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Happy Teacher's Day!
Friday, August 29, 2008 ; 8:53 PM

Happy Teacher's Day!!!!

I'm quite happy today...

I love the smiles on the teachers' face , and their beautiful "thank you"...

Unfortunately , Mrs Kek isn't here today, I couldn't give her the gift personally and see her smile.

Personally , I enjoy giving people present as I love people to thank me in the nicest way and also cheer them up! I love to see my friends happy! Of course , I LOVE TO RECEIVE PRESENTS too! Receiving presents cheer me up and of course , a big thank you in return... Happiness is very easy to achive if you see it... Its not getting or having , but giving and sharing. Let me give you a little quote : If you want to be happy , be. (Leo Tolstoy)


Back to the main point of this post....

Actually , what I wanted to say that Avril Lavigne is coming to Singapore on 7 Sept (Sunday) for her concert...!

Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Tour


Tickets are priced from $75 to $165

If I have money I would DEFENITELY go, but I don't...!


My parents won't allow too...

PSLE coming know...

I want go.............................................


I manage to get the info from yahoo , where I search for it...

I saw the advert long ago at a bus stop where I was passing by in a bus... Didn't took a clear look so I not sure. Until TODAY I heard from the radio......


Click this ;













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Have a nice day! And I did!
Wednesday, August 27, 2008 ; 8:50 PM

Today , we had our class photo taken . Although it was a very short process , there is quite a lot for me to talk about. Firstly , we lined up and went down. I thought I'd be in the second row but I ended up in the first. Lol , but think on the bright side , I get to sit down! Me and Yee Shuin sat at each end , which meant that we were very far away . Beside me was Faye on my left and Chun Min on my right and Hui Wen beside her. We took the formal photo first. The light was very bright that I blinked my eyes (I think) , I'm afraid that the photo will end up having me blinking my eyes. Although I told myself to OPEN MY EYES WIDE , but it still blinked. Next , we had our informal photo. No one beside me could be informal with me as only Faye and Chun Min , both very "formal", were closest to me. I could be informal with Hui Wen but she was out of my reach to have an informal pose. So I had an informal pose myself. This was what I did : For the first shot , I smiled with a "peace" handsign ; for the second shot , I stick out my tongue with a "peace handsign . I wondered how the photo would come out as... Pretty excited!

Following , it's recess and I changed into my P.E. attire.

Yay! It's P.E. ! Although Mr Ong said those in uniform could not have P.E. but in the end they had P.E. ! Lol , dk dk... We played badminton today and it was a pretty good game , at first . Me and Haziyah were playing against Yee Shuin . Yee Shuin's skills were not bad and she could manage on her own. Sigh... as u know , I am not good at sports. Although I could hit the shuttlecock back most of the times , I still created trouble . Such as? I was suppose to play the left side while Haziyah on the right. But sometimes I got very excited and went to reach for the shuttlecock on the right side and ended up having the badminton racket in front of Haziyah's face , oops... Also , I jumped up and tried to hit the shuttlecock in the air but in the end , it's not the shuttle cock that I hit , but it's the air . The shuttlecock ? It's on the ground! LOL But sometimes I managed to hit it in the air!

Somehow , Glenn joined Yee Shuin on the opposite team... And SOMEHOW , Jonathan joined in Yee Shuin's team. And then , Yee Shuin ran to our team while Brendan joined the opposite team. Yeah , we're playing 3-3 now. Of course , Yee Shuin was the "pro" as most of the time , the shuttlecock was hit back by her. Somehow again , Hovan joined our team , the opposite team began complaining. And Luo Meng volunteered to join the opposite team upon hearing the complains... We played 4-4 now , and that was WOW! Could you imagine having eight person in a badminton game. True , in such a HUGE team , one or two would be the one constantly playing the game and the others were the so called "back-ups". You guessed it , I was one of the "back-up" and all I did was cheering and jumping , which I loved to do... LOL The shuttlecock came to me , IN THE AIR , and you guessed it again , I hit the air instead... And what's more , Hovan said about me hitting the AIR instead of the SHUTTLECOCK. Lol , and that's where the phrase "hitting the air" in the beginning came from. We had a great game although most of the time I was not playing... And WE WONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Hurrays!

Phew , I've typed quite a lot , computer's time not over yet , but I needed to make the teacher's day present... So... Guess it's time to say goodbye! So long now people!
Have a nice day! ;)

Oh ya , what are you all planning to give to the teachers?
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Sunday, August 24, 2008 ; 5:09 PM

I took this photo in the cable car while the cable car is going into the station...

I find it...cool!


Me , my cousins , my aunt , my mum and my grandmother went to sentosa on friday!
Here are some photos...

We are at the mouth of the merlion!

It's quite dark cos its about to rain...
Can you see me ?

From left to right : Cousin , cousin who I can't part with , ME!

Now... On the head of the merlion...!
Beautiful scenery right ?
Same alignment...
From left to right : Cousin , cousin , ME!

Me and my cousin!
On the sentosa bus...
We took it ourself so it is like a "top view"...

This is the first time I upload photos... Lol.. U know why? It's because this is the first time I blog about going out with relatives or cousins and we brought a camera and took photos... Lol...

Actually , I did took a photo on my birthday party... Hmm... Shall I post it?

Huiwen , Suning , Zhiyong and Yunyu , can post the picture?
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Let memories stay...
; 4:41 PM

It's raining outside...
It's also raining inside...
Tears are constantly flowing down...
No matter how many pieces of tissue you could give me...
It's not enough to dry my tears...
I cried a pool of tears...

