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Wednesday, July 21, 2010 ; 9:20 PM

And me only (:

Anyway, I forgot what else I wanted to say. :D

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Friday, July 16, 2010 ; 8:42 PM

The school week has passed.
Woosh , it's been fun.
So I shall start talking about it.

Today. Friday.
Started off with three periods of english.
Did some argumentative thing. Which was boring :l
Hahaha. I had bloody fingers!
I made myself bleed. As learnt from Reb.
James said that my blood is orange and Reb said my blood doesn't look like blood.
Anyway, the blood smells nice :B
I was very hungry during english ):
And Mr Lee suggested that I should have food with protein , like FISHH for breakfast.

Recess, and then CEP.
And then we watched some videos while waiting for them to discuss.
After their discussion , I swapped seats with Jakin.
Ohyay, no more tolerating of lame jokes anymore. :DDDD
In the end, I sat between Reb and Marissa, at the last second row.
Ohwell , I'm happy there :D Although its quite behind.
Woosh, and the SKy scholars were all seating together :D

Then it was maths.
Haha, Tangent! Archie eh! :D
All those cosine and sine and tangent confuses me.
Ohwell, work it out in a way.
The good thing about my seat is that I have lots of smart people to ask if i dont know anything :D

Lunch. Didn't go down cos Mrs Chiang came and got the last group to present.
Chinese. Three periods. Hell.
She went through the ci yu. Omg.
I played with eraser to entertain myself. Haha.

Elit. Okay okay.
Half an hour passed.


Went to see Miss Poon regarding tmr's heritage trail.
Haha, it got me excited! :D
Sounds funnn :D

Then Hui Lynn and Cheryl and I went to macs to eat.
Hahaha, talked talked.
Finished eating and walked to the bus stop.
We saw Jun Meng, Ryan and Darren.
Hahaha, Cheryl and I decided to say Hi to Ryan only.
And be mean to Darren and Jun Meng. Hehe.
Me, "Bye Ryan!"
Cheryl, "Hi Ryan!"
HAHAHA, that was abit messed up. The hi should go first.
Anyway, Ryan was the only one who waved.
So he deserved the hi-bye. Haha.
Then Cheryl and Hui Lynn's bus came ):
Buhbyee. But Cheryl forgot to take her trophy from me.
And I forgot to give her.
Hahaha, we only realised it when we were home.

Thursday. :D

Went to auditorium after morning assembly.
Principal speech and gift exchange blabla.
Then they showed the Life at NH video and our class vid!
But they didnt show the whole class vid ):
Then Qiao Le , Rebecca and Sujata sang! :D

After that, we went down to play icebreakers.
I sat between a Su Zhou and a Hong Kong student.
Hahaha, I talked to the Hong Kong student only :B
When the game started, everybody was moving so slowly,
trying to secure a seat.
Like that not fun lo! Must walk quickly!
Then we started pushing people infront cos its a cycle.
So , in the end i got out at the second round. HAAAAAAA.

Anyway, I went to play cling cling instead.
Much funner!
Hhaha, I ran and ran and never caught anybody. ):
But Jie Yin switched with me cos I am so out-of-breathe!
Cling cling was fun and funny :D
Yay I love cling cling.

It was recess.
Haha, got to mingle with the students. :D

We went to AVA1 for lessons! :DD
History was so-so.
Haha, we got to talk to the Hong Kong students :D

I messed up my bangs ): Cos I scared the teacher scold.
Hmm, anyway, class photo was fun!
At least in the fun shot, I got to be on the top row! WOOSH.
And we got two fun shot! :DDDD
One with our Hong Kong friends,
another on our own!
I can't wait for the photos to come out :D

Assembly was so-so.

Lunch! School dont provide lunch.

