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>.< Kambade....
Thursday, June 19, 2008 ; 10:13 PM

>.< I find writing ZHOU JI to Mdm Tong nowadays a very tedious , miserable , brain-cracking , painful thing. I cracked my brain then manage to squeeze out those er.... can say quite ridiculous or one thing say until 2 -3 times in different way ZHOU JI's'. LOL. But last time when first started won't like that , but instead got PLENTY to write ... Then last year near year end began to have lesser and lesser to write. Waaaaa..... T.T
*I haven't finish yet*

Anyways , something very -.-lll happen or some might find it :O . Today during tuition , we are in a classroom and there is lots of motivating quotes with a picture poster framed and hung on the wall. The tuition teacher was explaning (today's science) then suddenly a small framed posted "CRASH" and dropped down and landed on the table.... I never seen the table being use , it is probably for teachers. So the framed poster hurted no one. I was until then when i discovered the framed poster was STUCK on the wall using BLUE TACK cos there's blue tack on the wall. LOL. Then we returned to the lesson.

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Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 ; 9:29 PM


Me , Huiwen and Suning went to west mall at about 11am. We shop shop awhile le until 12.30 like that go eat lunch , SUBWAY ! I ordered a footlong ham sandwich with a regular meal and we three shared the sandwich . I ate half of it , Huiwen and Suning each ate a quarter . And when i came back with our meal , Miss Lim (who taught us in 4Ruby) was in Subway too... O.o We were like covering our faces ... but Miss Lim back faced us... Lol :D After lunch , we went to shop N save to buy some party needs like cups and snacks . Then we went to pay. Oppsie ! Today is bring-your-own-bag day.... So we have to donate for our plastic bags and we used 2 so i donated 10cents and Suning donated 10cents . Then , we went to buy my birthday cake ! >.< I'm broke ... so suning lend me money and huiwen too....
Go home happily ...

Prepare the stuff... Then DING DONG ! Yunyu and Zhiyong arrived! Play Play play .... Then cut birthday cake!!! Sing birthday song , made a wish , blew candle , claps , cut the cake , claps !
on the birthday cake...

We played treasure hunt . Then got bored . Play tug-a-war. Got bored ... Went outside the house ... OMG... A spider dropped from the ceiling to huiwen's back... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
the spider was HUGE !!!!!! ok, i know i'm exagerating ... but its way bigger than normal spider. Then , we went in ....
uh-oh... not enough time to continue
Sorry... tomorrow edit and continue ba!
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My day
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 ; 10:32 PM

♥1♥One♥1♥One♥1♥ DAY TO MY BIRTHDAY
Hi hi!
Today when to tuition...
nothing much...
Tomorrow my b'day !
tomorrow my b'day !
come to my house to party at 2pm !!! Anyone?
♥1♥One♥1♥One♥1♥ DAY TO MY BIRTHDAY
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Continue for yesterday's post
; 8:55 PM

I'm quite afraid to put new hamster in with my old one....
Cos yeeshuin tried it before... Ah-hem , here's how it goes :
Last time , Yeeshuin and her elder sister have a hamster each , and both hamster live in the same cage. But one day , yeeshuin's elder sister's hamster escaped the cage with yeeshuin's hamster but yeeshuin's hamster was somehow found and put back in the cage but not her elder sister's hamster . So , yeeshuin's hamster lived alone for quite a long time. One day , yeeshuin's little sister got a hamster. Then , one of her family member put yeeshuin's little sister's hamster together with yeeshuin's hamster . And the next day , yeeshuin's little sister's hamster was found dead in a pool of blood in the cage and yeeshuin's hamster still alive. Most probably yeeshuin's hamster is somehow "angry" that another hamster came to "intrude" its peace of living alone and fought with it and .... killed it...

that's what i'm fearing of...
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My lonely pet hamster
Monday, June 9, 2008 ; 10:38 PM

