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Happy Halloween!
Friday, October 31, 2008 ; 1:56 PM

Hello hello!
I'm happy today.
Quite HaPPY!
Hahaha... Let me tell you what happened on this happy day.
But first ,
happy halloween! (Want to celebrate but no one celebrate with me ): )

First we went to computer lab. Mrs Leong wanted to show us Charlotte's Web. But Jia Jun , Ying Li and me needed to do the powerpoint slides. So we carried on by adding in the custom animation. So we do do do lo. Then not yet finish but Mdm Tan or was it Mrs Leong couldn't set up the movie. So we had to return to classroom before we could go back and do it. Then Mdm Tan brought Jia Hao , Jia Jun , Ying Li and me down back to computer lab to carry on doing. In the computer lab... Mdm Tan left a while after we reached there and then we went to youtube to listen to songs. Have lots fun. Lazy elaborate. We skipped recess know!

Lala. We finished making obstacle course!!!! YAY. Quite successful! It was easier to make than wheel of luck and easier than I thought... :D Wheel of luck also almost complete le. I dk bout it... er... wasn't me making. I was making obstacle course. Team members helped make wheel of luck :DDDD Then the boys were playing ping pong with the ping pong balls O.o

Trick or treat? ;)
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Jia you! For one more day! <333
Thursday, October 30, 2008 ; 7:42 PM

I don't feel like posting okay.
But I'm bored.
So I'll post.
Okay. Today still haven't finish the exhalaration equipment. And that stupid wheel of luck broke down. Luckily obstacle course was on my side. Yay yay. Mrs Kek said she would give us dk what what tmr to fix the wheel of luck. I brought the obstacle course home to finish attaching the border to the base. The nails were fix le. We tested several times. Left attaching the thing which could seperate the lanes and put in the extras few nails. Tomorrow will get my TEAM MEMBERS to help fix that wheel of luck. I was so frustrated today over these equipments. Argh. Sorry if I was mean to you today morning. Sorry! :DD

Going back from recess was HORRIBLE. We needed to assemble at the basketball court. Oh my , assemble for what? Then all the classes had went back , except us. As you know our class is crzay one ma, how can keep quiet? Then the very very "responsible" head prefect , FAYE , made us stand in the middle of no where for ages. OMG , I need to go back to do the equipments la , FGS FAYE! Then I shouted to her "CAN WE GO BACK?" And I walked to her to shout. No point. Stupid stupid stupid. Wasting my precious time know. Then the teacher came and finally we lined up and kept quiet. Walked to staircase. And AGAIN. We stood there for ages. Enough not?! Huh!!! Stupid is it? Faye like no common sense one know. OBVIOUSLY the more our class stand there without going back , THE MORE NOISE WE MAKE. Then what? She want us to STAND THERE , TIL WE KEEP QUIET. Asking for something impossible huh? Even the boys went scolding "We won't keep quiet unless we go up!" ARGH. I shouted WAH LAO then Zhi Yong and Yun Yu said they first time heard me say such word. Oh lol lol , but I'm sure that wasn't the first time I use it. Hui Wen asked them they dk ar I very chu lu one. Lol. Then Ying Li told them they haven't heard me say that word. Oh lol lol , I said it out immediately and Ying Li was so "shocked". Take it easy la. Lol. Then teacher came again. And finally we were quiet. FINALLY after centuries we managed to reach our classroom. CRAZY LA. FYI , I dun care whatever language I used for the above paragraph, I was really so damn angry then , so don't mind. This would probably be a once in a blue moon chance I type this manner (LOL).

Tang Lao Shi let us memorise some Tang Shi. LALALALA. I don't care. I just copy and I tried to memorise lo. She told me my handwriting getting nicer O.o Er... Then near to dismissal something amusing happened. (Wanted to draw out but it screwed up. :S) okay , Zheng Xin , Jia Hao and Jun Meng were "composing" a song for king of gays. Lol. Then they had a slip of paper where they wrote the lyrics.
Sitting arrangement (for reference purpose):
[Jun Meng][Jia Hao]______[Kiat Haw][Yu Jia]_____[ZhengXin]
[~~~~~~~][~~~~~]______[Yee Shuin][Me]______[~~~~~~~]

_ = Spaces in between
~ = Somebody

Zheng Xin needed to pass the slip of paper to Jia Hao. Then he wanted to pretend to drop his pen so he could "pick it up" while passing the paper. So Zheng Xin threw the pen on the floor , it was so fake lo! Like very purposely like that... LOL. He was waiting for the "right time" to go and "pick up the pen" so he looked at Tang Lao Shi for a few time. Then the Yu Jia , who seemed not aware of what's going on , go pick up the pen for Zheng Xin... spoiled the plan. Omg funny. Then Zheng Xin was like sigh... I was thinking why he so dumb dumb don't want ask me and Yee Shuin or Yu Jia and Kiat Haw to pass to Jia Hao? Lol. In the end he finally got the "light bulb" and passed the paper to me to pass it to Yee Shuin to pass it to Jia Hao. Oh finally. And the lyrics seemed very funny cos Jun Meng and Jia Hao read it and were laughing til stomach ache. Er... Huh? Lol. Nvm.

Need to bring the obstacle course home. Walked all the way home and in my mind I am telling everybody " DON't stare at me! Don't hor! " Lol. They didn't. Phew... Ah! I forgotten to bring the thing to seperate the lanes home to attach. I only thought of it when I was reaching the lift. Reminds me of one thing... Last time tuition on thursday 6.30pm go back ma. So it is also the time where the cute P1 and P2s were dismissed. Then my mum will ride me home on a bicycle from tuition. And whenever we stopped to wait for the traffic lights at the junction , where a lot a lot of the little kids were waiting for the traffic lights too , the P1 and P2s would stare at me like I am somekind of FREAK or whatever. And the stare was....... Stare!!! Let me describe... innocent little eyes constantly looking at a big jiejie , like me? Oh what's wrong riding a bicycle? Never seen before ar?