Malay. HAHAHA , the class' chaotic.
Malay was boring ):

English was most fun!
HAHAHA , because there's Mr Lee.
Spammed photos. :D
So funnn :D

And very soon , school ended.
The day felt like it passed by so fast ):
And I hoped the day didnt end so fast ):
Cos after the end of school , we might never get to see the Hong Kong friends again.
Boo. Hahaha, at least we took lots of photos! :D

I'm so lazy to continue blogging mon, tues, weds
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Friday, July 9, 2010 ; 11:34 PM

Ohmygosh, I can't believe that I actually could finish my english essay in one breath.

Crap, i'm freaking out now.
Can i go buy a geog textbook tmr or something.
Why don't libraries loan geog textbooks.


Okay, so. This week's coming to an end.
Nothing much to say.
(Actually i typed alot but then my internet dc-ed and didn't saved what i type. So too bad for you :D)

I am so bored.
Very very bored.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010 ; 9:59 PM

I realised I kept staring into space today.
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How I Wish
Tuesday, July 6, 2010 ; 9:10 PM

I've been laughing since morning.
I reach school to realise I have always remembered the wrong date.
Hahahaha, then Vanessa and Rebecca scared me about geog test.
But I still laughed. :DD
And I went to scare everyone else.
Then I found this candy Cheryl bought from Hong Kong!
Hahaha, it tasted like chocolate!
Then we accidentally poured an extra one.
And nobody wants it ):
Wee Tiong came to ask about the form,
Then I gave him the candy.
And continued laughing like crap :D
He was like "Shhh, listen to me"
While I was laughing , he ate the candy, omg (the candy came in contact with alot of people's fingers alr).
Reb told me everyone went O:

Lessons were relatively boring.
When recess was over, the taiwan students came to our class :DD
YAY, one of them sat with me :DD
Hahaha, she's quite friendly :D
And I kept talking to her :B

Geographyyyy, we played a game!
Omggg, the class is so not enthu.
Not very fun one.

Art! Gosh, Mrs Lim seperated us from the Taiwan Students ):
Anyway, we painted an orange.
Erm, no, we painted a picture of an orange.
A hairy orange.
Freaking hairy! D: HAHAHAHAHAHA

After school, we went for some briefing.
HEHH , gosh! We totally didn't know we're going with the innovation club.
Very coooool. ITS REDDDD :DDDD
The products are soooo coooool.

Came back from there.
Then Marissa and I went to get up glue gun BANGBANG!
We looked for a power supply, there's only 202 and 209 left open.
So we went to 209 , we don't know them D:
Okay. So we turned back to 209, then went to 202 again.
This time, they are clothed. Good.
We lent their power point and found out that the plug cant fit.

Then we went back~
HAHAHA, waited with Marissa, with Hui Lynn, Jia Tyan , Jie Yin.
HAHAHA, it was so funny.
And I found out so much O:
Okay , not really a lot , but still.
Then he came , and we started stalking!

Went home.
Hello I'm here.

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Friday, July 2, 2010 ; 9:12 PM

Hello baby!
This first schoolweek of the term has ended.
Buahahaha, it was alright!

First day of school,
Two eleven got a co-form now.
Mr Ang, hahahaha, jelly say he looks like Sherwin.

Second day of school,
Watched charlie and chocolate factory! :DD
Then that day we went home with Yee Shuinnn!
Thats very nice :D

Third day of school,
Guides with PT D:
Omgg, but i missed the running part cos i'm doing the holland stuff :DD
Hahaha, but i went back to guides anyway.
Footdrills D: And pumping!
Hahaha, my stomach ached cos of pumping, thats weird.

Fourth day of school,
Got informed we're hosting again!
I am really happy that we're hosting again cos the missed the previous time we host ):
Hong Kong students, yay! :DD
Didn't went for lunch that day.
I'm glad i didn't.
Cos I got to play with Jia Ning's DSLR

started the day with maths. Eeks!
I want to change my seat cos i'm like, super bored at my seat.
And it rained today. Heavily.
So stayed and wait for rain to be smaller/lighter before going home.
But it got heavier instead.
HAHAHA, had fun crapping with Hui Lynn and Cheryl :D


I know that we are young,
And I know that you may love me,
But I just can't be you like this anymore,
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