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Pui Yee , that's me.
11th June is loved. :D
And I really really really love taking photos. :D
I may go insane over cute stuffs. :3
I love wooden containers and wooden stamps. Heh.

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Empty Heart
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[♥] One item from thesmallobject.com
[♥] Some cute wooden toy :B

{*} Build a cardboard town :D
{*} To see a complete 6 Amethyst again
{*} Catch plushies from catching machine again
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Byebye :D
Sunday, May 30, 2010 ; 4:46 PM

Bye people , i'm leaving tonight.
I'll be back on 6th June :D

And then i'll start planning 6Amethyst's outing! :D

I havent been blogging for very long!
OHMY! actually i have a looooot to blog, but then i kept forgetting or i didnt have time.

My heart was beating super duper fast yesterday night.

Okay, my birthday is coming! :D
I dont know how to celebrate..
Oh well.

I want 6 Amethyst outing,
I want outcaste lalalanders outing,
I want birthday presents! :B

My flight is at 2345 tonight ,
Haha , just to let you know.
And don't call/msg me after that ,
unless its an emergency.

Alright , byeee (:
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010 ; 9:46 PM

One and a half more week to HOLLAND!
My lovely trip :D

Haha , I suddenly thought about my birthday.
Just a few days after i come back from Holland.
I suddenly don't feel like celebrating it.
I just want to sit under the sky and take lots of photos with my friends :D

Anyway , these few days are cold!
Go back to class , no assembly! :D
Monday morning , I was super high with Cheryl Cordelia Rebecca.
HAHA , we were spamming random messages.

Today was very cold too.
Nothing to say about today.
Today don't have morning assembly too! :D

I hate my seat.
Nobody to talk to , bored to death.
And the guys infront will keep playing , messing up my table.

Ohwell , tomorrow PW again.
And CIP , AHH.
I'm scared for CIP , I dont know how to talk to the people eh. :l
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Pulau Semakau! :D
Sunday, May 16, 2010 ; 8:55 PM

Went to Pulau Semakau on wednesday! :D
It was quite fun :D

Took bus to the Marina South Pier.

When we reached Marina South Pier,
we quickly boarded the boat.
Ohhhh , boat has the lower deck and upper deck and middle deck.

Went to lower deck at first , no space.
So we went to upper deck :D
Upper deck's so fun!
You can feel the winnnnd , look at the scenery! :D
We took a lot a lot of photos!

Then we reached Pulau Semakau.
We landed :D
Took bus and toured the island.
Quite pretty. Plants everywhere :DD
Took a lot of photos!

We took a class photo! :D

Went back to the centre.
And listened to a boring briefing.
Made me sleepy.

Took ferry back!
Went lower deck this time.
Then went up upper deck later.
Cheers , hooray!

Bused back to school
Was tired):
Don't know why D:

The bus home took super duper long to come :l

Anyway, check out zee photos on fb!
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Friday, May 7, 2010 ; 11:07 PM

Ahhh , haven't been blogging for very long.
Woo , int sci test on thurs, chem test on fri.
Studied like mad for two days in a row mannn.
Tiredd D:

Oh well , in short , this was how my week went :

Last friday , speech day.
Haha , did have fun but was very tired!

Last Saturday , went to the new marina sands resort of something?
Very nice but a lot still has yet to open. :l

Last Sunday , Art project!
Haha , did feel better after letting out all that to Marissa, Rebecca, Ryan.
LOL , we totally laughed about it. HAHA!

Monday , Labour day! :D
Music project. Went home early to finish my homework. :D

Tuesday , school day baby!
It was alright.

Wednesday , french fries + no cca!
But had to study I.S. !
Wah crap , I study till i'm damn angry D:

Thursday , napfa!
I aimed for silver this year. Wooow.
HAHA , my SBJ sucks ):
Waited for half a century for the bus :l
Bused home with Alicia and Li Yee.
There's this cute junior from kmps , and Alicia asked him which class he's from.
We expected him to say one something, but he answered six.. opal.
LOL , i'm like , six?
Went home and studied chem.
Haha, i enjoyed studying chem. :D

Friday , today.
I was damn tired from studying chem la!
After chem test , i was very happy!
She totally tried seducing me and upskirting me.
Hahaha , we both pretended to be xiao jin ling. :DD
I was laughing for no reason during lessons mann.
After school was even crazier , we both were singing.
LOL hahahaha , and Miss Er gave us the "...??" face.

YAY BABY! Going to the city~! :D
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