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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 ; 8:34 PM

Hahaha. Jelly and her tpc with the jelly wallpaper I made her.

The wallpaper is so nice! LOL.

Geez. Calligraphy lessons!
Calligraphy rocks. LOL. :D

Today was the first time I've ever shouted to somebody so loudly , infront of the whole class.
It was the first time I've ever hated somebody so so so much.
The response he gave me meant that he's such an useless , brainless , weak and lame gay.
"If you also cannot get them to do their duty , how can I get them to do?"
Lame shitx.

Sorry for my very weird moods this few days.
I'm simply -- emotional.
I don't know why.
But I just felt a gush of tears and anger.
Thanks for all your concern , I'll be fine.
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Saturday, April 25, 2009 ; 11:48 PM

I hope that I can make the words above bigger but that's the biggest.

Hehehe , sorry I forgotten to bring your present on friday.
I will bring it on monday!
Don't be sad , Jelly!
Because , Donut and I will always make you happy again.
Laugh Jelly laugh!

Muahaha , here is the Jelly bag I made you.
This is your present part 2.
Part 3 will be a whole string of Jelly merchandise.

Oh yes , almost forgotten.
Here are few songs dedicated to JELLY!

"Jelly oh Jelly ,
Oh bring back my Jelly to me , to me.
Jelly oh Jelly ,
Oh bring back my Jelly to me , to me!"

"Jelly is a dinosaur
From our imagination
And when she's tall
She's what we call a dinosaur sensation

Jelly's friends are big and small
They come from lots of places
After school they meet to play
And sing with happy faces

Jelly shows us lots of things
Like how to play pretend
ABC's, and 123's
And how to be a friend

Jelly comes to play with us
Whenever we may need her
Jelly can be your friend too
If you just make-believe her!"

"I love you ,
You love me ,
We are one big family.
With a great big hug
And a wobble from me to you
Won't you say you love me too?"

Hehehe , yes I'm lame and mad.
But but , whatever it takes to make my Jelly happy. :D

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Friday, April 24, 2009 ; 10:06 PM


Heyho people.
Let me blog about my very packed day.
I rushed here and there and here and there. Zzz.

Firstly , half day of school.
Began with on period of malay.
Went to auditorium for don't know why.
Teacher didn't even come. O.O

After that was chinese.
Teacher showed us our marks. X_X
Luckily , I passed.
But , I passed with a B4. GREAT.
Jelly oh jelly. She topped chinese again. :l

H.econ was after our recess!
Packed out stuff and went up.
On the way up , somehow ended up talking to Jakin Heng.
He addresses girls as "my dear".
From that , you can see how much of a flirt he is.
He asked me this question , does my mum talk like me?
Obviously not , it just happened that I have this special gene. LOL.
He started crapping , again.
He said that I should be called what lychee or some shit cause his ex-classmate who talks like me is called that way.
Well , he's just crapping (like he always does).

Mrs Yeo gave us a pop test. =.=
Not even ten minutes to study.
I totally wrote crap an a lot is guess guess de.
We weren't told to revise , at all. . .

It was dismissal but we had to stay for geog test.
The geog test was totally fucked.
I don't know how to do , especially south east asia one.
This morning I merely opened the map , felt bleh , and closed the atlas.
The mapreading one was at least better , I kinda studied it.

Finally , I'm released!
Alicia , An Qi and Li Yee went to take bus back to kmps together.
Hong Wei said he'll go first as he was with Ryan.
But then when we reached , the bus was there.
In the end boarded the same bus as him.
LOL. At clementi met Kevin.
That crazy guy ar , kept saying wo ai ni.
One sided love man.

We reached the bus stop.
But An Qi had to take photo , so didn't follow us.
And you know , the Heng Sheng 傻傻 sitting there waiting for us to go in together with him.
Walked in to Keming.
Security guard said Mr Tay didn't allow ex-students in unless on special occasions.
If we want to go in , we need teacher's permission.
So , I went in to the office and called Mdm Tan.
Ahahaha , she came out and brought us in.
Heng Sheng looked so tall beside Mdm Tan.
I was really surprised that Heng Sheng would agree to come.
Really , I really was. :D

Chatted with Mdm Tan for a while.
Then chatted with Mrs Leong.
Saw Mrs Kek , but she was going to have supp class with our juniors.
Oh Mrs Kek , always love giving us supp class. O.O

The old heritage park changed into a playing area. . .
See see , so many Mr Tay's ideas.
Haiii , good for our juniors.
Readers Digest for reading.
Some were as old as 1980 something.

Board games and soft toys on the shelf.

Went to canteen to have lunch.
It was sooooo long since I last ate there!
Ribena!♥ NHHS canteen don't sell this. ):

Mantou!♥ So damn long since I ate it. ):

After lunch we were bored.
There's basically nothing to do.
Heng Sheng played piano.
Geez , just like the old times. :D
Alicia left after a while.
Then Li Yee was concentrating on her book. O.O
Hong Wei and Heng Sheng were singing along to their phones. LOL.
Around three plus , went home.

