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School Reopened! :D
Monday, June 29, 2009 ; 8:49 PM

The bus was very crowded today.
I wanted to go by the normal way I would walk.
But there was nobody walking there.
So followed the three sec one guys infront.
GAH , I felt extremely weird.
But anyway , the road is for everybody. :D

Finally reached school but I was warm and sweaty.
The thing is that the classroom is locked! D:
Took out things from locker while waiting for the door to be open.
YAY! One whole week without morning assemblies! ;DD

Hong Wei came late with his new specs which looks funny on him! LOL.
A while later , Jie Yin came!
We began our day by attempting to remove the handphone battery cover so Jie Yin could reput the battery and work her handphone.
Thus we tried pulling , one pulling the cover another pulling the phone. LOL.
We got the weird weird stare from the guys. O.O
Finally , we've got Hong Wei to help us remove the cover.
He just used a ruler and the cover came out.
However however however , Jie Yin's phone still didn't work!
She decided to accept my offer to use her simcard in my phone!
Weeee~I'll get Whisky's number and their messages. xD

We had an hour of H1N1 lesson. :l
And in the middle of it , Whisky sms-ed.
HAHA , because I didn't reply yet , he thought that it was Pui Yee.
But I replied him how would he get my number...
LOL! He answered he don't know.
Then blablabla.

We got back our maths level test result during maths.
And wtf , I suck at it lo. =3=

Finally it was recess! LOL.
Helped Jie Yin do her jap homework by drawing the Eiffel tower.
HAHA , borrowed Jakin's Heng tablet pc.

English! I was sms-ing whisky.
No no , should be HELPING Jie Yin sms him.
Teacher asked people if we went holiday and where we went.
And she asked me lots of question.
GAH , I felt so weird , how to answer her?!

CEP! Let's present!
Our presentation was boring I know.
Just me and my group reading off screen.
Ha , but it wasn't boring for James and ewrjkakpanjsajiwre ..?
They were mimicking me I think , because I heard echos. o__O

LUUUUUUUNCH! Jie Yin dragged me and did the second most unglam thing.
Jie Yin dragged me and run! D:< You bobo!
And we were almost late to go up to sky garden.

When we were at the sky garden , we had to get into groups of five.
With at least two guys. :l
Oh yes yes , we're learning to swim in the sky garden!
In the end we were with Ryan and the random guy Nicholas.
Miss Saw started talking and she commented , "You all don't talk to each other one ar?"
Then I started saying hello.
"Hello Jie Yin , Hello Jelly , Hello Ryan , Hello Nicholas"
Wtf , Nicholas suan me. O.O !

We were given a worksheet.
And I wrote all their names.
All was nicely written except Nicholas'.
LOL. I written wrongly ma!
I wrote N-I-K or something and realised it was wrong and striked it off.
And made a blue spot there. HAHA :X
Then I wrote N-I-C-O-L-A-S.
I realised I left out H.
So I put a inverted sign and added in H. LOL.

Sitting in sky garden made our skirts dirty.
For some their shoes too.
But it was funny indeed. xD
We could see the parade square being washed from up there.
The parade square was soooo dirty lo.

School dismissed.
Walked to bus stop with An Qi , Cheryl and Hui Lynn.
LOL. We crapped about taking aeroplane home. LOL.
Cheryl told me about the catch Domo plush machine at IMM!
OMG. She said very easy catch de.
And she even shown me the photo.
GAH , I really wanna go IMM now. X_X

Sorry peeps ,
Lazy post photos today. xD
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New Blogskin ♥
Friday, June 26, 2009 ; 12:18 AM

Yay people!
I changed blogskin.
Geeee , I really love it.
Cute hor? :DD
First time I successfully drew such a cute drawing that I'm really satisfied with. ♥
NONONO , sorry not showing off -- got a bit over excited. >.<

I just changed the background (inspired by chocoxbaby :D) and the pictures.
The font colours remained. (Lazy to change :P)
And I moved profile and wishlist to left column.
I've also removed navigations and domo corner. O:

I really have to credit a tutorial for succeeding in the drawing! ♥
Last time, I always undo the whole stroke if it wasn't nice.
I didn't want to erase as there might be marks and hard to continue the stroke.
Thus , I must have very firm hands and try not to stop half way.
(Meaning , if I'm drawing a circle , I'll try to draw it in one breathe.)
Therefore it's very tedious and I would be fed up and give up. LOL.