Huh I spent so long typing.
Buh-bye then!
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 ; 5:58 PM

Hello all!
Today morning went to computer lab to do the slides for the project exhalaration! After that went to the talk talk talk talk talk! Next , went back to class to complete the Wheel of Luck while Xin Yi do the obstacle course frame. Yay! The obstacle course finally completed , just left the last touches! :DDDDD But... sigh... obstacle course ? Tomorrow need , er MUST complete it , even if I need to stay behind. Tomorrow , add the finishing touches to Wheel of Luck , put the nails for obstacle course , stick the thing to seperate different lanes , attach the frame , try out both equipment. Omg. I very scared tmr can't finish. Heheh! I team chairperson know!!! XDDDDD Okay , that says my responsibility VERY BIG. Must answer to everything. I know I'm repeating things.

Today was Momo's last day le!!! She would be back on PSLE results day. Hehe... Don't worry , I will miss you de la! Then she wanted to treat Ying Li to ice cream. When I heard it , I bugged Momo for one too! I thought she wasn't buying for me , but I wanted to eat ice cream anyway. Then in the end she bought for me!!! I chose colour pencil! :DDDD Thanks Momo!

O.o Tang Lao Shi so weird! She ytd like so angry then today like so "nothing happened" mood. The book to gave us to read was nice la. Reminds me of my childhood :DDD Then we were ask to write the du shu bao gao. O.o Still got limit somemore. Then Hovan exceeded the limit and Tang Lao Shi was telling him this this that that. Haha. I laughed. Then he bu fu qi , belittle me will exceed the limit. Hehe... Then I write... very very close the end , generally covered everything but have not write that not necessary to wear the crown to be strong. Then Tang Lao Shi read it , she said can already. OH YEAH. I went hehehehe to Hovan. HAHAHA! Who say cannot ar? XD There was 100 boxes and I used 99 , including the two spacing infront. Yay! 12.30p.m. le!!!!

Ying Li and I went to west mall and we bought the tickets immediately when we reached there. Then we went down to eat Subway. Yummy~ After that we went up to comics connection. Don't have Rubik's cube. Oh well , i go toys r us buy ba. Then we had nothing to do. Decided to go down to buy snacks. Then I bought sotong stick while she bought prawn stick at Old Chang Kee. :DDDD When we finished eating , we had nothing to do again! We walked a whole big round to find the dustbin. And we walked a while and it's time to go up! When we went up to cinema , met my tuition friend! XDDDD She was with her friends and she seemed like today she no school , according to Ying Li. She was also watching HSM3 , firstly told me she watching 2.15p.m. de show but then her other friends weren't here yet , they had to watch 2.45p.m. de. Wah , she and her friends altogether 10 know , with mixture of boys and girls. Can get 10 and still have boys somemore. I don't even think the boys would watch (or maybe they would , secretly). Then Ying Li and I filled in the lucky draw form and went to buy popcorn. Oh my , so ex , small popcorn $5 , not sweet somemore. Next , we went in to the theatre. The lights were off le , so had a hard time searching for our seats. There were people coming in and passing by us when the show started. Lolol. So we enjoyed the movie... Shall not give comments for it , watch yourself.

Went home.
And as usual , here I am!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 ; 8:45 PM

I very tired!
Firstly in the morning I started making the wheel of luck. Finally drew two circles and they were cut out by Xin Yi and Jia Jun. Then , had to draw the proportions and paste colour paper on it. I fit the colour paper and drew the first sample and distributed the remaining pieces to my team members to cut out. Then had to write the words on the different sections. Next , had to find a way to spin it. Following that , we put pins at the end of each radius and after trying out , the pins will fly out. Then we find a way to fix it. AND AFTER THAT , we need to find a way to fix the pointer. It was mother tongue. Xin Yi had to go to her class and left me alone. Luckily Jia Jun offered to help. He and Jia Hao made the support for the wheel of luck while i carried on with the obstacle course frame and base. Sigh~ tomorrow have to make the obstacle course!!! Must be very tiring again!

After school went to IMM with Hui Wen cos she needed to buy bday present. I managed to buy a new autograph book but did not managed to buy my rubik's cube. Tomorrow buying XD. Then after quite a while , we walk to the bus stop to take the bus. Ahahaha! I was being dumb throughout and made Hui Wen irritated and annoyed , and she was so FUNNY! Hahahahahaha! Then we went back to her house. We went down to play. Hui Wen and her sister played Volleyball while I played basketball. Hehe... I don't want play volleyball! Then we went up after quite some time cos we were all tired. :DDDDD Then Hui Wen and I played Uno. Lol so funny , Hui Wen so funny too! :DDDDD Then went home at six plus. So exhausted (-_-)Zzz

What a day ! :DDD
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101th post
Monday, October 27, 2008 ; 4:22 PM

Hello hello hello!
this is my 101th post ! :D haha.
I very busy de. So maybe won't post so often.
I'm not bored le.
I got anime to watch (thanks huiwen!) and habbo got friends and got music to listen.
Nothing la.
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100th POST!!!
Sunday, October 26, 2008 ; 11:42 AM

This is my 100th post!!! Pui Yee of Pebbles-N-Co had finally reached her 100th post!!! Haha... I might took a little longer to reach 100 posts probably bcos I have not been posting actively early this year. Anyway , congratulate me on my tagboard ba! Sorry if you felt that I'm overdoing it!
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Gee... I'm bored
Saturday, October 25, 2008 ; 2:45 PM