Showered , change into guides uniform and left for nhhs for duty.
Reached there , tied my ribbon and helped out.
Distributed refreshments , carried chairs , and talked.
Six thirty , my mum came and fetch me.
Hehe , requested to go back earlier.
Dinner-ed at pizza hut. :D
And went home.
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Buh-bye , Green Pen
Thursday, April 23, 2009 ; 9:32 PM

I'm feel mad this morning.
Because I'm carrying such heavy and bulky stuff.
Bag , book , tpc.

Yay , stay-in-class-for-assembly thursday. :D
I love wet weather mornings , so that we could stay in class. :D
We didn't really did CEP , instead , we did PC.
Ahahaha , we're talking about porn for PC.

After that was literature.
Teacher was talking about her childhood days while going through the story.
But it was still boring.

History history history.
Went through the workbook.
When putting down my green pen to do something else ,
the pen continued rolling , and rolling , and rolling.
And , fell down on the ground.
OMG no! The pen CAN'T be dropped.
Once dropped , you can't write with it anymore.
Then the bell rang.

Assembly. . .
Just some boring presentations.
How the 301 girl who presented spoke amused me.
Guess what , after assembly , chairperson handed me the "NO CLEANERS WEEK" thingy.
Gah , still have people come inspect.

We did microsoft excel again for ICT.
Me and Jie Yin finished earlier , so we started speaking with that weird weird and retarded accent because of don't know why.
It amused Hui Lynnnnnn. LOL.
We spoke in that tone to Jelly , but somehow , Jelly didn't understand us.

It was lunch already.
Went down to eat , then went back to class.
"Supervised" people doing their duties.
And and , I have another voice clone , SPONGEBOB.
Eeeeeek , his shrilly voice plus my high pitch voice imitation equals DISASTER.
He went around haunting me with that disastrous voice.
Out of boredom , I switched on my tpc.

Physics soon started.
Teacher allowed us to use tpc to take down note , in tablet form only.
So , I tried taking notes with tpc for the very first time.
It's cool and fun.
Got to doddle, hehe!
When putting down my green pen again , it rolled and dropped.
LOL. I officially announce it dead.
Buh-bye , green pen.
Buh-bye , my one dollar ninety cents.

We had to do a pop quiz with tpc during biology.
Gee , first quiz done with tpc.
Because lots of people can't connect to the wireless , I borrowed them my thumbdrive with the quiz inside.
Gee , I think I'm getting lots of mistakes for the quiz.
After people completed the quiz , some who can't connect can't submit.
So I offered to submit for them by borrowing them my thumbdrive and them putting in their quiz into it.
LOL , so many people can't submit!
Jie Yin , Jelly , Eve , Teddy , Hong Wei etc.
MUAHAHAHA , uploaded so many files.
And now , I have yet to delete the quizzes from my thumbdrives. xD

Mrs Chiang came in to go through the physics worksheet.
Stayed for a while.
Then , Jelly and I went to look for the TA.
I had to fix the installation of my photoshop and Jelly has to fix her wireless.

In the computer lab , there was infocomm people and the three who didn't bring their tpcs for biology.
Lots of infocomm people left soon.
James came to us and complained about Miss Saw. Lols. :X
He couldn't get the pop quiz because Miss Saw closed the file.
Then I remembered I had a blank copy in my thumbdrive.
So I inserted the thumbdrive in.
At a glance , didn't notice it was there.
Then I was told him it's not in there but in my tpc.
He then pointed out the blank copy and asked if that was it.
LOLOL. Dumb me exclaimed, "Ya hor! Is that one!"
LOL. Made Jelly and James went WTF?!

James continued doing the quiz while Jelly and I disturb him.
Wahahaha , I anyhow pressed on the keyboard.
All sorts of funny things came out and irritated James. LOL.
In the end he was damn irritated.
He shouted , "You are gonna drive me crazy!"
And me , still laughing , exclaimed , "I cannot drive you crazy yet , I don't have a driving license."
LOLOL. Damn funny. Really.

