with the apron somemore.
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Last orientation day...
Tuesday, January 6, 2009 ; 6:23 PM

Had lots of fun today...
Today is the last day of orientation T.T
Tomorrow we'll be going according to the timetable le.
In the morning , we did our class cheer.
Very ridiculous de...
I've got a fever I'm hot , I can't be stopped. (x2)
I've got a front "ook" (took) back "ah" , I can't be stopped. (x2)
I'm from one eleven , one eleven , I can't be stopped. (x2)
I've got a NANANANANANA , I can't be stopped. (x2)
Goooooo~ One Eleven!
*Claps and cheer*

The lines are still okay but... have to do with actions.
Especially for the second line.
And the leader who taught us this cheer was very funny.

After that went for a class "picnic".
Picnic in canteen.
Btw did I mention I same chinese surname with my form teacher? ^^

Then , we made the class flag.
I helped painting.
The paint stained on my hands but that's not all.
It also stained my skirt...
Green and red.
Little bit only.
But can't wash off.
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2nd day of school! Still orientation-ing!
Monday, January 5, 2009 ; 3:52 PM

Today school again.
In the morning... blablabla.
Then announcements came and need to go environment talk.
Okay , the environment talk was quiet fast.
I thought end ready so can go back.
But no , got the CCA talk.
I totally hate the teacher who presented it lo.
She's very naggy kind and , so "what" de.
Like she know a bit of things we also know de then talk as if she very very very pro like that.
And , whenever she say the"sss" , she will some sort of "spit" into the mic.
And she talked til recess leh.
Half an hour.

After recess is...
The "bingo" game.
Run around the school and do various tasks to complete it.
Cos at different places got different task.
Then the student councillor stationed there... sort of will play a fool on us.
After that , was lunch break.

Lunch break over...
We get to play game!!!
Got two student councillors come lead us.
One of the councillor's name was DENNIS! Lol.
People call him tennis... LOL.
Play play play.
So funny la.

Then went home!
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First day of school~
Friday, January 2, 2009 ; 5:01 PM

First day of school.
Woke up in the morning and then took 106 to Nan Hua High!
In the student information booklet , they said go general office to check class.
So when I reached there , I went to line up at the general office.
Then I saw Jun Meng , Brandon , Zheng Xin and Hovan outside the office.
They asked me what was I doing and I told them I was checking my class.
Thennnnn, actually we could just go to the board to check. O.O
Wahaha , I got in tablet PC class!
My class is 111.
No , not read as one one one (which I read it this way) , not hundred and one either. O.O
They read it as one eleven.
Shouldn't they write it 1-11 instead of 111?
And for those classes which are numbered below 10 , e.g. 101 , they read it as one one wor...
I got in same class with Jun Meng , Hong Wei and An Qi.
And early in the morning , Brandon , Zheng Xin and Jun Meng already started joking... o.o
We then assembled in the canteen before we assemble for flag raising.
So kua zhang. Got parents who accompanied their child took photo of their children assembling?!
Then flag raising...
National anthem like nobody sang?!
I only heard one voice singing and nobody else.
You could hear the tune itself so loud and clear.
And said the pledge in chinese because it was a friday.
Lucky we only had to repeat after what the student leader said.
Then school song...
It was in chinese?
I stood there. Cos I have no idea how to sing it.

Zzz. They took a long time to get back to class luhh.
Then finally got back to class.
And oh dear our classroom is right beside the staff room so the teachers could hear all the noise we make... O.O
Our teacher made us line up according the height and then made the seating arrangement.
After we settled down , the teacher gave us forms and forms to fill up.
There was a student profiling form asking about us.
Our character , strengths , weaknesses , ambitions and wishes etc.
And you know what... there was one question like this :
At what age do you think you are ready for a relationship? What qualities do you look for?
Wahhhhh. Our relationships kinda stuff also need to say. O.O
Then it was recess.
After it was a boring talk.
Was in the hall and it was cooldd. Aircon! ^^
After that lunch break.
Lunch break?!
We're going home at one to eat lunch laaaaaaa.
And it's not the usual scheldue whereby we go home at two-thirty...
All the ex-kemingnites gathered! ^^
An Qi , Li Yee , Alicia , Bernice , Xin Yi , Brandon , Zheng Xin , Jun Meng , Heng Sheng , Hong Wei , Kiat Haw , Hovan , Jonathan , Kevin and Meeeeeeee.
15 from keming , 13 from amethyst.
Shock eh?

After that went back to class.
Designed a flag in a team.
Anyhow drew a tree and submitted it.
Then let everybody voted to choose which design they want.
Wah. Our ugly tree got in top three...
And we got 12 votes for it leh!
Highest 19 votes...
School ended.

As planned , Alicia , Bernice , Kevin and me went to Keming.
We were halfway through going to the bus stop when Bernice suggested we take taxi and she pays for it. Yay!
Therefore we quickly flagged a taxi and taxi-ed there!
We waited for Denise but she didn't came so we went in first.
Had to get the stupid visitor pass.
Oioi. We only left Keming for like a few months then treat us as outsiders...
First we saw Mrs Kek then helped her carry some things down.
She is still the same.
Then we went to find Mdm Tan.
She just finished her meal then we started chatting with her for quite some time.
Denise came!
After that Mdm Tan helped us find Mrs Leong.
We also chatted with her!
Then Mrs Leong found Mdm Tong.
She was busy so she just said a few sentences and left.

Then lalalalalala and went home at three plus.
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New year resolutions
Thursday, January 1, 2009 ; 2:02 PM

Hello hello.
Time for my new year resolutions!
(In no order)
1.Get good results
2.Work harder
3.Make new friends
4.Read more storybooks O.O
5.Be happier
6.Laugh more
7.Cry less
8.Be able to fall asleep nightly
9.Be able to wake up in the state of a conscious mind for school every morning
10.Blog better
11.Make cuter blogskins

I still have a longer list of ridiculous resolutions! :D

My wishes for 2009.
1.World Peace
2.No more economical crisis
3.Less natural disasters

Just like this. ^^
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First post of the year!
; 12:26 AM

Happy new year!!
This is the first official post of the year on pebbles-n-co.bs.com
New year new start.
I don't have new blogskin. o.o
But I like this skin the way it is?
Ah ha!
New background lo!
And there will be changes to my blog , look out for them!
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