I'm bored know.
I say I'm bored.
This morning woke up. On computer. Eat breakfast. Not going out today. Use computer. Chat with my habbo friend. My habbo friends so early have party le. I wasn't late for it. Play play play. Eat lunch. Wonder if I can survive this whole long boring day. Waiting for someone to be online. And... sigh. The msn games cannot play. Even more bored. Oi oi. I want go down by push pop and eraser!!! Lol. Really bored.
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Friday, October 24, 2008 ; 5:47 PM

My MSN no problem le!!!! FINALLY. Can use le!!!!
Today in school... still ok la. But come home , damn damn boring.
In the morning we discussed about the project exhalaration again. This time we decide on the chairperson , treasurer , teams etc. ... Yay! I was appointed chairperson for my team , or rather, I volunteered!!! Haha... So fun know! Everyone will surround my table and discuss bout it. Hehe... I am the one who made decision know! Very big "responsibility"... Then everything ask me...! But fun ma. Then the boys kept asking done liao ma done liao ma. They wanted to play their chinese chess... lol. So we discussed discussed discussed. Of course , in between there were funny moments and "..." ideas. And I got everybody to participate in it. Then finally , we finished discussing and when I said DISMISS , all the boys were so happy they clapped and cheered. I cheered too , hehehehehe... Then Mrs Leong kept telling us to shhhhhh shhhhh. Haha. We were on time for recess. But I had to think of a what stall logo. I don't have any ideas la. So I just told the publicity team to draw a ball with clover on top. Lol. Whatever.

Then after that Mrs Kek let us watched Shrek 3. But I watch before le. I played with Ying Li's rubiks cube while watching too. Then suddenly when we were near the end that time , the movie suddenly stopped! Lol. Then I played reversi with Ying Li , it was chinese lessons. Argh. How did I became such a lousy player!?! Ying Li won both games we played and she was just a beginner!!! Lol lol. After the game , it was art , AGAIN. Jun Meng put glue on Jia Hao then Jia Hao chased him around together with Jonathan to "defeat" him. Then Jia Hao put Ying Li's cube on the table and continued chasing. I sneak up to the table and got the cube back. Jia Hao was so engrossed in chasing that he didn't even realise. Ying Li kept it in her bag and we already had a plan in our minds. The boys settled down. And Jia Hao seemed to have lost something and looked around... Hehehe... Then Ying Li asked him , "Where's my cube?" Lol. He started looking for it. Up and down , down and up . He said probably Liu Chang or Johny took it but Ying Li told him they didn't. He went around shouting , "Anyone saw a rubiks cube?" HAHA. When we saw that he was very frustrated over it, Ying Li showed him her cube in her bag. Then I was laughing and laughing. Lol lol. Jia Hao seemed very "fooled" and angry lololololol.

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Hehe... Here comes MOMOJOJO!
Thursday, October 23, 2008 ; 8:31 PM


Momojojo... I'm gonna spoil your reputation!
Uploaded some photos from phone...!
Momo! No hiding from me! I am "skilled"!

Momo flipping the book furiously...

Momo cleaning up her spilled coke... Ooooo!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No , this is not related to Momo!

This is my "puppy" , Charmmie! Hehe... Charmmie is very cute!!!!

^^ I love Charmmie!

Oh ya.
Momojojo is a very very appropriate name for Momo , but it is quite long to pronounce and type so, let's use back Momo! But don't forget to use Momojojo , WHENEVER POSSIBLE! p(^o^)q

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Today :S
; 5:17 PM

Today in school a "terrible" thing happened.
Here how it went :
Mrs Leong was looking at Heng Sheng surfing the net.
Heng Sheng sat infront of me. So I could here what Mrs Leong said. I heard "try clicking on blog entries" from Mrs Leong and I knew Heng Sheng was at someone's blog. Then I heard "click snapshots" and I immediately got alerted ! Could it be my blog ? Cos mine was the only one which has snapshots column (old blogskin). Then I heard "ah.... Pui Yee and Ying Li..." OMG OMG. That's my blog cos I put our photo there!!!! Ahhh! I don't think Mrs Leong read my blog entries. Then she asked "what's taggies?" Lol lol. I only felt "..." bout that name for tagboard at that moment. Cos it's like , normally it sounds alright to me but when Mrs Leong read it out , it felt "..." . Then on the tagboard there was Mo's message : PUI YEE!!! What does MoMoJoJo mean???? LOL! Mrs Leong asked "Who is Momojojo?" Then Yee Shuin behind her laughed and I laughed too! HAHA. Seriously hilarious. I think somehow Mrs Leong knew that was Momo. Then I ran to Heng Sheng's computer to see while he went out of his seat , it was really my blog. O.o I really didn't expect Mrs Leong to see my blog... oh my oh my... but like Ying Li said , my blog was opened to everybody wad , so it doesn't really matter. After that , Heng Sheng went to Brandon's blog and read his post and laughed. And after that... PEK ZHENG XIN also WENT TO MY BLOG. I ran to his computer , he told me " You have the most interesting blog!" in a funny way. Ahhhhhhh~

I immediately went to my blogger account , send the html code through my gmail acc to my hotmail acc , delete everything , and type there "close for construction (: See you again!". Argh.

When we were lining up to go back , I told Ying Li about it :
Me : Heng Sheng went to my blog and Mrs Leong saw it!
Ying Li : Ya...
Me : And they saw everything!
Ying Li : Ya...
Me : Mrs Leong asked what is taggies!
Ying Li : Ya...
Me : Mrs Leong saw Momojojo!
Ying Li : *Laughs*
Me : Mrs Leong saw our photo!
Ying Li : Ya... *Pause* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. So scary. How can Heng Sheng do such a thing... Actually , after thinking bout it again , it wasn't that terrible after all.