After my tpc was fixed , went down to canteen.
Wah , An Qi and Li Yee still waiting for me. :D
LOL. In the end , went home. :D
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Tags replies! :D
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 ; 8:45 PM

Woots! Tags , tags and tags!
Replying here is more convenient! :D

Marissa: (ohhh~! so that's where you went during sports day =D)
Huh? What that's where I went? LOL.

kevin(;: (bleh.)
kevin(;: (omg!!! my 2.4 win u.)
LOL. Bleh. . . Ignore Kevin. :D

TEDDY :D: (OWNER! HAHA. That's because you're my owner. LOL! Not enough space la. To be serious. LOL.)
TEDDY :D: (This blog's owner is Pui Yee /Pebbles)
TEDDY :D: (I think you should add " Owner " too. HAHHA.)
TEDDY :D: (LOL Regarding the sports day photos. HAHA Your teddy is always happy. (: )
LOL. Good reason , Teddy! Hahaha , nevermind. I'm there inside all of your hearts. :D
LOL. What you mean I should add " Owner "? Thought I already added?
LOLs. Of course, happy teddy , happy owner. :D

LiTtLE bOy: (hong wei likes jie yin? anyways hihi long time no c!)
LiTtLE bOy: (omg ur posts are soo long)
LOL. Hong Wei doesn't. HAHAHAHA. I'm surprise if he does. Cos Jie Yin is already loved. You know what de... Hello to you too! Yup , LOOOOOOOOOOONG time no see. You didn't went for class gathering!
Hahahaha, lots of things to post ma. . .

SGPhotonze: (no lah omg)
LOL. Hahaha, don't worry about that. ;D Wah , rare that you tag man.

denise: (Puiyee's high, puiyee rockss! [: )
denise: (and im just a FRIEND? ): )
LOL. Of course I'm high! :D
Hehe , forget update. But don't worry denise , "promoting" you real soon. :D

alicia: (ily puiyee!!!!!!!!!)
LOL. That's so random! Hahaha. ILY too then!

Ahahaha , will reply on their blogs too!
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Tired , Tired.
Monday, April 20, 2009 ; 9:29 PM

Today's monday.
I'm dead tired.
But then , still had to do homework.

Zzz , today was our 2.4km test.
So , we ran during PE.
I started running with Hong Hong.
But she had stiches , poor thing! O:
In the end just run run run.
Seventeen minutes thirty one seconds.
Not bad , not bad.
At least , I didn't fail.

After PE was chinese.
Teacher taught us the what what writing method.
She wanted us to construct a sentence from that.
Hmm , and an idea struck me.
So I raised my hand and said my sentence.
True indeed , I love rainbows , blue skies and white clouds. That's why.
Got two candies for that.
But I don't even like the candies.
Haven't ate the fruit plus , the other one gave Li Yee.

Teacher had to leave halfway during her history lesson because of blabla.
Therefore , the TA came in and gave us a demo on how to use the virtual classroom.
In the end , the few with tablets crapped using it's messaging function. O.O
The rest surfed the net?
Ahaha, was trying so hard to find that Tom's photo.
But Jie Yin still didn't find it. O.O

We did the same boring cep again.
Did group discussion and pasted our worksheets everywhere. O.O

Gee , I'm starting to hate geography.
I'm afraid I would fail the test.
Because I'm not at all paying attention in class. Zzz.

Tired again. .__.
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Extremely Fun But Tiring Day!
Friday, April 17, 2009 ; 8:39 PM

Loooooong post , people!
But it's worth reading.
Filled with pictures too!

Began with half school day.
English lesson was boooooring.
We merely wrote in that template to plan.
Somemore need write english compo for homework. :l

Maths lesson . . .
There's a test! O:
The questions are tedious but the time given was so short!
I only at question three and time's up. O.O
Ooo , we exchanged paper to mark.
Hong Wei passed down the stack of paper.
And he said , "You confirm choose Yu Hong's one , if not Vanessa Khoo."
Ahahaha , and yes , I took Hong Hong's! LOL.
Hong Hong finished all the questions... O.O !!!
But she only got two correct I think... ;D
Time to get back our paper!
OMG. Ryan marked mine. LOL?

Got back our papers and do corrections.
Copy copy copy.
Then , Hong Wei asked me to look at Gu Jia Ning.
Guess what I saw. O:
He was doing his corrections.
But , he was sitting like a GIRLY girl , with one leg over another and slanting his body outwards.
OMGOMG. He was doing his corrections like the gayest and most sissy gay/sissy I've ever seen!
Even Jie Yin and Ran Tian saw also OMG.
Hong Wei shouted to him it , "Can you stop doing that?"
That gay/sissy replied , "Doing what?"
Hong Wei answered , "Sitting like a girl!"
That gay/sissy gave a shocking reply , "Why? What's the problem?"
From that reply , we can conclude that he had admitted that he is a gay/sissy and he wants to be like that! O-M-G!

It's recess!
Aww , today don't have song dedication. . .
We wanted to dedicate a song for our birthday girl Jie Yin.

Malay malay malay.
Sad , we didn't get to sit behind the boys.
I sat beside Yu Hong and Qiao Le.
LOL. Hong Hong so funny de.
Her teeth dropped halfway through the lesson. O.O
Gross Hong Hong , she was playing with her teeth! D:
The teeth was bloody and gross! LOL.
Then she use the teeth to "scare me".