And through that tutorial , I learnt to use sketching and make use of photoshop's layers function.
Hahaha , if you don't understand what I'm talking about , you should take a look at the tutorial.

Yay me!
Yay tutorial!
(I know it is drawing for flash but the method used can be also used in photoshop)

Sorry , I'm really a bit too over excited while typing this post. LOL.
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GAH .________.
Monday, June 22, 2009 ; 8:29 PM

I'm left with ace-learning quiz , history learning log , half a 私涵 and and the freaking book reports -- three of them.
GAHGAH. I can finish quiz and learning log tomorrow.
And the 私涵 , I seriously don't know how to do.
The most freaking thing is that book reports.
Firstly , I DON'T WANT TO DO.
Secondly , I only have one chinese book that I can write a report about but I haven't finish reading it and I don't feel like reading.
So? I feel like don't care anything and just slack.
GAH. I don't know what to do.

Like use the computer , sleep , doodle , play all day.
But what the heck? Homework not cleared.
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Weeks' Tag Replies O:
Saturday, June 20, 2009 ; 1:17 PM

19 Jun 09, 23:09
Jieling.: Wah, Omg, your post is like freaking long. x.x
} LOL. Too much things to say. :D

19 Jun 09, 00:19
o.O: just bein rand0m h3r3
19 Jun 09, 00:19
} O.O CRAZY. But hor , you really very chubby when you were young. :D

15 Jun 09, 15:33
denise: referring to the hovering of links.
15 Jun 09, 15:33
denise: puiyee! happy belated birthday X: and relink :D and u say i high, wow LOL
} LOL. Thankyouuu. I don't know what to put. :B

12 Jun 09, 22:21
Rachel Tay: Happy Happy Belated Birthday.....
} Thankyouuu.

12 Jun 09, 18:58
PEISHAN ! : Happy belated birthday!!! I actually didnt know when was your bdae. HBD again!!!!
} HAHA. Thankyouuu anyway.

11 Jun 09, 18:02
alicia: happy birthday! ♥
} Thankyouuu.

11 Jun 09, 16:59
} Thankyouuu.

11 Jun 09, 14:12
Natalie: pui yee when u bak? HAPPY B.DAE BTW :D :D
} 15 June. Thankyouuu.

11 Jun 09, 13:51
Jieyin: HAHA ! YOU! Happy birthday you ♥:D:D:D:D:D
} LOL. ME! Thankyouuu. :D

11 Jun 09, 11:54
} Thankyouuuu. ♥

11 Jun 09, 10:51
kevin:B: happy birthday!
} Thankyouuu.

11 Jun 09, 00:59
yuhong: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUIYEE!♥ (Red , underlined and scroll)
} Thankyouuu. ♥

11 Jun 09, 00:46
} JELLY! Why you tell me? I don't have nor am I your shuaige. :D

11 Jun 09, 00:45
} Thankyouuu JELLY. ♥

10 Jun 09, 21:04
Pui Yeeee~ : Hoho! Miss me eh? I'm tagging here... Can't update or reply tags cos i using handphone. Inconvenient ma... It loads very slowly. Gah. Ha. Ha. Don't anyhow say, i'm not CUTE hor. I'll be back soon! :D
} HEH. This was my update when I'm in indonesia.

9 Jun 09, 16:51
HUILYNN :D: LOL, nataliee. how can puiyee update when she's away. LOLOL. HAHA CHERYL, YESYES, Puiyee the super cutee ! :D ♥
} I'm not not not. LOL.