My little ladybug plushie , Cherry , with my new MP4 (:

This is Snuffy! I made it myself. Was inspired by a member in Boys Like Girls with hair very long and covering his whole head and face and the empty container of the Yupi Hamburger Mrs Kek gave me. Haha. Very cute right? Snuffy look like those blonde hair girls! Hehe...
And forgotten to tell you today the game our team created for project exhalaration was most voted!!! WE won by 18 votes , and we're the team with the highest votes!!! Momo said if we won , I must kiss everybody except those in our team. ok, I'll give all of you e-kisses ! MUACKx♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 ; 9:21 PM

Today in school kept discussing bout the project exhalaration.
After school went to Hui Wen's house!
Ying Li came after lunch.
It rained.
We told Ying Li that we were going to fetch her but she went up on her home. In the end , we got our slippers wet for nothing , got our foot wet for nothing , got the umbrella wet for nothing , got us walk up and down for nothing. Lol.
We waited for the rain then we went down to play basketball and badminton.
Lucky Ying Li was alright in badminton , so we did not suffer. XD After i played with Ying Li , Hui Wen played with her while I played basketball. All the blame on the naughty naughty basketball , kept rolling into the puddles and made itself wet , refusing to go into the net! Lol. Me and Hui Wen couldn't shoot the basketball in this time , unlike the previous time...

We play play play then went up. And Ying Li and I went home together at around 6.20p.m. and we had a hardddddd time waiting for the bus to come... sigh...

I want kinder surprise!!!!!!! I saw someone's blog (someone who I don't know) and she managed to buy kinder surprise which means it is on sale again!!! It has been a long time til it was last on sale!!!! But I went to shop-n-save and minimart also don't have! T.T I want my kinder surprise!!!!!!!!!

I miss my Jonas Brothers' Album. I thought could bring it back home tomorrow. But no , have to lent it to another person... sigh... Nvm la, by Friday it should come home le , hopefully!

Ok. I very lazy le.
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Long post...
Tuesday, October 21, 2008 ; 8:43 PM

Hello hello!
How's your day?
Hmm... I'll talk about my day first...
Let me start with yesterday...
Yesterday I "experienced" a whole day of computer , well , almost the whole day , I started using my computer a little while after I woke up until 11p.m. except lunch and dinner. I spent my first part of my afternoon doing random stuff... Then the next part of the afternoon watching youtube , Camp Rock and Music videos. Ahhhh... At night... I want to play with the heater pack!!! I thought I would be allowed to play with the liquid inside after breaking the heater pack that night but my parents wanted me to throw it away , IMMEDIATELY. Lol , but it would be dangerous to play with it though , cos I felt that it is toxic... poisonous....!

Today morning I went to eat Mcdonalds breakfast... Yay! I love the hotcakes. Since this year , I could hardly afford time to go to Mcdonalds on Sunday mornings to eat breakfast... Then I waited for Momo to "fetch" me and Ying Li to her house for the Project Exhalaration discussion. Momo is so funny!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD She looked so funny I couldn't stop laughing!!!! I took her photos la but lazy upload so... tmr? Hehe... At first , we were like SERIOUS WORK , SERIOUS WORK. But then we could not get into serious work... haha... Me and Ying Li each invented a game for Momo... Ying Li invented a game that uses chopper to throw at Momo , if you manage to hit her , you'll get Momo's head! :DDDDD Jk jk , CHILDREN PLS DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (or anywhere else). I think I invented a game along the same idea, but I forgotten la... But I remembered saying to have Momo's head as the No. 1 item in our jumble sale , it is i think... $5 ? I think so... LOL LOL. We just chat chat chat till 1p.m. when we ate lunch.

After lunch , we went down to buy ice cream. Then , when we went up , Yee Shuin was coming le! Ying Li and Momo went down to "fetch" Yee Shuin. Then after a while after she came , we got into serious work and prepared the slides. The contents would remain "top secret" until tomorrow. Lol lol. Anyway , Yee Shuin left at 5p.m. plus then I left at around 6.30p.m. and Ying Li ... I dk la.

And I'm here!
Why Habbo under maintence?
Cannot play for a while...
Anyway still have to prepare what to say tomorrow for our presentation... uh uh uh.

Oh ya , Momo's new nickname is MOMOJOJO!!!!! XD
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Good morning! (a late late one)
Monday, October 20, 2008 ; 11:17 AM

To tell you the truth , I woke up at 11a.m.
I know its very late.
But actually I woke up at 9.15a.m. le but I was very tired so I continued sleeping , thinking that I will automatically wake up 15-30 mins after. But , arghhhhhhhhh I only woke up at 11a.m.!!!! I had never woke up so late for a long time. The latest was 10.40a.m. like that? And when I woke up at 10.40a.m. , I slept at 1a.m. plus the night before know. Then this time , I slept at about 12.45a.m. ! But I woke up at 11a.m.!!!!!!!! Let me count , I slept for 10hours and 15minutes............ Wow that's "long" (to me). Normal school days i only slept for say 8hours? I guess my body is really tired after all that stress. And, yesterday I didn't do anything that waste lots of energy what...

Well well... Btw , forgotten to tell you yesterday my habbo sis gave me habbo HC !!!! :D I'm so happy! Yay! Now my habbo look so nice!!!

( At my post office... Haha my post office also my habbo sis sponsore one...)

(Look at my habbo hc badge! :D)

(This is me!)

(My habbo house...)

(This is me!)

And yesterday night... I'm so tempted to play with the heater pack... it's a new one... Lol. Actually it could be reused if handled properly.

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Clean up!
Sunday, October 19, 2008 ; 7:29 PM

My mum forced me to clean up my things.
All the worksheets from tuition go to the RUBBISH DUMP.
All the notes that could be passed on to others go to FRIENDS GOING TO P6 NEXT YEAR.
All the P3 , P4 , P5 things go to the DONATION.
All the cartoon magazines go to the READING CORNER'S DONATION.
All the doodle paper goes to THE SHELVES.
All the other things that still could be used by me go to THE SHELVES too.

