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Happy birthday
Wednesday, December 31, 2008 ; 11:24 PM

"Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Su Ning,
Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

When to Su Ning's house for her b'day party.
Very funny de.
Lazy lazy elaborate.
Played lots of things la.
Half an hour to new year!

I am seriously fed up of thinking bout what to make for blogskin.
So I'll stop making my skin for now.
Until I picked up the mood to.
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Bye, Bye.
; 5:01 PM

2008 is gonna be over...
2008 a very very different and special year.

My first times in 2008...
I cried because I can't bear to say byebye 6 Amethyst for the first time.
I realised 6 Amethyst is the most special of all for the first time.
There was a teacher who helped me scolded the boy who teased my voice without me having to complained , for the very first time since I was in primary school.
I was tricked by the boys for the first time. O.O
I... I accepted the boys and no longer hate them for the first time.

And I miss 2008...
I miss the laughter we have in 6 Amethyst.
I miss all the screaming and shouting and pushing and playing during recess.
I miss Mrs Kek... Lol. Her unique "Out NOW" and all the things she done to make us behave ourselves.
I miss all the teachers.
I miss jumping on my friends and "scaring" them.
I miss running down the slope in the canteen.
I miss school days in Keming.
I miss greeting Mr Tay and listening to his speech every morning. Zzz
I miss 6 Amethyst which doesn't behave when teacher's not in class and when teacher step into the classroom , we would act like we're behaving and Glenn would say , "See teacher , we so guai."
I miss seeing the boys running out to spot for the teacher and say , "Teacher at eleven oclock direction!"
I miss gossiping with Ying Li. :P
I miss the fun we had.
I miss the classroom.
Most of all , I miss 6 Amethyst T.T

2008 ,
natural disasters,
economical crisis
and all.

Let's welcome a new start ,
Let's take it as the rainbow after the rain ,
Let's make new friend ,
Let's believe absence makes the heart grows fonder and when we're returning to Keming in our secondary uniform , we're be so happy to see each other again.

And pls... don't forgot about often gatherings.

Byebye my dear class. Jia You! (:
Byebye my friends. Hope to see all of you again. (:
Byebye 2008 and hello 2009.
Words can no longer explain my emotion right this moment.
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008 ; 10:35 PM

I made it PINK.
It is so super bright la.
I am remaking it!
Tolerate the PINKINESS of this skin while i make it BROWN.

Yay brown!
Yay me! :D
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Steamboat... Zz
; 8:39 PM

Changed blogskin!
Ah hahaha!
Nice ma?
Zzz. I felt that it isn't cute ENOUGH!
I'm remaking it!

Just now relatives came for steamboat dinner.
No I'm not happy bout it de.
Then , this was what happened :
Relative asked me , "What's your name?"
I was about to answer.
But before I could answer...
My mother answered my relative, "Pei Yi."
Then she scolded me , "You didn't answer people!"

But in the first place , did she even let me answer?
No , I wasn't angry. I laughed!

Byeee, I go search for inspiration to remake skin le.
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Saturday, December 27, 2008 ; 5:39 PM

Today went to Vivo eat lunch...
Not planned de!
This morning woke up then my mum told me today go Vivo eat lunch.
I'm against the "go out eat lunch" idea but I'm into the "going vivo" idea.
Cos... I want go gacha! :D

Then went there.
Have to decide what to eat for lunch... Zzz.
I was in the "can we forget bout lunch" mood... Cos I don't feel like eating lunch and I'm doing fine without it!
After deciding, went to Long John's Silver eat lunch.
Hahahas. Something made my day there. No , not the lunch.
When my mother went to order lunch , there was a little western boy (I think he's from UK , USA or Australia de) sitting at the table next to mine. His father went to order lunch too.
Then he smiled and waved to me yeh. Lols.
He also said something but I didn't really heard him , guess is hello or something.
Then me... I smiled and waved back! :D
My smile was that kind about to giggle de.
Haha... He was bout six to eight years old that kind.
Cute cute deeeee. Also handsome wor. Lolol.
Most of all friendly!