Oh yeah , it's dismissal after malay!
Break before sports day. . .
Changed into Guide's half uniform.
And Rebecca and I went off first.
It was planned that we go clementi central to eat.
But because I need report at one o'clock , I need to set off early.
Rebecca and I went to the bus stop to take bus to clementi.
There comes 181. . .
Rebecca said 181 could reach so we boarded.
But no other nhhs people boarded!
I was starting to be scared already.
But Rebecca kept insisting that they were stupid that's why didn't board.
But at the road junction , the bus headed straight instead of turning into the road which leads to clementi central!
I started panicking and hurried Rebecca down the next bus stop.
We ended up walking a big round to another bus stop which is infront of the flats.
Rebecca said that she reached clementi central with 181 before though. WEIRD.

Finally we reached clementi and we decided to have mcdonalds.
Both of us bought McValue lunch.
Chicken nuggets for me and chicken burger for her.
Looking at the time , I was very kan chiong and requested we walk to clementi station while eating.
We ate our way there. LOL.
I mean , we ate on our way there.
Rebecca said it was like a "picnic". LOL.
We reached the back of clementi swimming complex and mistaken it for the stadium.
But later we continued walking knowing that it wasn't the stadium.
On our way to the front of the swimming complex , there was nobody at all.
And I meant NOBODY , only Rebecca , me and the plants along the pathway with some cars zooming past us on the road beside.
We were very scared that we were lost! T-T
Oh oh , we reached the front of the swimming complex and saw an overhead bridge.
There were three New Town girls and we asked them where the stadium is.
They pointed to the swimming complex but we said it was not beside the swimming complex.
Then they confirmed we wanted to go to the one with tracks and pointed to the other side of the road.
I'm right! I'm right! It's there! I didn't walk the wrong way!
I could recognise the condo which was under construction!
I've been there when I was P5 for kmps' sports day!
That time the condo was only at its base!
We crossed the bridge.
We finally saw nhhs people.
We were happy like mad. LOL.
Found our way to the entrance and went in.
Rather early , not even one o'clock I think.
Settled down and soon we were called to report.

Sorted out the medals.
How I wish they were mine!
I had never won one before , least to say wear.
I was so tempted to wear one over my neck. Haha.
After that teacher distributed jobs to us.
I was suppose to be at the milo van. MILO!

After the van was set up , we served the milo to the teachers and guest of honours.
Hohoho , we sure attracted LOTS of attention.
When we past by the sec ones , a lot were asking for them.
Especially one eleven! LOL.
All the "I WANT! I WANT!" LOL.
It was not their turn yet! :P

The real work began after that.
Starting with 101 , we began giving milo to them as a class.
Not enough trays to go around , ended up they had to use the boxes used for bottles of water.
I was definitely high when Vanessa , with some extra people , came to collect milo.
How I wish I was with 111 ! ):
Fill milo , pack milo , guard milo , drank milo.
Still have to remember which classes took and the cups of milo for their second half batch of milo.
There were some assholes who came and take milo individually despite it's not their class' turn or their class had their turn already.
Vanessa (Wong) was surely very pissed off by them.
She shouted at some really asshole ones.
Hmm... I seemed to be in a good mood and didn't felt like screaming. :D
Of course , it wasn't plaining distributing milo to classes , there were funny encounters.
Especially 409 , their class representives are LOL?
42 people in their class , so by right , we would pack for them 22 and second half batch 20.
But then , there was space for another two after 22 were packed in.
They insisted to put in another two and get 18 for their second half batch.
But I told them to just take 22 because this would make things easier to rememeber.
The few of them began quarrelling between themselves because of this. (They were all guys) LOL.
One of the guys asked me , "You sec what?"
I answered , "Sec one."
Then he said , "No wonder..."
LOL? What he mean by no wonder . . . ?
His friend then said something about his comment of "no wonder" but I didn't heard it properly.
Finally they settled with 22 but they didn't came back for another batch (or did they went to the other side?).

After we cleared all the classes , we still have to manage free flow. :l
We had to guard two of the containers which are reserved for people on duty , running and teachers.
After a while all the free flow finished.
We ended up asking everybody who came to get milo , "Have you ran?"
LOL. It sounds retarded to repeat it everytime somebody get nears the milo.
At that time , I was hot and sweaty and tired and bleh!
Cheryl was the only one who came to offer me potato chips throughout the entire thing.
I'm so touched by her!
Everybody who came took milo and she was the only one who gave me something.

FINALLY , we get to be dismissed from our duty!
OF COURSE OF COURSE , went back to one eleven!
Hehe , I got an hug from my friends.
Hugs give me energy. LOL.
But I still uncontrollably became high. LOL.
That's Pui Yee , tired but still high. :D
Went around camwhoring. :DDD

LOL Hong Hong.

Random "Greenies".

Random "Greenies".

Ugly me.Ugly me.LOL. Four attempts to get it right.
The fourth one people helped us take. LOL.

Cheryl and me! Aww , cute Cheryl!