Ta! Finish sorting out. But it was not as expected , I did not find any long lost things of mine , probably buried in my mess. I only found my 老鼠爱大米 scores which was sandwiched in my music book. At least , I found the clean and tidy room "buried" in the mess.

Haha , I like my new MP4 very much. Can watch Jonas Brothers' music videos in it!!! XD Also can view the photos I taken with my camera in it!!! XD

Forgotten to mention ytd I went to Takashimaya to buy it , I also bought a pair of doll shoes , black in colour (very lovely!) and a new water bottle! Yay! O.o my old one was so rotten le. It had so many scratches dued to dropping off the table and knocking into other things. And I remembered that time Song Yi Ming said it was Mosquitoes' wriggles... O.O As if it is funny...
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Lol. What happened last night.
; 12:24 PM

Let me tell you what happened... last night.
I was listening to my new MP4 while playing with the heater pack while watching tv while breathing. The heater pack was a concealed bag containing blue-ish liquid and a metal plate whereby when pressed on , will turn the liquid into hot hot solid and my grandma used it to apply on a area where she had ache or whatever. Then it was solid le , i want to make it liquid again so i press press press on it lo. I squeeze and press and squeeze and press the solid in the heater pack. I was thinking , "i want to poke it open and let the liquid come out..! it would be fun! huahua!" But I was just joking. So I continued squuezing and pressing. Suddenly I felt my hand wet wet then I look at it... got blue blue drops of liquid! The heater pack broke! OMG. The liquid was dripping down. One drop on the sofa , one drop on my skirt , one drop on the floor and a few more drops on my hand. Then I shouted for my father to get me tissue. Then, I thought "Oh my , my wish came true!" LOL. It stained on the sofa la. My skirt... I think not really la cos I immediately went to wet it. My hand... it stinked! The liquid smelt like glue like that and has "toxic" smell. Erm , ok , I'm exagerating la. But it really stink lo. I went to wash my hand. And I hate the smell of the soap , it's a really strong apple soap smell. T.T My hand became so unpleasantly smelt. My father asked me why go play with the heater pack... i did not answer... but to me it's fun ma... XD

Er... If you want to have this "experience" , go play with a heater pack! Once again , It's fun!

Ok ya, I need to continue.
Now that PSLE's over , I suddenly felt so empty , no homework , no due dates , no etc. Normally sunday mornings I would think of the not done homework , i would think of how to arrange my time etc. But now , I wake up and I would be like , what is there to do today? Er........ computer? what is there to play? Honestly , now I'm don't play habbo anymore , I only play when my habbo friend is online and I go and find her. And , I don't have anything to do at all , using computer. O.o I'm seriously bored , everytime i go sms people and find something to talk...

Tell me what should i play? Er... play maple? Installing all that is very tedious. FORGET it. Play Habbo? Nah... play til bored le. Club penguin? Lol , no new mission and no big events to play. Addicting games and miniclip? Nothing to play. Make blogskins? I'm bored over it , no mood. Continue turorial? Lazy. Find cute pictures? Lazy. No mood.

Tell me what I should do or play lo. If only you can. Haha!
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New blog logo & navi buttons
Friday, October 17, 2008 ; 11:41 PM

You must be very surprise when you saw my blog.
I've made the blog logo and navi buttons so pink. (and big)
But i like it.
I like the ribbon and the laces.

Hope you like it!
I'm going to change the font colour to the colour like the ribbon.
A lot of work.
Tmr ba.
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Today's not boring with Hui Wen
; 9:03 PM

Went to Hui Wen's house just now.
We used the computer for a while then we went down to play badminton.
Oh my.
We really suck at badminton. Haha. The most we could only do is , one of us hit the shuttlecock to the other and then the shuttlecock fall le. LOL. We only played for a while. Then , we give up le.

We went up to get the basketball. The basketball required pumping. And after sometime , we could finally pump. Then we pump pump pump and when I took out the pin insert into the basketball , I wasn't quick enough and the air came out and it's somehow deflated , meaning all the air we pump in had came out. We decided to pump more air inside so when we remove the pin , even though the air came out , there would still be enough air left inside. The second time , we pumped more air , but when I remove the pin , it was somehow stuck and I had some struggle so... lol... need to pump again. Finally , after the third pump , the ball was filled with air , can le.

We went down to play basketball. But the tennis court , which was combined with the basketball court , was occupied. And we did not want to play basketball infront of people. So we waited. We got bored and we threw the ball to and fro ourselves. We also prank called Brandon. Muahaha , he shouted into the phone , lol lol , and could not hear what I was saying. We used speaker though. Haha. And I could hear Jia Jun whispering by the side.

Finally , the people playing tennis had left. But the coach of the boy learning tennis just now was still there. Lol , he smiled at us and whenever we looked at him , he would look at us back. We played basketball. But we merely shoot the ball into the net. Hui Wen tried to bounce the ball too. It was so much fun , shoot shoot shoot. Hehe , but it's quite painful though. Ok , it's like , when you the ball got into the net , I would be very happy , still looking at the net there , and when the ball landed , it rolled , and hit my leg. As you know , the basketball was quite heavy and hard. Lol lol. We played for like one hour plus? Then we when up and used the computer for a while before I went home.

And here I am.
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Good morning... AGAIN
; 10:57 AM

Nice morning.
Later going Hui Wen's house.
I'm eating breakfast now.
Nice feeling , eating breakfast while blogging.
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Hi again
Thursday, October 16, 2008 ; 8:25 PM

I've finish tidying my room.
I'm finding inspirations of what to do.

Oh ya.
U rmb the paper chain thing Mrs Kek taught us to do? Erm , that one which you draw one picture on a folded paper and cut it out , then all will be connected.
U want to see mine?
Let me show you...

hehe... nice right? I love it a LOT. Click to enlarge.
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"news alert"
; 12:08 PM

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; 11:36 AM

Question N1 : Th person who tagged you is?
Li Yee

Question N2 : Your relationship with him/her?
Friends and "poking game" opponents

Question N3 : Your 5 impressions of him/her?
Oh well... fragile , kind , nice , has hidden talent , good...!