9 Jun 09, 16:40
Natalie: haha cheryl oso veri cute ;D
} YES YES. Cheryl is.

8 Jun 09, 23:42
Cheryl :] : puiyee the super cute! :D
} Nono. Call yourself , rather. :D

8 Jun 09, 16:53
Natalie: PUIYEEEEEE ;D update! update!
} LOL.

8 Jun 09, 14:17
yuhong: LOL jelly. people miss people cannot meh. :D LOL. hyunjoong! haha. PUIYEE COME BACK SOON. i wonder whether you'll get tanned. .__?
} I'm not tanned. :D Of course can miss people ma. HOHO. Now I'm back , HONG HONG.

7 Jun 09, 23:12
} LOL? What's the point of tagging it here? :D

7 Jun 09, 19:21
} YAY. That's great?

7 Jun 09, 19:21
Jieling. : HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, ;D YOU ALSO KENA BLUFF? O.O I thought Natalie wouldn't be duped one. HAHAHA. ;D
} HAHA. JELLY you bluff her first de.

5 Jun 09, 21:37
} HAHA. Thanks for loving my name. ;D

4 Jun 09, 22:56
Natalie: LOL jelly u so bad bluff me... o.o so 11 more days den puiyee coming back :D
} YEP. Bad jelly.

4 Jun 09, 21:22
HUILYNN :D : PUIYEEE ! IMYY ♥ yohh, Huilynn loves puiyeee. :D
} Puiyee loves huilynn tooooo. :D ♥

3 Jun 09, 22:31
3 Jun 09, 22:31
JIEYIN: OHMYGOO , wads wrong with the facee
3 Jun 09, 22:31
JIEYIN: HAHA , you badbad jieling :X HAHA bluff Natalie . :D:D:D Puiyee YOU TOOT , 15th dhen come back you ass ;D
} LOL. I'm not an ass. :D

3 Jun 09, 18:43
Natalie: huh y? ):
} Jelly bluff you de.

3 Jun 09, 16:04
Jieling. : She won't come back anymore. Sad.
} HEH! JELLY! How can you say that.

2 Jun 09, 22:18
Natalie: HI ICE CREAM! WHEN U COMING BAK? I miss u haha xD
} HAHA. 15th. YAY. You miss me. :D

2 Jun 09, 13:28
An Qi: Get so good result hor! Haha...
} LOL. :P

2 Jun 09, 01:05
Jieling.: LOL, Marissa! ;D I hate the camera. It's so damn suck. ;P
} It isn't!

2 Jun 09, 01:04
Jieling.: Gachapon is that damn machine then you put coin inside turn turn turn, then the " ball thing" will come out, then inside got what keychain blahblah, whatever the machines has.
} LOL.

1 Jun 09, 21:44
Ying Li: Bonne journée! =D
} Thanks! Frenchh.

1 Jun 09, 20:50
alicia: bon voyage!
} Thanks!

1 Jun 09, 14:54
yuhong ♥: i went to google gachpon. -.- didn't really gain much info. EXPLAIN PLEASEEEE. ♥
} LOL. If you can't understand google's explanation , would you understand mine? :D

1 Jun 09, 12:42
yuhong ♥: ha, CHIOBUU. ♥ :D gachapon i won't read the post again. :D
} I'm nooooot a chiobu! HEH.

1 Jun 09, 10:49
Marissa: jieling, must smile in photos!! :D
1 Jun 09, 10:49
Marissa: PUIYEE~!!

31 May 09, 16:00
} O.O ?

30 May 09, 23:42
Natalie: hello cute cute pui yee xD
} LOL. I am not "cute cute".

30 May 09, 23:11
Jieyin: YAY , Its my secret ;x Later they faint if they know ;DD
} LOL.
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June Class Gathering ! :D
Thursday, June 18, 2009 ; 8:49 PM

Yesterday was 6 Amethyst's class gathering.
Very fun fun.
Because it's ecp. O:
Hmm , a lot of photos again.
So , can there be less words? ^^

I woke up on time! Really.
But my mum drag time... :l
And waited so long for the bus. :l
I was about 20mins late? O:

GAH. Actually there should be a paragraph here but the stupid coding made it disappear.
Now , great.
You don't have that original paragraph to read as I forgotten what I written and instead you will be reading this.
Edited : 20 June 09.
LOL. Scenery?