Teddy and me!
LOL. Teddy was talking in the first one.

Rebecca and me! Ooo , I look nice in the second photo! ^^

Hui Lynn and me! Oh , chio Hui Lynn. :D
Third photo taken by Natalie , you can still see my hand with phone.

Jia Tyan and me! :D

Vanessa and me! :D

Cordelia , me and Jie Yin!
Oh , I see Alicia in the photo.

An Qi , Teddy and me!
An Qi looked so funny , Teddy looked so happy. LOL.
Photo credited to Natalie. :D

Natalie , me and Vanessa!
Photo from Natalie! (:

An Qi and me!
I see Nicholas looking retarded at the top of this photo.
Photo taken by Natalie. ;D

My face was tired after all that smiling. Lols.
Updating more tomorrow , still have some not sent to me.

We girls wanted to take a picture with Miss Saw but suggested to get a class photo instead.
Miss Saw got an infocomm girl to come help us take the photo! :D
Gee , so fun to take a class photo.
I want it! I want to put it in our class blog's skin.
Maybe chairperson can help me get it? :D

After we took the photo , I thought of some cheering! :D
I successfully did a enthu three cheer with one eleven.
YAYAYAY. Hahahaha, I'm cheered up by them. :D

Sports day ended. . .
I went to vend a drink and the vending machine sort sort de.
Only the buttons A to D and the number buttons could be press.
Then Rebecca forced the E button to work so can get mineral water but it didn't work.
Hahaha , but I still got my lemon tea. D button's working!

Took bus home with Jie Yin and met Hong Wei at the bus stop.
We chiong and squeezed into the bus when it came.
It was very very crowded.
At one of the first few stops , a person who a sec 3 guy from bb wanted to alight.
He made it so comical!
He said , "I'm sorry but I really can't move. I can't move to the front , I can't move to the back , I can't move to the left... Oh I could move to the left a little bit."
Ya , he was surrounded by people and behind him was a divider behind the driver.
When he moved to the left , the person got off.
He added , "And now I'm holding on to nothing."
LOL. He made lots of us laughed.

He became our "entertainer" for our bus ride. LOL.
He talked to his bb junior beside him and told him that he likes bb because he likes pumping.
Then both of them tried pumping in the bus. LOL
That guy wanted to pump forward , which was towards the seat where Jie Yin and another girl sat.
Then his junior said , "You pump and accidentally lose grip then fall on to both of them." LOL!
He tried pumping holding on to the bar on top.
His junior said , "Later tomorrow newspaper would be one boy pumping two girls life lost." ROFL!
They continued joking around.
He acted out "Do one pumping starting from zero."
Pretend to pump one.
"No good do it again."
Pretend to pump one.
"No good do it again. Do one pumping starting from zero."
Repeats his actions.
LOL. You understand the joke?
Never mind if you don't. :D
He was damn damn funny! He did very funny actions also.
Ahaha , Jie Yin also laughed and laughed.

Alighted from the bus.
Waved Jie Yin good bye from outside the bus. LOL.
Walked home.
I was practically smiling!
LOL. Funny funny.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. I'm tired. .__.
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The Day After Monday
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 ; 9:44 PM


Lessons and lessons.
Same old boring lessons.
Homework homework , stuffed with homework.

During recess helped Jie Yin tie scorpions.
Actually , I had never tied before.
I just saw seniors sitting beside us during morning assembly tie.
Helped her tie but then it was very loose. Haha.

When we came back from art ,
James found my thumbdrive very interesting and kept on clicking it.
Like a little child who discovered some amazing stuff. LOL.

After lunch was literature.
Literature is extremely boring.
Went through the story and bleh.

It was ACC after that.
We thought teacher might come in a little late.
But then she came in with another teacher.
Today we're learning calligraphy!
In fact , from now on , we'll be learning calligraphy.
It's so cool. LOL.
Held the brush and wrote words.
It's hard to control though...
Ahaha , refer to the picture at the top of this post for my first calligraphy work.
LOL , it's ugly , I know.

After school went home with An Qi and Li Yee.
LOL , I also tried tying An Qi's hair.
But then , I gave up after several attempts.
Layered hair very hard to tie!

Die , tomorrow's chinese test.
Just briefly went through just now.
I'm sure I'm gonna suck at the compre part.
So little time and so much to learn.

Keeping this post short and simple.
I don't have time for detailed post.
You know , I'm very busy.

Oh gosh , there's PE tomorrow!
I bet we'll be running again. X_X
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Sunday, April 12, 2009 ; 8:42 PM

Hey people!
Just a post to update. :D

Thursday was elearning day.
It sucked.
We didn't know where to go for what subject.
And in our class conversation , everybody is asking where to get what.
It's stupid and sort of pointless.