Then when we were both eating lunch that time he smiled to me again.
Haha , I smiled back. (:
After that his mother and elder sister also came to meet him and his father.
I think they were from Australia cos cos... I heard them talking bout Australia?
Lol. Quite illogical la. Forget it.
I finished lunch le.
The little boy didn't realise me leaving wor.
And if he realised and wanted to wave to me...
Then... I would have wanted to wave back.
But wouldn't it be awkward?
His parents , his sister and my mother. O.O

Hehe... Actually it's quite pleasant to meet him de la.

Then my mother went shopping. (Everywhere sale sale sale wor) Zzz.
I was being "dragged" along de.
I was only happy at the gachapon part.
Woopie. I gacha-ed Winnie and Mickey from Disney Christmas Collection!

^^ So cute laaaaaa... I want Piglet and Minnie too! Parents definitely say no no de!
Next time go with friends gacha or buy from blogshop...
If really get Piglet and Minnie , that means I gotten my X'mas Gachapon Collection le!
Cos I don't really collect Stich's gachapon. So I won't get Angel and Stich.

*Click on picture to enlarge
Also gacha-ed a little pig. Lol.
The one holding honey pot and pointing de.
Actually I wanted the little white one.
Didn't get T-T

After that went to buy my CNY shoes.
I bought a PINK one. Wanted white but don't have stock le!
But never mind la, pink quite nice too.

I appeared offline on msn cos I don't feel like talking to anybody!!
And... didn't play maple either.
No mood , no mood.
I want to make a new blogskin!
Actually I made one le.
Err... Is for Nick Jonas de. ^^
Maybe make another?

My mother went out le.
I'm home alone! :DDD
Okay , since I'm home along , I can do something for all I want.
But dinner need off computer. (As instructed by my father... Zzz)
But is like , I nothing to watch leh!
And and , it would be so... "half half" cos do things halfway stop eat dinner?

Currently , no inspiration for my new blogskin.
Maybe milk (cute cute kind)?
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Marina Square ~ City Link ~ Raffles Place ~ With Hui Wen!
Thursday, December 25, 2008 ; 9:46 PM

This is the post for yesterday!
Yup. It was Christmas Eve yesterday and Hui Wen and I went to Marina Square.
We took the bus there and reached there like about noon...
At first there was nobody de. And we love it. Cos it is so quiet and not crowded and it would save some of the awkwardness...
Then we went to Yoshinoya to eat lunch. :DDD
Then when shopping.
Hui Wen bought the mango top. Haha is Chernis gib her de x'mas present.
Then we bought nothing else.
Went to second storey and walk one bigg round.
Ended up at the toy catcher , cinema and bowling place.

Shit la really cannot resist myself then wasted three dollar on catching but caught nothing.
They CHEAT one lo. I watched closely that the catcher caught my minnie plushie le.
But as it moves upwards , the catcher slowly loosen and then my minnie plushie dropped off and in the end got nothing!
Darn it! Darn it darn it darn it!
Stupid machine which cheat!

I really like the toy! See so cute! But blogshop sell $22 to $24 per pair for minnie and mickey. Which means each is $11 to $12...
Have not found one shop which sells them seperately til now...
I wasted $2 on the machine with this and $1 on machine with rilakuma de plushie.
I didn't tell my parents... They defenitely scold deeeeee.
Next time , I must must must must get a person to sponsor me.Maybe a boyfriend? LOL. Jk jk.

After that we went to Raffles City by walking through City Link.
Wah , I'm so smart can find way to walk from Marina to Raffles myself!
Hehe , last time my mum brought me there before... So I know!!
:DDDAs you can see , City Link is crowded de.
Zzz. Oh ya , at Marina after we finished lunch , the crowd started coming in... Zzz.
Then we reached Raffles.
I wanted go A 'n' B C see see de... but damn crowded.
In the end went home..
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Maple Story... My interest is ending le
Monday, December 22, 2008 ; 2:15 PM