Question N4 : The most memorable thing he/she has done for you?
Poking me?

Question N5 : The most memorable thing he/she said to you?
I'm cute !

Question N6 : If he/she becomes your lover you would ?
Run away. Oh pls , I don't do les.

Question N7 : If he/ she becomes your lover , she needs to improve on?
Her looks?

Question N8 : If he /she becomes your enemy you will ..?
Stay calm.

Question N9 : If he / she becomes your enemy the reason would be?
Poking me too much in the "poking game".

Question N10 : The most desired thing you want for him/her will be?

Question N11 : Your overall impression of him/her will be?
Nice! (:

Question N12 : How do you think other people will feel about you?
Friendly & cheerful. That's me! (:

Question N13 : The characters you love about yourself is ?
Friendly & cheerful la. And cute. XD

Question N14 : The characteristics you hate about yourself is ?

Question N15 : The most ideal person you want to be?

Question N16 : For people that care and love you ; what do you wanna say ?
Thank you for loving me. Pui Yee will always LOVE you!

Question N17 : Pass this quiz onto 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you?
#1 . Yee Shuin
#2 . Hui Wen
#3 . Ying Li
#4 . Alicia
#5 . Li Yee
#6 . Rebecca
#7 . Su Ning
#8 . Yun Yu
#9 . Brandon ? LOL
#10 . Perhaps... Jia Hao ? LOL again

(Sorry for selecting ppl who have been selected by others , just do the first few questions regarding me for me can? Thanks.)
(I really dk who to choose for #9 & #10 so I chose those two boys who at least I've sms-ed with before.)

Question N18 : who is 6 having a r/s with?
Her family , friends , classmates and defenitely me and Hui Wen !

Question N19 : is number 9 a male/female ?

Question N20 : if number 7 and 10 are together ; would it be a good thing?
Don't think so. They don't seem to have ever interacted with each other before. LOL

Question N21 : what is number 2 studying about?
English , chinese , maths , science & higher chinese.

Question N22 : when was the last time you had a chat with Number 3?
Yesterday. :D

Question N23 : what kind of music band does number 8 like ?
Er... I dk which band specifically but those gentle and nice music?

Question N24 : does number 1 have any siblings ?
Ya. Two sisters. One elder and one younger.

Question N25 : will you woo number 3 ?
Never , I'm a pure girl know , not a lesbian. Besides , we're good friends.

Question N26 : how about number 7 ?
Hello , pure girl here!

Question N27 : is number 4 single?

Question N28 : whats the surname of number 5?
Lim. :D

Question N29 : Whats the hobby of number 10 ?
Playing computer games and listening to music , if I'm not wrong.

Question N30 : does number 5 and 9 get along?
Doesn't seem so. They were enemies , rather.

Question N31 : Where is number 2 studying ?

Question N32 : Talk something casually about number 1 ?
Nice , obedient and smart.

Question N33 : Have you tried developing feelings for number 8 ?
As in..? Friends? Yes.

Question N34 : Where does number 9 live ?
That's confidential information to Brandon. I know but shall not say. I've been there last friday for the party wad.

Question N35 : What colour does number 4 like ?

Question N36 : Are number 5 and 1 best friends ?
Not really. "Poking game" opponents rather.

Question N37 : does number 1 have any pets ?
Yes! Spottee!

Question N38 : is number 7 the sexiest person in the world?
LOL. That's a question. If Su Ning's sexy , everyone will be very SEXY also.

Question N39 : What is number 10 doing now ?
What you mean? What he's doing this very moment? How I know. You expect me to ring him up and ask him ar? If not , what he's currently doing , in general? Relaxing with his own activities , of course.

I've finish the poll (or quiz). If you're name's in the list above , do it. Thanks.
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Good Morning!
; 10:30 AM

Good morning people!
It's now about 10.30a.m. !
Have you eaten your breakfast?
Let me tell you the state I'm currently in...
I in my pyjamas , drinking my milo , sitting infront of the computer , typing this post.
Better go change.
will be back again...
while i restart my computer for the updates.
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Quite a tiring day...
Wednesday, October 15, 2008 ; 9:40 PM

How are you?
Such a day. Today.
today is the last day for coaching the p3s. And Brandon replaced Faye today. We went up to the class and started coaching. Brandon had to coach a shy and quiet little malay girl. And once he started coaching , he started to (purposely) add in chinese while talking. Lol. He said he needed to "practice oral". what a joke. He taught the girl in an indian accent and I was always laughing whenever I saw him or heard him coach. Even the boy I was coaching was looking at him most of the time and he looked like he was thinking , " Is that boy somehow weird?" Lol , it was really very very funny , I should tape the whole thing down and let all of you see. But too bad , can't bring handphone. I also coach the boy... coach coach coach. And whenever I left him to do his test (set by me) , I would go around to see the progress of the others. Whenever I look at Brandon he would what me and keep telling me don't stare at him if not he can't teach in a funny manner. LOL LOL. Jia Jun was also very funny when I was looking at his progress. Er... Hao Lin and Yu Jia was... playing chess... LOL . The boy Hao Lin coached was like not coached at all ? But he was looking at them playing. Then the girl Yu Jia taught was doing her work , i think the work Yu Jia gave him. The rest was ok. LOL LOL. We got two pieces of chocalate as a "reward" and finally , it ended.

Next , I went to Hui Wen's house. We chat chat chat while using the computer and about 4p.m. plus we went down , with our swimsuit worn inside our clothes. Then coincidentally , Ying Li reached the swimming pool also. Then we swim swim swim. LOL. I know how to swim , WITH A FLOAT. I learnt swimming when I was four but stopped later. So now , I only know how to swim WITH A FLOAT. :D

Swim until 6.40p.m. like that I went up to Hui Wen's house to shower. Then , home I go!