Friday was good friday.
Stayed home , did homework , used computer.
Uh , this long weekend is my most hardworking weekend ever.
Because by friday I had already finished ALL my homework.
Which , normally , I would only finish on Sunday.
I thought I would have lots of free time.
But , it turned out otherwise.

Saturday went out shopping. :D
Bought an elmo dress! :DDDD
It is suuuuper cute.
Also bought a new watch.
Previous one spoilt and it is quite old already.
At night used computer.
Actually , I was super bored even though I'm using computer.
I got nothing to do after I've done facebook quizzes and played games.
Ended up watching youtube.

It was planned that I have an extremely free and relaxing sunday.
Started off tidying my room and bag.
Sigh , my room soooo dusty.
My bag also very messy.
I had three files for school.
You might thought I'm so organised yeah?
But but , actually , it's because I stuff worksheets in my files.
So after one's full , stuff into the other and so on. LOL.
After tidying , started on the e lit project scrapbook.
Fuck fuck fuck that project.
I'm doing the scrapbook all alone know!
Waste all my time , ink , effort , glue etc.
Print out sooooooo much things. =3=
Then kept cutting and pasting , cutting and pasting.
Freak freak freak.
My free and relaxing sunday? GONE.
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-uck. . . !
GREAT , there isn't anymore ink left.

Oh yes ,

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Horrid Last School Day of Week
Wednesday, April 8, 2009 ; 9:37 PM

Horrid. Horrid. Horrid.
Horrid describes today for me.
Hahaha , I just felt like blabbering HORRID.

Let's begin the horrid day.
Oh horrid!
PE , I hate it.
Let me repeat , I hate it. :D
Ran three rounds around the school.
And did some stupid exercises.
Make me sweat like hell and spoilt my mood. :l
That's horrid!

Gee , I accidentally got fed up by afanfoiehondfdmcvx again.
And , I lost my temper.
Wtf , I shouldn't lose my temper just because of ahteihjidnfzlkxnvcmi.
Clean clean clean. Clean the fucking classroom luh.
Okay , Ice Cream can't lose her temper.
She won't be nice and cute when she is.
Ice Cream won't lose her temper for that fucking jsoifhedmzfhjpo!
That's horrid again.

While waiting for chinese teacher ,
Ran Tian took out his file and I saw his report for NPCC.
LOLOL. Of course , curious me want to read.
Then snatched for the file.
I thought he snatched back because he didn't want me to read.
But actually , he wanted to help me take it out for me to read.
LOLOL. Actually , sitting with him is fuuun.
He can't stand my highness. :D

Oh well , following up was chinese.
Sooooo many words to learn.
And test is coming. O.O
During lesson , I found out that my green pen is officially , spoilt.
And of course borrowed from Ran Tian. :DD

Maths maths maths.
I seemed to have love maths.
Muahaha , which I hated at the beginning of year but loved last year.
And I like maths lesson now.
Miss Er also very funny de.
Not that she crack jokes , but her actions very amusing.
Today we used compass to drew things.
Circles! I love drawing circles with compass.
Hehe , I rotate the paper instead of the compass.
And so , I got inspired and drew a face out of a circle.
And drew a logo out of the face.
LOLOL. I'm creative , yeah?

After that it's english.
Started off by a Romeo and Juliet's story.
Just because of the SRP worksheet.
SRP? ASs aRe Pee. LOL.
Aww , so sad , Romeo and Juliet became a couple only in heaven.
Reminds me of the song love story. (:
After that went through characterisation thing.
I remembered last time I wrote a whole introduction out of a beginning that teacher asked us to write.
It's related to Willy Wonka and his factory! Woohoo. :D
I let Hong Wei , Jie Yin and Ran Tian read.
Then Jie Yin and Hong Wei's respond were neutral.
Then Ran Tian was like , "Huh you really write a whole starting from that..."
He was like shaking his head , thinking that I 无可救药 了.

After that was geooooography.
Map-reading exercises are tiring.
So troublesome!
Now what , test coming up soon too. O.O

School ended , cca starting.
I was about to go for lunch when Hong Hong came asking , "Have you seen it? Have you seen it?"
LOL , Hong Hong , what would I have seen!
Then Hong Hong dragged me to the noticeboard.
And I saw what seemed like a duty roster.
WTF, he call that a duty roster?
It's complete crap , the font and words are so hard to read and it's just BLACK AND WHITE.
And fuck him , it's not even Good Friday yet!
Down there still wrote what , "Presented by Gu Jia Ning".
I thought he should write "Shit by Gu Jia Ning".
The duty roster sucks , sucks and sucks somemore.
No one would even realise it was there , so freaking unattractive.
The words could hardly be read from far , and Miss Saw said that all the names should be big and clear that time.
Moreover , he merely typed and print an BLACK AND WHITE sheet of crap.
And me? I spent time handwritting and colouring them.
I feel insulted that that is actually a DUTY ROSTER!
That's super duper extremely fuckingly horrid!
I don't care , I hate it means I hate it and I'm not gonna just sit in a corner watching it!

