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Lalala I'm in INDONESIA
Saturday, November 29, 2008 ; 11:20 AM

Okay , I'll have a hard time typing this cos the space key is spoiled and very hard to press on it.
Maybe not that hard...
This is my third day here le.........
Day one :
27 Nov 08
4.45am : Woke up Zzz
5.30am : Went down to take taxi
6.03am : In the airport le. Then need wait wait wait for my mother's friends they all.
About 6.20am : Finally everybody here then check in luggages...
About 6.45am : Waited for wheelchair for my grandma then we went in
Went on the plane earlier than everybody else cos my grandma on wheelchair then got priority...
7.34am : Plane started moving...
7.45am : I'm in the sky (in the plane)!!! :D
Around 8.30am : I'm in indonesia le
I lazy post.
Thats all i think
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Last post before I leave
Wednesday, November 26, 2008 ; 8:02 PM

Hello once again!
This will be my last post before I leave! ;D

Let me show you this drawing... Tada! Nice ma? MUST tell me nice a not.
(Click to enlarge)
Hmm... I'll briefly describe it... It is about a little girl whose balloon flew away due to the wind. Which meant that the little girl didn't want to let it go but was forced to. She's now reaching out her hands , crying. She cried because her balloon flew away. But now , she couldn't do anything about it already. This somehow matches graduating , many (inclusive of me) didn't want to graduate and want to stay with their friends , but was forced to because we all have to go on to secondary school... And we couldn't do anything so that we would remain together. But one good thing is , instead of the balloon flying away and never coming back , we still could gather or even go to the same school together! :D

Maybe saying this would make you sad or not at all... But I'd just like to tell you about this. And one good news is , I no longer cry upon thinking that we graduated! Btw , my mother says some other primary school got graduation party! Why our school don't have? O.O

Tadadaaa! This is my kawaii tissue box. It is smaller than normal de. It is so cute!!! OMG I love it. I don't bear to use... Cos after finish using all the tissue , it doesn't have the original look le. :DDDDD Look, the "Kleenex" thing on top (which you normally pluck it out to start using tissue) is also smaller than normal... :DDDDD Hehehe... Don't you dare steal it from me when I'm away! >:( Lol jkjk.

Tadadadaaaa! Finally I got Boron Concave Part Two!!! :DDDDDD I LOVE IT. Kawaiiiiiiiiiii! Super cute la... My parents went to Vivo City today... Then my mother went to Toys R Us to look at the gachapon(she wanted a keychain lol). Last time is Friday then the gachapon person come refill the gachapon de then now dunno which day they come refill... No wonder last saturday a lot empty! Okay back to the main topic , seeeeeeeee so cute!!! I got Mickey , Pinochio and Chip! Fyi , Chip is the darker colour one. And Pinochio is the cutest , cutest cutest cutest. ><>

La la la... I showed you lots of things today... Thats all. I'll start working on my new blogskin after I return to Singapore and... Zzz. I felt lazy at the thought that tomorrow need wake up so early. Zzzzzzz Need sleep early also....!!!

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! See you again!

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I'll be away...
; 2:01 PM

Hello hello...
This is my second last post before I leave for Indonesia , Medan , tomorrow!
Everybody , I'll be away for about two weeks and will be back on the 10th of december.
Anybody will miss me ? If you will , I'll buy pressie for you!
:DDD Lols.
I haven't finish packing!!! OMG. I only realise I haven't pack a lot of things this morning...
Zzz. I no mood to pack la... Heh , when I come back must arrange lots of activities okay? Good good. Then... I overslept today... Zzz. Now I'm not tired , but I'm lazy... Lazyy... Tonight need sleep early leh... Cos tomorrow morning flight... Early in the morning like about seven like that. So I must reach the airport at around six , and wake up at five plus... ZZZ!!!

When I'm at Indonesia , I'll still be blogging (probably) and of course , taking lots and lots of photos!!! ;DDDD Later will blog again and upload photos! I will miss everyone of you... I sounded like I'm staying at Indonesia and not returning like that. Okay , erm , good luck with getting in the school of your choice! And , wait patiently for the pressies!

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Class blog and today!
Sunday, November 23, 2008 ; 7:45 PM

As I said I was downloading DS games this noon...
Downloaded Mamegoma de game!!!
:D So cute. Btw I haven't played it yet. But I saw it advertised when I visited San-X website last time...
Too bad it is in JAPANESE. O.O
And I also downloaded some other games la...