I miss my cousin...
Never been able to see her go off...
To bid her goodbye...
To send her to the airport...
Years of absence...
Made our hearts grow fonder...
The feeling you shall never be able to understand...
To part with someone whom you have not seen for years...
And only for a week...
You'll have to let go...
Can you feel...?

She resemble much of my other cousin...
Whom I am able to meet every year...
Every time I have to go...
Its moments of crying...
Moments of...
Not being able to let go...

Never knew when we will be able to meet again...
For her to come to Singapore again...
May be a dream of hers...
She needs to save a lot of money...
Although she lives in an average family...
Affording to come...
Is very hard...
This time...
Is only because my parents sponsered part of the cost...

You have never had this feeling...
Of parting with your dearest...
Maybe you can visit your cousins as often as you want to...
Maybe they are living in the same country as you...
Maybe you have siblings to accompany...
Maybe you do...

But I don't...
My cousins...
As faraway as Indonesia and Hong Kong...
No siblings...
And crying...
Everytime we need to part...
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PSLE Oral Examination
Friday, August 15, 2008 ; 8:10 PM

Woop woop peep'o !
How's your PSLE oral ?
everyone's heart must be beating so fast in the oral ba!

How's mine?
Don't need to ask me , I'll tell you...
Chinese oral *Sigh* being the first one , i was not nervous at first . But when i saw the examiners , i became nervous! OMG , the passage is about rubiks cube and the picture about bus-stop . Luckily the picture was a easy one and our chinese teacher practised it with us before. But , being nervous , i tripped over words and had a bit of hestitation .
English oral ^.^ quite ENJOYABLE. Lol . The reading of passage is quite fluent , just some minor errors . Tha passage is about drama club holiday activities and picture is about camping site! O.o never did camping site before. But luckily , i still can cope with it . Got quite a bit to say. After i finish saying what i prepared , i expected the teacher to ask if i have anything else to add , but to my surprise , she asked me what do i think the teacher will be saying . Obviously , i did not prepared for that question to come , as teachers trained us to just say how we will feel , their facial expression , what that person should do blah blah blah . Of course , i did not stare at the teacher blankly , i looked as if i was confident , and continued . Phew , i thought it will be over with a "do you have anything to add?" but , she asked me again , what will i do if i were that girl blah blah .... i continued talking . Finally , it ended , we moved on to converstion ! She asked what CCA I've joined . Normally , pupils will not answer much for the first question as they knew the following prompts will come . But instead , i had a lot to say just for the FIRST question ! Lol . we moved on , both teachers were smiling at me , and i made constant eye contact , natural eye contact . (At first , only the malay teacher smile , but in the conversation , the chinese teacher also smile!) Ah... it ended , i went out wishing them a nice day - I got a "you too" reply (: I went out happily and was glad it was all over , happily , I've enjoyed he whole thing! :D

Sorry friends for the whole CLUMP of words .... sorry for the hard time reading!
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Happy 50th Post & Sad broken CD case
Sunday, August 10, 2008 ; 10:11 PM

The previous post was the 50th !
but I'm not happy!
(Sigh... I decided to post the photo since I'm posting photos in the other post... As you can see , in the photo , there is scotch tape and a crack mark... Click the photo to zoom in)-24Aug08
I just broke my Avril Lavinge The Best Damn Thing CD Case !!!!!! Argh!

I just broke my CD case for one of my favourite album !
I'm very heart-broken now , its the 3rd CD case I've broken . The first two was high school musical and SHE play , which broken in the suitcase when other stuff pressed on it . This time , I rested my elbow on it , thinking that it was the platform for my keyboard until I heard a huge CRACK....... Argh! I hate myself for doing this...! T.T

I just felt the sudden urge to post , I'm so.......... so............ furious and sad now
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Hip Hip Hooray SINGAPORE !
Saturday, August 9, 2008 ; 8:34 PM

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y 4 3 T H S I N G A P O R E ! ! ! !
Wishing Singapore all the best , may Singapore be more advance , may Singaporeans live in harmony , may we be the best LITTLE RED DOT ! One people , one nation , on singapore :)
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I'm gonna go crazy XD
Friday, August 8, 2008 ; 10:11 PM

Hey Peeps !
Yay yay yay! My internet explorer sound came back ! I could watch all youtube clips with sound ! OMG OMG , I'm not gonna switch off my computer until i got enough !!!!!!!!!! Seriously , I want to watch SINGFEST 2008 ! But it's already over and even it's not over , 99.99% I won't be able to watch it . Firstly , I bet the tickets were sold out long before the concert . And also , it's till very late , not even a chance my parents will let me go ! Argh ! Forget it ! But I spent almost the whole night watching singfest youtube clips !!!!! People who went recorded them down and uploaded (oh thanks to them) .... I got to watch them ! Pussycat dolls , One Republic , Simple Plan and all the others were there ! Its like its very rare to have western singers and bands to come here to perform !!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT TO GO , MAYBE NEXT YEAR , OR THE YEAR AFTER , I JUST WANT TO GO!!!!!!! I hope that Avril Lavigne , The Click Five and many of my favourites could come! Nvm , I'll fly there to watch them when I grow up ^.^

Btw , anyone seen Jesse McCartney 's Leavin' Music Video ? I don't like his present style , it's so unlike him and I like the style with blonde longer hair in Beautiful Soul , Because you live etc. Music Video . Don't give negative comments about what I've mentioned above pls , ty (>_~)"

I went to anchor point and IKEA today ! :D Erm... what should I say ? ok , why only so few people tag???!

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I'm Back
Sunday, August 3, 2008 ; 9:50 PM

Hello everybody!
I'm back !
lol lol lol lol lol
And I've change my blogskin! Yay!
I will come back and post often (getting bored)
And! I will be creating another blog .........!
Pls , TAG!
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