CCA! ARGH , I hate UGs.
I was slightly late and couldn't find a single soul.
Contacted Zi Jie and found them.
Yay , the total defence test was postponed!
Did some planning and decorated notice board.
After that , we had an unexpected PT.
I hate PT! I just ran during PE this morning!
Ran ran ran for dont know how far.
It's horrid , not allowed to walk!
We owed fifty pumpings for various reasons.
Fifty , mind you!
We actually had to do it in the car park , where the ground is so freaking rough!
In the end , really did fifty pumpings and hand and knees hurt like hell.
Pei Shan say my whole face is sweat after the pumpings. O:
Gosh , no wonder my sweat dripped on the floor while pumping! x_x
Hooooooooorrid luhs. Completely.

Finally we were dismissed!
Bought french fries which I had been longing for and two packets of milo.
Met Li Yee and wanted to wait for An Qi.
But An Qi still haven't dismiss , so we left first.
I was drinking my milo along the way to bus stop.
Drinking an extra packet makes me fuuuuuull.
Oh , cannot be greedy! Hehe.
So lucky , the bus came just when we reached the bus stop.
Talked about games on the bus.

Yippee yippee yay yay.
Today can be considered the last day we had to go back to school for this week.
Tomorrow's E-learning day , friday's Good Friday and then it's the weekends.
E-learning day tomorrow! O:
Can msn while doing work. LOL.

Ahhhhhh. I've been lazy to post recently.
Hehehehehehe. Yeah , I had lots of time but I'm just too lazy to do so.
But who knows , once I started this post , I got hooked up and typed so much. :DD

Oh yeahs , I wanna announce!


Let me make it clear , Hong Hong is NOT Hong Wei. It's Yu Hong! OMG.OMG.OMG.
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Fun Friday!
Friday, April 3, 2009 ; 10:37 PM

Today's fun indeed.
Those normal lessons are normal.
Fun lessons were malay.
And h. econ. , how do I categorise it?

During malay ,
We sat bullied boys again.
Hehe. This time , it was Sherwin , Ryan and Kai Ze.
LOL. Sherwin bad luck , sat infront of Jie Yin again.
So , still kicked their chairs etc.
Today , we called them Sherwin San , Ryan San and Kai Ze San respectively.
Oh yes, Ryan San was also known as Bian Tai San.
And , Kai Ze was very irritated by being called Kai Ze San.
Their reactions when irritated are funny.
That's why we love to tease them.

During lunch ,
it was our FIRST ever class committee meeting!
Woohoo, I've been looking forward to it.
And so , we discussed about some issues and solutions.
When discussing about notice board , the fucking asshole misheard it as duty roster. =.=
Duty roster and notice board's pronounciation is like so different?
Oh , I guess that it's not only blind , but also deaf.
Then what? It said that it made another duty roster , it is still in the computer.
Miss Saw asked it if it was going to display its computer as a duty roster.
WTF? I immediately said that mine was just up not long ago.
Miss Saw asked if it was aware about it , and it said yes (or was it no?).
Then she asked it who made it and it answered Pui Yee.
Oh , I'm so surprise , I thought it didn't knew.
She also asked if it contributed , and it said no.
Oh gosh , I didn't knew it have a brain to know that it didn't contributed.
And what else?
Its crappy duty roster is gonna replace mine after good friday.
GREAT. WTF! I needn't see and I know it will be crappy.
Below shit standard even , what kind of work can a fucking asshole produce?
And that's not gonna be the case , I'm gonna bring the matter up the next meeting.
I've spent effort hand-making it and now what?
It just type something and print it out.
And say it will be a duty roster.
Well , if it don't mind shit , I MIND.
And for the next meeting , I'll definitely complain about it.
There is SO MUCH to complain about it.

WTF. It's the most fucking fucker I've ever met.
And it's also the person I've hated so freaking much in my life until now.
Oh yes , I shouldn't call him asshole , he don't have an ass , I've forgotten.

Didn't elaborate much in this post.
Busy doing up my blogskin.
And great news , I'm remaking one eleven's skin!
YAY. Will include my group's very cute logo in it.
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April Fool's Day!
Wednesday, April 1, 2009 ; 9:53 PM

Today's April Fool!
I've been fooled and I've fooled too!

In the morning , during our open space , the disclipline committee was going through about out attire.
So many restrictions!
The teacher (forgotten her name :X) was picking out seniors to show us the wrong hairstyle!
LOL. Must be very paiseh to them.
But we got a great laugh.

After that was PE.
Oh gosh , we ran one whole round.
And great news, Pui Yee broke her record!
I reached at about twelve minutes forty seconds when the limit was fourteen minutes!
First time did not fail!