Now I'm here.
Tomorrow no school.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 ; 6:43 PM

Shall I create a tutorial blog called...
"Blogging for dummies" ?
I'll create one
Since I'm bored.

I'm still hestitating.
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I'm saying something
Monday, October 13, 2008 ; 9:13 PM

OH ya.
I read Alicia's blog and she said she took 62 photos at the BBQ party...
So I just counted to find out how many I took.
Er... I took about 93 photos?
Lol, quite a lot , isn't it?
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Little India
; 3:52 PM

Today it's our school excursion to Little India.
Quite fun.
Except for the raining part.

We arrived there at the Little India MRT station and the tour guide started explaining. Then she demostrated how to wear the Sari then we went to the temple. She explained explained then we started walking. We walk walk walk and reached the Indian Fast Food restaurant. I did try the food but not with the curry. Then when Alicia ordered the French Fries and the food with potato inside (forgotten what it was called) , I ate the French Fries. I think the French Fries were spicy and when I ate it... I drank lots of water. At first I thought it was because it was hot and not spicy but after I ate somemore , it was so spicy (to me , it was) that I finish my whole bottle of water and some of Alicia's coke and there's even tears in my eyes... Then I ate the food with potato , but I only ate the wrap and not the filling.

After that we continued walking... We reached the Deepavali Bazaar where we were allowed some shopping time. Then , I went for Henna Painting , I had both my hands painted and when I went back with Yee Shuin , Momo and the boys were playing "spraying war" with their sprays cans. LOl. Then when I was at the meeting point , I asked Ying Li to help me buy the peacock feather. She helped me buy 3 for $1. Then the tour guide explain explain and took Yee Shuin as baby girl... haha. Then we went back.

After that , I stayed back to coach the P3. The boy I coached was like so cold to me...? Or maybe I also did not seemed enthu. OH well...

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Yay! Vivo City...
Sunday, October 12, 2008 ; 5:53 PM

I was quite happy.
I went to Vivo City with Hui Wen.
This was the very first time I went there alone with a friend.

We went there at about 12p.m. , reaching there at about 1p.m. and had lunch. We shared a Yoshinoya value meal - Ebi and Teriyaki Chicken!

Then we walked to Vivo City and started shopping. Of course , I start with my Gachapon first! Haha , today only spent $4 on it , only got the sugarbunnies one I like. Then , we went to build-a-bear workshop... The little clothes for the little furry friends were so cute. Hui Wen and I went so cute this so cute that. Hui Wen said they seemed like baby clothes. How I wish I could buy the hoodie outfit for my little Chealsea (my bunny furry friend) !

We continued shopping... Walking ahead , towards Page One. Stopping in between for Diva and Six. Hui Wen wanted to buy necklace badly , while I wanted to buy earrings badly. But too bad , I'm broke le.... T.T We just browsed through then we went to Shibuya where I bought a cute kitty which I put my handphone in.

Next , Page One! I bought a memo pad with cute pictures and Mamegoma pencil cap! I want the other two designs of the pencil cap too! But... til next time... We went to Mu-ee , where everything were imported from Japan. The things were cute and nice , the prices were "cute" and "nice" too. Lol. Hui Wen spotted the purse and she loved it. But we both broke le, no money. Haha. The things there were really nice , like the "necklace"... It was $35.90 know , even a necklace-like handphone accersory costed $17.90...

Forget bout it. We went to Mini Toons and Action City. Hui Wen bought expensive clips at Mini Toons. Then , while browsing through things at Action City , I squeezed a "chicken" and it produced a weird noise. Lol lol , i was like... er... HAHA!

We then went to the CD shop. After a few moments I found Jonas Brothers' new album , A Little Bit Longer! Yay!!!!! I was very happy while Hui Wen was finding her Secondhand Serenade's album. We both looked so hard for it... We looked up and down , down and up , left and right , right and left. Finally , we decided to ask the staff... It was at the most obvious shelf , just that it was at the bottom! Lol , we wasted efforts. Finally we bought our albums. Yay again!

Then we went up. To Pet Safari and New Tenchi shop. After some browsing at the things and looking at the pets , we went outdoors where the "pool" is... We took some photos and we sat on the bench , we felt very carefree , this kind of feeling... Sitting there , at the rooftop , gentle breeeze blowing , sun rays shining while we chat... Ahhhhh... this is life...
We were standing , in the MIDDLE of the BIG pool. XD

No swimming!
The sky is so blue (:


Ta. We went to the basement while I got something to eat and Hui Wen got something to drink.

At 4p.m. plus , we were on the way home. Time flies. We reached my house at about 5p.m. . We opened our newly bought album and we were very excited.

At about 5.40p.m. , Hui Wen left for home too.

Nice day!

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BBQ Party
; 12:02 AM

When to Brandon's house for a BBQ Party.
Very fun , especially with those boys.

Ying Li and I thought we could get there earlier... But it didn't ended up that way. Because earlier Jia Hao called me to ask us how to get to Brandon's block , he said he was at 53. Then , Ying Li told me it was at 55 blabla and in the end he got there (with johny). Then when Ying Li and I were going there , we took a longer route instead. But that's not the point. Ying Li reached 53 and I kept asking wasn't it 55 and said about the phone call just now. Then in the end we went up 53 , not sure of the unit number and called Brandon... Here's how it went...
The background was DAMN NOISY , the boys were like.. making lots of noise?
Then , Brandon can't hear me.
I answered him louder.
Then he shouted into the phone , asking me what did I said.
I SHOUTED LOUDLY into the phone.
He heard me.
He very bad.
Don't want tell me.

Went to 53b instead.
Then he said , carpark to meet that girl (Hui Wen) and she'll show me the way , NOW.

