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Teachers' Day 09! :D
Monday, August 31, 2009 ; 9:28 PM

I'm damn angry this morning.
Gah , I was angry , and somehow i became quiet.
Firstly , I'm very angry over the fact that school ends at 1pm. :l
Next , we have to walk for ACES day. :l
Thirdly , we don't have a relief teacher to bring us to walk.
And , because of this , we have to walk with 103.
We were suppose to be the first class to walk but it ended up like that. GREAT.

BUSHUANG. Very bushuang.
Hmph. Still have to change back into uniform.
Then recess. Damn crowded.

Chinese lesson.
Okay , I laughed again.
Because of their "acting".
Heh , at least lesson wasnt that boring. :l

Teachers' Day Celebration.
Wasted almost thirty minutes waiting.
I saw Sherwin , James , Jakin and Nicholas.
Sherwin damn funny can! LOL.
The guy who danced damn cool also!
The moonwalk! OMG.
And the guy who played the big big drums also damn cool!
WOAH. Jump and hit. xD

The two who sang. :D
One of them looks like Su Yong Kang. :D
Omg , my phone flashed when taking photo of him.
Heh , nothing happened. :D
The part where the other guy dragged was funny.

It's like. WOAH.
Cool uh. :D

YAY! School ended. :D
We went back together.
Thats the first thing that made me happy.
All twelve of us. Xin Yi went on her own.
LOL. We planned to go down the bus without making a sound.
And that Zheng Xin , engrossed in his game would be left on the bus.
But hor , Zheng Xin is alert and went down at that stop.

When walking back to KMPS , saw NUS de people.
Then halfway , met Mdm Tan.
Mdm Tan's going to Mcdonalds for lunch with our seniors.

Then we went back to KMPS.
Although the visiting hours have passed , we still walked in.
I mean , not our fault that our school 1pm then end right. (Speaking about that...)
The security guard let us in.
Everybody waited for us. :D
Thats the second thing that made me happy.
Having them to welcome us , even if our sch ended at one.
We took a class photo! :D

Talked talked talked.
Then walked to West Mall. :D
Went to Mcdonalds.

Eat eat. :D
LOL. I accidentally drank An Qi's milo. :X
Cos the table really too cramp alr.
Then I took the wrong milo. :X

LOL. I'm zi-highing. :D
Cos too happy alr. :D
I'm singing Fabulous , Can I Have This Dance and some other songs. :D

We went to West Mall.
Went to arcade.
In order to do that , we changed into our class tees.
Then Zhi Yong don't have. Wear my jacket. LOL.
HAHAHA. He looks funny in it.
We got chased out because they say half uniform also cannot. :l

Instead , we decided to go to the nearby basketball court.
But then , somehow , we ended up at the playground. :D
The first thing I played is that spin spin thing.
It is damn funn! :D
I was spinning , spinning and spinning at acceptable speed.
OMG. OMG. All I shouted was OMG.
I just keep spinning and spinning at a very very very fast speed.
It is like , I'm gonna fall off any minute like that.
Then I held on very tightly.
I don't know how to stop.
I wanted to put down my legs , but the air and speed prevented me from doing so.
I thought I was gonna stay that way forever. O:

Suddenly , Yee Shuin landed on me.
Omg. If not I'm really gonna keep spinning.
Omg. I thought I'm gonna fall off.
Omg. If I fell off , I'll be terribly injured because I'm be spinned til very far at the VERY FAST SPEED.
Omg. I have a phobia of that thing alr.
Omg. I'm in a state of shock.
Omg. I'm damn dizzy when I finally can get off that thing.
Omg. I kept saying omg.

I went to sit on the rocking horse.
And randomly walked around.
And talked. :D

And we went home.

I lazy to continue typing luh.
View photos on FACEBOOK! :D
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Friday, August 28, 2009 ; 10:44 PM

LOL. I laughed.
I laughed until my laughter became from HAHA to HUHU. :D

Come come , I shall post how Spongebob , Jelly and Jie Yin made my laughter HUHU.

We were at the corridor outside the labs.
And I asked Spongebob , why does Spongebob have hair one.
LOL. He asked me back , why does Ice Cream have hair one.

Then , Spongebob said , "Don't know since when I became Spongebob."
And Jelly said , "Don't know since when I also became Jelly."
I've forgotten what's funny.

Then at the canteen.
He was alone again.
So we joined him.
He didn't talk at all.
But I kept laughing and talking away , I know.
Then then then , we asked him why he everytime so lonely.
He didnt reply us at all. GAH.
Then he went away.
But he came back with a drink.
He didnt face us.
LOL. Jelly / Jie Yin said "See , Spongebob dont want look at you alr."
HAHAHAHA. Then he turned back.
He kept diao-ing me. GAHHHH.

Then I said that Jelly and Spongebob are from the same world.
Because hor , they don't have any expression , don't talk , don't do anything , also will make me LAUGH.
Then Jie Yin began to sang "Under the sea~"

OKAY. My conclusion for the day.
Jelly is the third Jun Meng.
Eugene is the second Jun Meng.
Therefore , Jelly , Eugene and Jun Meng all the same one.
Except for exceptionally funny stuff (to them).

Spongebob is the second Jelly.
Therefore , Jelly and Spongebob are from the same world!
LOL. Maybe it is because I laugh to easily.