Hmph hmph.
Applauses pls!
come come , http://6amethyst08-classblog.blogspot.com
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22 Nov 08
; 12:21 PM

Yesterday morning...
I woke up at nine but very tired and lazy wake up so continued sleeping.
Then wake up again , didnt bother to look at the time. And continued sleeping.
Wake up again , still too lazy and tired so ZZZ again.
Finally at ten-thirty my mother switched off the air con and made me realise it was already so late. Lol.
Then finally I woke up...

I still very tired de!!!
Went to Vivo!!!
I went there to buy gifts for my cousin...
Going back Indonesia ma...
Also to buy things for myself!

First went to eat subway...
Then went to Toys R Us. And as usual , I went to gacha! I wanted the christmas collection , if not Boron Concave Part two. Heh , don't have!!! >:( Don't have!!! All is those old ones. Like the mario I last month before PSLE go then saw it. Then yesterday it is still there. O.O The only new ones were... the halloween collection and the Mario Bros ANDDDDD Eiffel Tower !!! Lols. And the Ochaken Sweets collection came back! :D Lol. I gacha-ed the Eiffel Tower and the Ochaken Sweets.

Next next went to Page One. Ooo. I went there in search of... Hehe , don't tell you. But can't find it , so I went to look at magazines. Wah , on the cover of those girls' mags are mostly either HSM 3 or Jonas Brothers♥ ! Wanted to buy the camp rock mag but then saw another mag with Jonas Brothers♥ on the cover and the contents were quite attractive so I bought it. But before I went to pay , have to wait for my mother to come... Zzz She go shopping soooooooooo damn long and made me stand down there to wait. Finally she came and I paid (with my allowance somemore).

Then went to Daiso. Super crowded. Zzz. Look look look look for my cousins' gifts. Then look look look for a long time (wanted to buy more). Then my feet suddenly very pain... the pain will occur only sometime de. O.O Painful, can walk but pain lo! Then walk like crippled like that. Luckily only one feet. And luckily I could walk quite normally (even though I'm walking like crippled) such that no one realised or STARE at me. I want go home ready...

Zzz. Then still need go Nichii buy belt for cousin and ME. Then after that I thought can FINALLY go home. But my mother still looked at shoes somemore. GO home. I want go home la. Plus the bus soooooooo crowded. I thought can finally take a break by getting a seat on the bus. But IT is so full that all the seats were occupied. Lucky by then my feet not pain ready.

FINALLY, reached home. Phew!
Then went to bed at one midnight. Lol , finish watching TV then went to bed ma. I too tired til cannot sleep leh. I two midnight still awake O.O Then dunno what time finally sleep ready. But dunno wad woke me up at three midnight , but then still can continue sleeping. :D

Today like around ten then woke up lo!
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To-do List
; 11:52 AM

Today got quite a lot to do.
1.Blog about yesterday
2.Download some DS games
3.Search for the games
4.Play Club Penguin Card Jitsu! (Okay, I know I'm childish)
5.Finish making class blog
6.Whatever whatever
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Friday, November 21, 2008 ; 7:38 PM

Today I laugh like mad!
Today went to Zheng Xin's house with Ying Li.
I forgotten his unit number.
And I got the unit number swapped places.
And so...
I met Ying Li at the bus stop outside ITE.
Then we went to Zheng Xin's flat.
Ying Li knew the way...
His block was quite big. So we went up one lift at one side of the block and found that we were on the wrong side. We called Jia Hao but Zheng Xin shouted in the phone , " Scream loudly like you are being raped (so that he can find us)." ROFL. Then we went up the other lift at the other side of the block. We went up to the floor Zheng Xin lives at but wasn't sure which unit he lived in. So I rang up Jia Hao. And he didn't know what's his unit number!! Lol. Then I rang up Zheng Xin. We were outside the lift. And when I called Zheng Xin, we heard a phone ringing. Then when Zheng Xin picked up the phone , we could here voices coming from that unit. Lol. Can you believe it? They talked so loud we could hear from outside his house.

His house was... two units linked together as one. So it was quite big. And everything was quite... like "oriental" (dunno use what word describe)? Then his study area was in the kitchen. Lol. And I discovered a photo of him when he was young. So funny!!! He was squating in the snow and holding i think snowball and looking at the camera with a funny impression! It was taken in 2005 so he's probably nine years old. So funny!!! Then Ying Li and I used his uncle's computer and Jia Hao and Zheng Xin kept coming into the room to "check on us". And they give ridiculous yet funny comments. They were so funny!!! I kept laughing. I couldn't help but LAUGH.

After that Ying Li and I went to see Jia Hao and Zheng Xin play "Drift City". They play til so funny!!! And whenever I whisper to Ying Li , they would turn back. Why? Cos they said they were "sensitive to noise". Lol lol lol. Yeah. I was laughing throughout.