LOOK , a heart! :D

Another angle of scenery. LOL.

After some stations we finally got seats!
First , there wasn't enough seats for us to sit together.
Then later more people alighted and there's more than five seats to fit us in. :D
First we sat like that ,
The girls on one side and boys on the other.

After that we sat like that ,
Together in a row.

HAHA. Phua Chu Kang. :D

Leafy! LOL. Passed by this and snapped it. :D

We finally reached bedok.
We checked the thing at the MRT station.
Sadly it shows that 401 , the bus we intended to take , is only available on weekends and public holidays.
LOLOL. Then we went up to the bus stop.
I wanted to take taxi but they don't want.
So we went to the bus interchange to check it out.
16 , 196 and 197 also goes to ecp.
16 was the nearest so we went to wait.
But saw that bunch of people so decided to take 197.
When we were waiting for 197 , that bunch of people came again.
We concluded that they are stalkers , copycats and spies. LOL.

Zhi Yong asked the bus driver how to get there.
Then he told Zhi Yong to alight at the forth stop and use underpass.
LOL. We didn't count...
At the forth station the bus driver told us to alight.
But then , it doesn't look like ecp at all...
We dont know how to go but we just walk.
To find the underpass...
Finally we found it!
It looks creepy!
There's even echo. :D
Guess we have to follow the signboard and keep on walking...

Still walking...

The underpass which looks creepy...

Inside the underpass...

This looks like a person? A skeleton?

We walked out of the underpass.
We are on the other side of the road alr.
Then got a bridge.
I mean , overpass for cars.
It's so high! O:
We're on the other side!

Crossing the overpass...

HEH. It's scary from so high above...

When we crossed the overpass , we saw ecp!
YAY! Then we climbed down the stairs...
And we reached carpark E2 of ecp!
Down the stairs...

Finally at ecp...

HEH. The boys who took Heng Sheng's car arrived alr..
We spent about an hour calling each other and locating them...
Finally we found each other!
And finally...

And we made our way back to mcdonald again.
I must admit it's a long way...
Actually we could just go and find the guys.
But we wanted them to fetch us.
So made them walk back and forth...
Thanks guys! :D

Yun Yu rollerblating while we walk. LOL.

Me and Hui Wen making a weird weird heart. :X

HAHA. Black rubbish bags.

What are these?
They grow on trees...

Follow the footprints. :D

LOL. 5.5 KM up ahead!

We're still not there...

Almost reaching? No.

HAHA. The signboardpost.

We walked to mcdonald.
Then had lunch and some drinks.
After that we were going to the beach...
Before that they fooled around. LOL.
The guys...

I don't know what they doing...

Yun Yu's attempt to make the cup stand in the french fries box..

But he didn't succeed. :D

LOL. Luo Meng , Heng Sheng and Glenn going back to their childhood.
Enjoying the rides?

HEH. Why is Glenn sticking his head out?

LOL. Glenn and the dino.

OMG. This is freaking cute.
The one up there and those at the green green platform!

OMG. This is freaking cute too!
The mickey bun series and the panda!
Too bad the panda is flipped. ):

Kawaii rilakuma!

Hehe , actually I'm taking a photo of myself. :P

AHHH. Bigger Mickeys bun series!

Big big winnies!

Huge cinamoroll cushions!

Place where you can fill your stomach. :D

Yeeeeeeeee Shuin! Still reading even when she's at ecp...

Read the sign. LOL.

We sat around while Heng Sheng and Luo Meng went to rent bikes.
Then we settled in at a bench and put down our belongings.
Then we went to rent bikes and cycled.
Woots , me and Yee Shuin rented a double bike.
The double bike we rented!

Another angle of it.