Called Alicia...
Hui Wen told me it was 55 not 53 then Ying Li and I went there.

WE were about to take the lift when Hui Wen , Hui Yu and Alicia were inside , coming up from the carpark , where they took the shorter route. Then we went up together.

I was very tired , my cheeks were so red...! It's very tiring as Ying Li and I took the longer route , going uphill know... WALKING AND WALKING. Argh~! Don't bother.

We helped bring the BBQ things down. I pushed a trolley with two large packs of charcoal stacked on top. Push push push... in the grassy area , had to push through that kind of stone tiles er.... Like to get to the main path , there's a few tiles in the grass made of stones and I had to pushed over it. Then there's a gap in the middle of the tiles ma , the front trolley wheels got stuck and the whole trolley fell over. I was pushing it then , my leg hit the trolley as it fell over then i got it out. Then, obviously the two packets of charcoal fell out too. So two "kind souls" help me carried it and I just get the trolley up and resumed the journey.

The main reason why the boys called me "paparazzi" is that I took photos of them "secretly" and they were "unhappy" bout it. Not very secretive cos they saw me taking. Maybe they thought i took some UGLY shots. Muahahaha!

Paparazzi : scandal-seeking photographer: a freelance photographer who follows famous people hoping to catch a newsworthy story, especially something shocking or scandalous -according to Microsoft Word Dictionary

The thing is , they AREN'T FAMOUS PEOPLE. And , I don't get any NEWSWORTHY STORY. LOL. But it's of good use sometimes... isn't it?

Yay! BBQ !!!! I only ate Satay , Bee Hoon and Cucumber... And drank lots of Pepsi!!! yay! After that , there is mussles... Yum yum! I only ate 2... i think... and i asked Alicia and Ying Li to try...

At about 8p.m. plus , my mum called. Time to go home , she's at the bus-stop already. Then... at about 9p.m. I reached home. Fun day!
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Saturday, October 11, 2008 ; 10:36 PM

I forgotten to post about the injection yesterday...
I'll post now.

Yesterday , was our health checkup.
I was very afraid of the injections...
I was given a terrible experience of injections and that needle... That time blood test before meleka. Cos that time , I went to the polyclinic then i only expected the finger prick but in the end need to... you know what la. Then before the doctor insected the needle (or what's that called) , i already started crying. I continued crying after it... all the way to west mall. Cos that time it's very long since i had a jab ma so it felt very painful. And it's not just insert the needle , the doctor still need to pull it out. And i accidentally open my eye and saw a test tube FULL OF MY BLOOD! T.T

Then yesterday.
I was very afraid i would cry... Then when we finished the height and weight and the eye test , I had to wait before we see the doctor ma so I watched the boys getting their injections... We were OBSERVING. Jia Hao was like so calm... He just like get his injection and just sit down like that. Like nothing happened. Then Hong Wei... We expected him to cry but he didn't! Lol. Then he told Mdm Tan to tell us the needle was so big. LOL. He was scaring us la. Then the rest of the boys... very calm?

MY turn. Alicia and Hui Wen said it was ok. Ying Li said she brought tissue , ask me don't worry if i cried. Then... I sat on the seat. Nurse preparing the injection. It's the first one. MY heart was beating beating beating quite fast. Insert needle... sting... sharp thing go into my flesh... pain... DONE! Pressed on to the spot... Next one... Sting... not very pain... DONE! compared to the blood test , this was much better. I DIDN'T CRY! :D

Btw, there's a problem with the profile section of the blog , bear with it , I'm fixing it.
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PSLE is over
Friday, October 10, 2008 ; 9:43 PM

Yesterday i no time post about jec thing.
I very lazy to post now....
Go read alicia's blog.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008 ; 9:27 PM

I felt like it was prelim...
Only that it's more serious....

For english , when i revised the day before , I felt that kind of pressure like tomorrow's psle , tomorrow's psle.... So it's quite ok and i was quite prepared.
The english paper was ok ok. But I think my compo write until very bad... Paper 2 was ok la, can manage , but it's not TOUGH.

We have a whole weekend. But I spent saturday doing science and sunday doing maths. I started studying for my maths at about 2p.m. plus... 3p.m. then i study study study.... I only finished at 11 p.m. , right before my bedtime. And it's not completely finish , I still had a few printed worksheet which i brought to school the next day. Maths paper was managable , except the last question. I did not do the last question but when i got home , i suddenly thought of how to do it!!!! I think the max. marks i can get for my maths is... 95?

I completely have NO MOOD to study for it. When i came home from my maths paper , I felt like it's those fridays when we had celebrations and go home early then the rest of the day can relax.... That's why it killed the mood for studying for chinese. I just study study and rest rest rest. Chinese paper was also ok. Compo i think still can , paper 2 also still can.

I studied since I finish my lunch and study study study until bedtime but I STILL HAVE NOT FINISH! I have not finished reading up the last few chapters in my PSLE notes (that orange book) on adaptations , biotechnology etc. I was quite afraid cos adaptations was one of the frequently tested topic, as Mrs Kek said. So i read it the next day in the hall. Science paper, should i say tough? Yeah. Quite. Everyone else finish PSLE le, not us.

Higher chinese.
Finally , the LAST PAPER!!!! I only studied like one and a half hour? Lol , nothing to study. I spent the rest of my time onnnnnnnnnnnn COMPUTER and DS!!!!! I didn't post cos i busy making my blogskin. Higher chinese paper... compo i scared scared then paper 2 , it's ok ok too... After the invigilator finished collecting all the papers and signal dismiss, I WAS ON CLOUD NINEEEEEEE!!!! I was extremely happy , EXTREMELY , I laughed like I never did before. FREEDOM!!!!!

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; 9:11 PM

Hello people!

Let's talk about pre-psle first.


Before (above)
After (above)
Haha. A mess!
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