Then around six thirty we went home.
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PSLE results
Thursday, November 20, 2008 ; 6:19 PM

Hello hello hello hello!
I've got 2 things to announce!

Congrats Yee Shuin & Ying Li getting in Top 10!
Welcome back Ying Li!
I won't announce my marks here.
Cos I'm not proud of it.
Now , I'm so excited bout the results.
And so did all my habbo friends.
Nothing else to say.
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; 10:43 AM

I'm so damn excited!
Excited to know results + Excited to... (dun wan say)
I'm so excited that I went to the fridge to take my bread.
So excited that I hung my pyjamas on the door.
So excited that I read the time wrongly. (Eight plus thought nine plus)
Good luck-ish.
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Good Luck for TMR!
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 ; 6:46 PM

Good luck for tomorrow everybody!
Jia You.
See you tomorrow!
All the best! :D
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; 12:17 PM

I've joined this contest...
This is the very very first time I've joined a contest...
The banner very cute so I joined.
I found this contest while blogging.
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Change blogskin...
; 11:41 AM

First of all I must say something...
Wah , she finally come back le. Lol.

I change blogskin le... Pretty ma? Cute ma?
Lol. I'm sorry I have to squeezeeeee the blog entries in a small space.
But then I like this format!
I can use my own background using this kind of format!
Hmph hmph. Comments on tagboard!
Pss , if you didnt realise , my tagboard grow shorter le :S
But my tagboard still very special de , it has hands! :O :D
It has hands to tag know! :DDDD

Btw I change the music ready...
I still using back Say Goodnight by The Click Five.
Remember I use this song before?
Why the title is "Say Goodnight" instead of "Baby Just Say Goodnight" ?
Cos the chorus is...
"Baby just say goodnight , I'll be gone tomorrow. Baby just close your eyes , I can't take the sorrow. Baby just walk away , you know I can't stay. There's no easy way to say good bye , so baby just say goodnight..."
See... "Baby just say goodnight" appeared twice and "Baby just" something something appeared twice too!
Lol. Anyway it doesnt really bothers me.

I've not been using PINK as main colours , or even , not using PINK at all.
No. Now I DON'T like PINK ready.
I like white and BROWN! :D
I like brown... either chocalate brown or dark brown.
And gray... or grey... Lol what's the difference between GRAY and GREY ?
Black is too black... so gray(grey) la!

Tomorrow results day!!!
All the best to everybody reading this and everybody not reading this.
Don't be nervous...!

Now byebye.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008 ; 7:48 PM

Phone bill here ready!!!
LOL. I'm so happy!
And for this month I sent 981 sms-es (only)!!! And luckily got 1000 free!!! XD

Lol. Kays. Today went to chinatown.
My mother forced me to go with her...
Then on our way back...
There was three japanese boys and two japanese girls on the bus. And you know what , the japanese boys were singing... Lol. Fortunately it doesnt sounds horrible at all! Lol. Then the japanese girls sitting behind the boys were laughing away. No , I don't think they were laughing at the boys. Then beside them were two other boys , who were shaking their head to the music. O.O Then the bus ride was so crazy...

And oh ya. I miss SCHOOL. I miss chatting together , playing , crazy-ing with my FRIENDS. Lol.
Thursday results' day.
No , not scared.
I'm prepared!
Can see 6 Amethyst again! Lol.
Too bad the some teachers won't be here.
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This post is meant for sunday
; 10:41 AM

Christmas tree!

This decoration is made up of plastic bottles! :O

(taken with flash)
This decoration also made of recycled plastic... Nice ba...

(taken without flash)

Muahahaha... On somedays fake snow (i think is foam) will come out of here and kids will have fun playing!
The windows of the hospital were lighten up in a shape of christmas tree!

Hello hello hello hello hello!
Went to wedding dinner with my mother on sunday night...
On the way to the hotel we passed by tanglin mall.
:DDDDD This year's christmas theme is RECYCLE.
Yep , recycle. The christmas tree's decoration also made up of cut plastic bottles and other recycled materials. Although it is recycled , it is so pretty!

The wedding dinner was held at "Traders' Hotel"...
It is stated in the invitation it would begin at seven thirty but then it only began at around eight forty. Hmm... The dishes were quite nice. And I like the decoration! Lol. For dessert was... yam... eew. I dont like to eat yam. They still put a bubblish white liquid (dunno whats that) in the yam. So I just mix mix mix the yam with the liquid and tasted a tiny little bit. NOT nice at all! Lol.