When we started cycling , both of us were laughing.
And I'm screaming also.
Because long time didn't cycle then very AHHH.
LOL. After awhile it got better and we cycled along the route.

When we went til the end of the route and turned back ,
Yee Shuin and I were tired already.
So we didn't carry on cycling...
When we went back , our belongings were gone!
Then the boys crapped about where our things are.
And finally told us that they are at the bicycle shop.

After we took back our stuff ,
We went back to the bench and rested.
Yee Shuin got to go already.
But I insisted she stay for a group photo.
However she couldn't wait til everyone returns.
So I decided to take photos of her and photoshop into the group photo.
HAHA. Because of the lightning , we have to keep moving here and there to get a good photo. LOL.
Just then , people returned except for Heng Sheng , Luo Meng and Jia Jun.
So we decided to take a group photo first.
Glenn got somebody to help us take.
LOL. It's the most retarded group photo...
The first one. LOL.

The second one. GAH.
I look retarded. The wind is blowing and I'm laughing. :l
Yun Yu's head was pushed down by Hao Lin.
Everyone is smiling widely. LOL.

After that people started doing random stuff.
Some riding bicycle , some playing ball etc.
LOL. Jia Jun was escaping from the camera.
Brandon doesn't know a thing as he was concentrating on the psp.

LOL. Yun Yu comparing his head with the volleyball?

HOHO. Tou pai shot. They don't know a thing.
HEH. Greedy Jia Jun still eating instant noodle. =.=

Then we decided to find a spot to play sand and play ball.
Heng Sheng , Luo Meng , Brandon and Jia Jun went home first.
While the rest of us stayed to play.

Me , Yun Yu and Glenn played with sand.
While Zhi Yong and Hui Wen played with ball.
Ying Li walked around while Hao Lin took care of stuff.
The grave we built.
It could be considered the grave of 6 Amethyst spirit...

Yun Yu with his buried hand!

Hui Wen and I decided to wash up.
So me , her , Zhi Yong , Yun Yu and Hao Lin went to the nearby toilet.
Hui Wen and I washed our foot with the pathetic tap with little water coming out.
Then , we decided to wash with the shower tap.
I wanted a drink from the vending machine but I didn't bring money.
Thus I borrowed money from Yun Yu , a two dollar note.
A girl was using the vending machine but her two dollar note kept coming out despite her putting in.
She tried several times then made way for me to use it.
I put in the two dollar note , then the display showed that there's two dollar balance and the buttons lit up.
Hao Lin commented, "Wah , people try so many time also cannot you one time can already!"
I was thinking that why must he say that infront of the girl's face.
Hui Wen later told me the girl muttered 'fuck' when Hao Lin said that... O:

After a while we decided to go home.
We went to a bus stop but there's only 401.
I wanted to take taxi but they wanted to take bus.
So we carried on walking and finally asked Ying Li to ask her dad to fetch us.
But later we changed our mind to take taxi.
The ad on the taxi window.

On the taxi...

We reached Bedok MRT station.
Even though we , Ying Li , Hui Wen and me took the taxi before them , Zhi Yong , Yun Yu , Hao Lin and Glenn , reached before us.
Even their fare is cheaper. O:
The taxi uncle cheated us! LOL.

When we went up to the MRT , it is freaking crowded!
AHHHHHHHHH. LOL. We waited for the next train.
At first we thought we could not make it in when the next train arrived.
But then we managed to squeeze in , except Hui Wen and Yun Yu.
They caught the next train.

Crowded. Really.

HEH. Ask you can see , it take almost 50 minutes to reach jurong east.

Squeezy! In the MRT.

After we reached after several delays...
When the next train arrived , we searched for Yun Yu.
He called me and talk talk talk.
He was going down the escalator when we found him. LOL.
Glenn still looking around for Yun Yu.

HEH. This is random.

They kept doubting me.
They keep saying the bus stop is the wrong side one.
But everyday I pass by here when going home after school ma, how can I not know...
The bus came.
We took bus and went home. :D
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