Yo yo yo!
Sorry these few days been MAPLING non-stop.
Ooops , I forgotten bout my pet Creamiie le!!
As I was saying , I was mapling non-stop cos I was collecting the snowpiece to get my ICE CHAIR!! I love it la. Simply love it , it's so pretty!
Yesterday finally collected 2000 snowpiece to get the chair!
And I've also got the red book along the way to complete my quest and err level up!
:DDD Now level 24 leeeeeeee. Ya quite low la... but to me, it's the highest le okay!
Hmm... Maybe after I level 25... my interest for maple really ended le!! That means I'm bored with it... O.O

Oh ya... I went in Nan Hua and A LOT OF people from our class also.
Let me tell you...
Me , Alicia , Li Yee , An Qi , Brandon , Jun Meng , Heng Sheng , Hong Wei , Hovan , Zheng Xin and Jonathan (he's overseas). And also 6Diamond de Kevin!
That means a total of 12 people went to Nan Hua la!
Maybe will same class with at least one of them...

I making another blogskin... it will be for after christmas de!
Now searching for picture~
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Thursday, December 18, 2008 ; 5:10 PM

Today morning so busy!
Woke up at nine thirty then got people call me ready...
Hung up then got people call again...
And Mo Mo told me to check my parents' hp for the sms of posting results...
Then I knew I went in Nan Hua..
At first a little disappointed didn't went in NJC.
But after I heard cut off point 259 then I not disappointed le. Lol.
Till ten then got time to go shower!!!
Then rush rush till ten plus then left for school!

Reached school...
So happy to see my dear dear friends again! :DD
Then the happiness caused me go abit errrr crazy... Lol
And I gave them their gifts!
I'm so happy to see all of them la.
Then collected cert but don't feel like going home...
Like talk play laugh til twelve then leave.

Then went to see doctor...
Then eat medicine.
Then like that lo.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008 ; 6:41 PM

>< !!! Today suddenly FLU again!
Eek. Still have little bit cough...
And I hate the taste of the cough syrup!
Basically , I hate eating medicine in syrup form.
Ya , tmr need go see doctor ready!

Yesterday night couldnt fall asleep...
Dunno why... I went to bed at like midnight?
Then hao bu rong yi fall asleep then in the morning like seven wake up again!
Luckily can fall asleep after waking up in the morning. :DDD
I want recover! Want want want recover!
Oh ya... Then tmr I how go school? Hopefully tmr not sneezing so much...
Anyway I'm not ill til that kind of state need lie in bed and sleep all day...
I'm still blogging :DDD and playing computer game! :DDD

Hehe... I've been playing maple these few days.
This is the very first time my character lvl up so fast. :DDD
Cos I know how to lvl up fast fast ready.
Then now need download patch and IT'S NOT WORKING! Zzz.
I think... maybe this time I wouldn't get bored with maple so soon.
But if I do... Then til next time!

Somebody tell me pls... O.O
And that somebody must be 99.99% sure.

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I'm back ;D
Friday, December 12, 2008 ; 11:06 PM

Hello everybody!
I'm back in sg yesterday's yesterday , which is wednesday.
Still got a little bit of flu and a little bit of cough!
Hhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ (>3<)-b
Finally finish making my christmas skin ;D
First time making my own picture (the main one on top of disclaimer and blog entries).
Plain plain one and quite simple to make but haiyooooooo keep getting code problem.
I arranged arranged everything then...
At first my navigations can't work , the one for blog entries.
Then later my blog entries became in the background...??
And FINALLY , TADA my new christmas skin!
Nice ma? I wanted to use snowflakes instead of stars cos snowflakes more representative of christmas ma... But can't find snowflakes picture matching to my snowflakes background... ><
In the end became like this!
The main picture...... I not very satisfied with it... :(
Then how?
I had a hard hard time searching for inspiration leh.
Maybe I changing the main picture? ;D

The medicine make me sleepy (-_-)Zzz
Want to sleep but don't want so early sleep.
Andddddd! Stupid everytime wake up soooooooo late.
Cos I woke up then see still early and sleep again then sleep til very late lo.