We headed back to classroom and planned a april fool's joke for our chinese teachers.
王老师 came into class then she told us some things regarding homework.
Then , she said , “把课本拿出来。”
After a while , she saw nobody taking out textbook then she said, “你们在干什么?还不把课本拿出来?”
A lot still didn't take out textbook... She said, “谁没有带课本的给我站起来!”
Almost everybody stood up. Hehe...
She was puzzled and angry then she asked, “到底是什么一回事呀?”
James shouted , "April fool!"
We laughed but then...
王老师 said with an angry face , “下课时全班到办公室门口去!”
After chinese was recess.
So she asked us to follow her to the staffroom there.
We all stood outside the staffroom and then she told us ,
“愚人节快乐!Bye bye!”
LOL. So 王老师 also fooled us.

Recess was over and it was maths.
We planned to do the same thing to Miss Er.
Yeah , so when Miss Er asked who didn't bring textbook , a lot stood up.
She was also puzzled and asked ,"What's happening? Eh, 111, don't scare me!"
But Hong Wei spoiled it and whispered to Miss Er AFD. O.O
AFD is so obvious to be April Fool's Day right?
Miss Er then said , "111 , don't trick me ar..."
And so , we didn't successfully tricked Miss Er. ):

English followed after maths.
Wtf , I hate english.
That teacher wasn't on mc , and she still wore PINK to teach today. O.O
We went through list of crimes and punishments.
The boys gays were sexually excited when they saw the word "rape".
Worst , they were even more spontaneous when they knew the punishment was to remove the reproduction part.
In other words , for the guys , it's their ass.
But , I thought they long had theirs removed?

Last lesson , geography.
I'm beginning to dislike geography.
It's so troublesome. Zzz.
And finally , the last bell rang.

Changed into my guide's full uniform!
It looks toot without the scarf.
But after we've tied the scarf , it's fabulous!
LOL. Didn't ate lunch as they said there'll be food provided.
Ahaha , today was our enrollment and promotion ceremony.
I didn't memorise my honour. :X
But I managed to remembered it during the rehearsal.

So the ceremony started.
It was a long one , and of course , we had to stand through the ceremony.
My heartbeat was beating in an unusual way though.
And I couldn't breathe that well like usual.
But it was still okay so I tried to hang on.
I didn't had this kind of feeling last time we stood infront of the school during our thinking day.
When it was about to be the sec ones' enrollment,
I felt so dizzy that the whole sky garden seemed to be spinning.
And I felt that I was about to faint.
I really couldn't stand and told my senior about it.
Then another senior told the teacher.
Teacher let me take and seat and said maybe it was because I skipped lunch.
But normally even if I had skipped lunch , it wouldn't be like that.
I suppose was because I ran too hard during PE.
Cause I continued running even though I cannot take it already.
But of course I didn't ran through the whole thing.
When it was about to be my patrol's turn ,
I went back in and continued with the ceremony.
Much better already after taking a seat.

Finally the ceremony was over and I'm officially enrolled as a guide!
We got to eat some refreshments , tarts and such.
I got a drink and ate a strawberry tart.
Then Jia Yu they all asked if I was alright.
Jia Yu said I looked pale just now.
Oh gosh , really?
And so , conclusion is , Pui Yee can't stand tedious running + skipping of lunch.
If not , consequence might be fainting.

After that , we took group photos.
Then we sat down.
Sec fours and CL sat on the stage.
Then CL said , "I want you all to change into half-u , guide shirt plus skirt , now."
Everybody was puzzled and one of our seniors asked , "But you didn't asked us to bring..."
"We sent down the relay message."
"But it wasn't mentioned in the relay message..."
"We sent another message down."
"We didn't receive it!"
After that , CL announced , "All those who didn't bring their guide shirt , get into pumping position now."
And so , the seniors , sec twos and threes got into pumping position.
We were pardoned as we got our PE shirt.
When our seniors was ready to pump , CL signaled , "One , two , three,"
And CL and sec four seniors shouted , "HAPPY APRIL'S FOOL!"
ROFL. Although some of our sec twos and threes seniors was like walao? but then everybody had a good laugh.
CL then told us our seniors are so silly and don't they have any confidence in our relay system?

We settled some duties thing and then it was dismissal.
It's only around four thirty.
Yay! I went to take bus alone as Li Yee was not dismissed yet.
When I was reaching the bus stop, I saw my bus going.
After some time , Li Yee called and asked if I want to wait her.
Since the bus wasn't here yet , I told her I'll be.
But then , after I hung up , the bus came. O.O
But I still missed it for Li Yee.
Thus , we went home together.

Ah , I'm so busy yesterday.
Reached home at about five thirty.
Took a break , then showered , then did homework.
Ate dinner , did homework again.
Until around nine thirty , I finished homework.
But gah , had to rush out my history question cards.
I'm so freaking busy!
That explains why I didn't manage to finish my post yesterday , the actual day itself...
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