♥2♥two♥2♥two♥2♥ DAYS TO MY BIRTHDAY
Hi hi!!!
Yesterday i went to pets lovers' center (pet shop) and look at pets stuff ...
I saw the hamster leash (the ones that dogs use) it was so cute but also so expensive... Its $14 something...
it is with criss cross straps with means it is safer when u put it round its neck and body..
There's another which is slighty cheaper , $9 something... But i think it is not that safe cos it only can be put round its neck... And u know hamsters might get wild or naughty outside the cage and run away... I think my hamster can get that leash out itself , lols..
I really want to buy a hamster leash !!! So i can bring my hamster out even my father is not at home cos my mum is scared that it will run away... Occasionally i put it in a baby bath tub and play with it... Haha ! If i got the leash , i can "walk" it!!! Just like a dog!! But i dont think it would want to walk ...
My hamster....
At first i had two of them but one was dead sometime before ...
The living one became very lonely ... what was strange is that it always bite the cage's wire and make the kaakaakaa sound continuously every morning or noon .... Dunno why ... My family has made lots of possibility for this act... but none might be true or fake , cos we dont speak hamster .. But i very shy shy to ask the pet shop staff.... haha..... o^.^o
Last time when there were two hamster , they would play together and make squeak squeak sound ... they would snatch for food when i put in a spoon with some food ... they we roll into balls and sleep together , in their little house , their bath house or in a corner ... they were so happy together ... until god took one away... *sob sob*
Oh ya... last time when i first have them , i bought a wooden swing and a wooden house from daiso for them . after weeks or months (cant remember) they ate up (bitting everytime) the back of the house and the one of the stick of the stand of the swing... and my father threw the wooden stuff away ... now only left the bath house (which is plastic , fortunately , lol). I've been looking for a ceramic or plastic house or anything for them to play but it was tooooooooo expensive (wood is the cheapest , i think).
my lonely hamster....
Anyone who has hamsters and they give birth , pls give one or two of their babies to me... pls....
i want company for my hamster.... :)
I still have lots to say... OMG how much have i written ... I tomorrow continue.. Okie?
Cos i very lazy to write le...
Reminder for me (what to write tomorrow) :
1) continue about putting another hamster with one that have lived alone for a long time
2) how's my day
3) my b'day
4) the very "hateable" mo
OMG... So much again...
Haz... i think tomorrow will have two post...
cos wednesday i will be writing about my birthday , the actual day...
Love u all!
♥2♥two♥2♥two♥2♥ DAYS TO MY BIRTHDAY
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I am so happy today ! Got NEOPRINTS!
Tuesday, June 3, 2008 ; 9:26 PM

I when out with huiwen , alicia & chernis today ! And I'm soooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY !
First , as early as 9.30 , we when to jurong entertaiment center , we meant to take neoprints , but after we look at all the gachapon and bought some , there isnt enough for neo print.
When we're there , huiwen and chernis bought the disney character capsule hp charm (to see how it looks , go to our blogshop ,we sell them! CLICK!) and they both got the pooh one!!! ARGH! there is a mini cinamoroll capsule machine which i had one and was wanting another , and the gachapon machine there had it , the last one! And i can see from the transparent window that it is the one i wanted. But of course , took out some notes to exchange for coins to turn turn for it . When here and there , and got the coins . Put the coins in , ONE , TWO , THREE , and then i turn , KAAKAA , stuck there , i cant turn ! Its as if i did not put anything in ! :( $3 GONE !

Next , we met alicia at bukit batok mrt and went to causeway point ...
We searched the whole place to find the neoprint shop , then , we when to customers service and ask .... Oh... its closed down already..... Guaguaguagua.....
then , we went to buy movie tickets, then we went to minitoon and action city and ETC.
Took the ticket , we were late and the advertisement were starting , lights are out , when in ,
finds our seat, but dont know where's our seat , came out, looks at ticket , go in , wrong side , came out , go in from another door... lol
Watch the movie.... IT'S VERY NICE!

Went to get salmon denbu onigiri with alicia...
went up to find huiwen and chernis...
Found them , looked at things with them and walked out of the store , then they want to go to watson while we walk away , then alicia and i say its just beside the store we went in just now , heads back ....
They are finding lip gloss .... But there isnt any suitable in watson but i saw a kawaii hello kitty lip gloss and perfume with its hp strap...
Then they want to go down to guardian ... while walking .. i say , " got hello kitty makeup leh , so cute!" they just like "hahaha...like we would want"... Then went in guardian ... Look look look , dont have ...
Then i say buy the hello kitty lipgloss, got lots of colours , they wanted to take a look , then we went up , in the end , they bought it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we went to jurong entertaiment center and took neoprints...
Yay!!!! I love taking neoprints ... we have tons of fun !!!!!!!!!!
Take take take ... pick pick pick ... draw draw draw ... add add add ... print print print ... cut cut cut ... take take take ...
hehe... I wrote "puiyee & friends" on one photo ...

Bye bye!!!!
Happy day!
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