My crappy post.
I don't care if you understand.
Because , crap aren't meant to be understood. xD

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Monday Laughs :D
Monday, August 24, 2009 ; 8:30 PM

Jelly says that people have monday blues but why am I laughing.
I asked her what is there to blue about. LOL.
Really ma. :D

Today morning , Rebecca told me what Jia Jun told her about me.
Anyhow blabber. LOL. :l

Recess was funny okay.
LOL. I bought my fruit tart and went to look for Jelly and Jie Yin.
I saw Jie Yin and Spongebob queing up together.
Then hor , I hopped on them lo.
LOLOL , it gave them a scare. :DD
Jelly saw the whole thing and laughed? LOL. :D

I accidentally banged my leg on the table when I was trying to get out of the chair. :D
Heh , twice. :X :D

I find cracking egg and frying omelette so fun.
Although , my omelette ended up as scrambled egg. ROFL.
We have to use a wok.
The wok is round bottom de.
Then when we pour in the egg , it all gather at the bottom.
You spread it , it become scrambled. GAH.
We even redone it because there was too much oil in the first time.

Enrichment today is boringggg. :l

YAY I've updated , like finally.
Yupppp , I will go bloghop and taggg.
I feel like changing blogskin. :D
But first , I must help Li Yee make her skin first. :D

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I'm happy again :D
Friday, August 7, 2009 ; 9:38 PM

First time celebrating national day at NHHS.
HAHA. I saw Sherwee and James!
Funny. Sherwee was putting his scores up then he too short and the scores fell on his face. LOL.
During the ceremony , I was holding my laughter.
I couldn't recognise our school song when the band played it.
Its like so different. LOL.

Then there was a long long prize presentation.
Then we went up to the hall for exhibition galore.
Just walked in circles.
I pasted the flag tattoo on my neck. LOL.

HAHA , I met Spongebob.
Someone from 110 (I think Jasmine?) came to ask Spongebob to write a comment.
She said that we will get the sweet if we write a comment.
I told her I also want to write and get a sweet.
Spongebob handed her the comment but she gave me the sweet. :D
YAY! I got a sweet.
Spongebob wants it back but of course I don't want give back.
Then I was taking out my phone , Spongebob snatched the sweet.
GAH , I chased him around the hall. LOL.

I was walking around with Jelly.
Then suddenly got one teacher appeared infront of me.
She said the tattoo on my neck very cute or something and she wants to take a photo of me.
AH LOL! I wanted to escape or something but the teacher was like , "DON'T MOVE!"
She asked me to look up and she took a photo. LOL.
I also saw her taking Xiao Ming's photo because he had tattoo on both cheeks.

We waited for Alicia and went to KMPS! ♥
HAHAHA. David said he wasnt going.
But then , when we're boarding the bus , we saw somebody very very familiar.
LOL. David? Is that him?
I sms-ed him "Are you david?"
He replied "Duh. I just decided to go cos nothing to do."

On the bus ,
Shi Ni and Jie Yin was sitting beside Alicia and me.
HAHA. They were talking talking and we were quietttt.
Jie Yin kept saying "Chen mo. . ." LOL.
We started talking about last time Chinese New Year go back.
Shi Ni and Jie Yin were standing at that side while Alicia , me , Yee Shuin were standing at this side of the circle thing in the bus.
That time we still not very close to each other.
We were just like "That one from my class one."
"Oh , that one my class one." HAHAHA.

We reached KMPS!
YAY YAY! We walked around the school.
Mdm Tan was having supp class.
She was scolding her students so we dare not disturb.
We went down and wait.
Students came down. We asked them and sure enough they were from Mdm Tan's class.
We went up and find her.
We all took a seat like we're having lesson.

We began talking to Mdm Tan!
Jun Meng and Zheng Xin had the most to tell Mdm Tan. HAHA.
Jun Meng kept complaining about Miss Saw.
They told Mdm Tan about how Zheng Xin got punished etc. LOL.
Alicia , Li Yee they all managed to sneak back into school and come back find us. LOL.
Heng Sheng told Mdm Tan that Yu Jia changed out of PE in the classroom and ran around in his underwear and a female teacher came in. LOL.

We went to Mcdonalds after that.
We ate and played.
Shakers fries is nice. :D

Ah , I shall stop here since I dont feel like posting anymore.
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Monday, August 3, 2009 ; 9:18 PM

The only thing that made me looked forward to monday is EPOP!
YAY! Jelly helped me buy EPOP!

Jie Yin was emo-ing because Whisky was sick.

HAHA , Jelly participated.
So did Rebecca and many others.
Gah , they didn't consecutively skipped alot of times.
But they tried their best la.. :D
I saw 102's team during lunch.
11 skips man , so pro. :D

After lunch and bio was enrichment!
We're doing floorball today. :D
105 and 106 get to practice while we sit there and stone. :l
HAHA , floorball very funny.
Tons of hockey stick will be hitting each other over that small little ball.
It was fuuuuun too! :D
Rebecca was very enthu in the games!
She alone can get the ball from one side of the court to the other side and score a goal.
Woah. xD
Yes yes , Jie Yin not emo liao , very hyper to play. :D

HAHA. We finished the games.
We lined up and sat down to be dismissed.
Then this time Ryan and Jun Meng ended up beside me and Jie Yin.
Ryan asked me to change seats with Jie Yin so that she's sitting beside Jun Meng.
Yuppu , good idea , so I changed. :D
Then Ryan handsigned me to push Jie Yin at the count of two and he would push Jun Meng.
One , Two , Puuuuush. :D
They were pushed and bumped into each other. HA.
Jun Meng no reaction , Jie Yin very agitated? LOL I dk how to describe.

Go home.
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