This trip to indonesia didn't buy that many things (not as many as I wanted) and didn't take that many pictures. I dunno why. I already bought everything I liked. Ehh? Tatatatatatatatata. But! But but but! I bought things for you all! ;D
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Ill..... Zzz
Saturday, December 6, 2008 ; 4:49 PM

On Wednesday I began to feel my throat "sore-ing". And that night I suddenly told my mother ," I need to eat medicine. " Then made her somewhat worried (LOL) ," What? Why? What happened? " Then I told her , " I have sore throat."
On thursday my sore throat recovering ready. I don't know how to describe my throat's condition but i know i would recover the next day with that kind of feeling in my throat cos everytime I get that feeling i would recover in the next day or next few days. But then got flu... keep sneezing and sneezing til my nose like as red as Rudolph's... Lol. And my face became so PALE. !!!
On friday i no more sore throat ready! But still got flu but it was better ready cos i only sneezed once in a long while until i dont even need tissue... And on friday we went to the shopping mall! ;DDD Er... My god-sister (Only four years old , damn naughty and rude , also quarrel with her) , Xin Zi , wanted to play the playground , known as "ball pool"? So my elder cousin and I went in with her and her cousin (8 years old , quite close too). LOLOL. We went in cos we were "taking care" of them but actually we went in too play too. So fun la. Actually this was the second time I went in to play. ;S ;P xD Then we went on the slide again and again and we kept screaming til i lost my voice that night. LOL

Then at night... So funny la. I love to tease Xin Zi. ;PPP Yeah I'm mean to her. Cos she also very naughty , fierce and mean to me and everybody else. I'm so mean to her ONLY. U know , when I was younger like 9 or 10 and she was like 2 or 3 that time , she hits me and her elder sisters and she made me cry too bcos that time she dunno do wad la. Heh. She called me "this one" on wednesday cos I was helping her to keep her toy and she dun wan then she answered her mother (if I'm not wrong) , pointing at me , "This one lo , spoil my toy." WTF la (this will be my first and last time using wtf cos I'm really damn angry with HER!). She think she very big like that lo. Like she my elder like that... Stupid! Cos the toy is those kind you get from kinder surprise and you have to assemble they yourselves one. I was helping her de-assemble only wad... That was not the first time being so rude to me. And when she refered me as "this one" , I immediately shouted and scolded her la. Okay , I stop talking bout that now... back to the main topic.

On that night , this is wad happened :
She wanted to eat her donuts but it was already very late at night and the donuts were meant for breakfast the next morning. And she refused to sleep for that reason and I wanted her to sleep so I can eat my cookie.
Her : Don't eat my donuts!
Me : *Gives her a :P face* I'll eat it all!
Her : *Gives an annoyed and angry face*
Me : *Pretend to take out the other packets of kuehs stacking on the donuts box in the plastic bag in order to get the donuts out*
Her : *Angry*
Me : *Laughes*
Her : *Cries*
Okay... Er... I didn't mean to make her cry la!!! And I didnt expected her to cry... I was only joking and teasing her!!! LOL. So easy will cry. lolololol. Yup , I love to tease her. But no , I'm not bad to kids. Only to her cos I hate her attitude.
And next...
I made her cry again cos I did the same thing but I told her that if she doesnt go to bed , I'll eat all her donuts. Muahahaha.
But actually I don't like to eat donuts... at all (almost).
But she so naive as to believe that I would really eat. O.O
And if she ever come to me calling me "Jie Jie" , there would be only three reasons :
1. She want to play my DS. (Which I hate to let her play but she always throw tantrums if she doesnt get to play it. Cos I'm afraid she will anyhow press and destroy , damage , delete or spoil my games (the characters , account , etc.) and she DOESNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO PLAY! )
2. She want me help her do something. (Which I will only help given that I'm in good mood with her or the thing I need to help her do is very easy and doesnt waste my energy)
3. She got bullied or scolded and want somebody to hug her and I'm the only one around or I'm the only one left who would hug her and she would be crying in that situation.
So much about her.
Don't , DON'T comment about the part of this post concerning bout her.
Thank you.
I'm returning to sg this coming wed.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008 ; 3:58 PM

I'm lazy to post :D
went to arcade to play.
went to shopping spree.
went to buy gifts for all of you.
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