I wore a dress to the wedding dinner.
Just bought the dress...
Hehe the dress very pretty... but then is that kind very casual and a little mature de. So when I wore it , it looks a little odd. But I like it. :D
The dinner lasted until ten plus... and reach home only at eleven thirty!

Look! This is my little christmas teddy. Cute ma? MUST answer cute. Lol. Nothing. It is just so cute I wanna show everybody! :DDDDDD

Oh ya , btw , I'm changing blogskin... Searching for inspiration. After the next blogskin , it would be christmas skin ready!

Hey 6 Amethyst friends who passed by my blog , would you all want to make a own class blog? I know Mrs Leong already made one... But it is rarely updated. No harm making another for ourselves , isn't it? I can help make a very own blogskin for our class! Agree or disagree , just tag , along with your own opinion and idea too! Can email me or tell me privately too...

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Forgotten to say
Saturday, November 15, 2008 ; 11:05 PM

Oh ya.
I forgotten to say...
I want to learn to play drums!
I'll ask my mother to enroll me in drum classes in the december holidays ba.
Hope I have time for it.

My phone bill is reaching the mail box.
I hope it didn't exceed the limit.
Cos my father said if it exceed the limit , I'll have to use my allowance to pay the extras.
Hoping very hard.
But I didn't control the number of sms i sent.
I guess... No hope ready...!
Now I want one more thing , UNLIMITED NUMBER OF SMS-ES!
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Christmas is coming!
; 9:16 PM

Yay christmas is coming!!!
I'm so happy and excited! Christmas is coming! :DDD
Lol. Today went to takashimaya. Hmm... not bad...
(I took the photo above in the bus so it is quite blur...)

Omg... This year de christmas theme for the decorations at takashimaya is teddy! Lol. And for orchard road is candy and elf! Eeek. Teddy so cuteeee. Take a look at the photos above. First one is the big teddy christmas tree infront of the main entrance and the second one is a smaller teddy christmas tree beside the escalator. The last one , which is the photo I like most , is a zoom in photo for the smaller teddy christmas tree. I love the teddy! But they put lights on them know and still strangle the teddy with the wire! I know if dont put lights not nice , but can't they figure out a way to put the lights there without strangling these poor little teddies? :( Nvm.

Went to the christmas fair. Got so many stuffed toys! Eeek. All so cute and make me want hug them home... But the price so ex neh. Hmm... Cannot buy. Thirty dollars for a stuffed toy? Still okay to me but my parents would defenitely say waste money. Hmm... What you want for christmas? I want... I want lots of things! Including what I mentioned in one of the posts , what's in my wishlist and I want one more , I WANT A BIGGGG BIGGGG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG stuffed toy. A stuffed toy SO BIG , it can hug me to sleep nightly. You think it is ridiculous? But I don't think so. It is possible to find but again... MONEY!!! Want to make one myself also cannot , need MONEY to buy lots and lots of materials. Sigh... you can have nothing without MONEY. O.O

Christmas... Is the festival of giving... Now... who want me give you christmas present ? Raise your hand up high! Who who? You don't raise up I don't give hor. Lol JK. Oh ya. Btw I going back to Indonesia , Medan on 27 Nov until 10 Dec. Then I go back buy presents for all of you kays? You say not okay then I don't buy hor. Lol.

Let's continue... So I after I went to the christmas fair... My mother and my mother's relatives went to look at clothes. I bought another top. Lol. Okay continue. Then look look look , my mother's relatives need go meet somebody le. Then my mother and I went to Art Friend. I want to buy fake eyes for craft purposes. She told me not to spend so much time buying the fake eyes. So I went in to buy. Hmm... I wanted to browse through the shop one. But at a second thought not enough time. So I took a packet of the fake eyes and I suddenly remembered I want to buy pipe cleaner. Yeah I didn't get enough of the pipe cleaners that time so I buy another packet lo. Then went to pay. Aiyo queue for damn long neh. Got one customer with her child bought dunno what until $118 something know! OMG. Pay until sooooooooo long. Then took ages to wait for my turn. I saw little teddies again. Lol. Those for craft purposes and quite small , not stuffed ones. (Dunno how to say la) I want to buy!!! But then... not allowed. Next time go buy again. I must bring it home! Lol. Kays. Finally I finished paying...

Then my mother go look at clothes... AGAIN. She buying for relatives , and finding some for herself too. Lol. So she look look look and we went home. Wah finally. I want to go home la!!! Aiyo... the bus journey sooooo long... finally reach home.
Tada! See the beautiful pipe cleaners I bought. Very nice ba? I bought a packet and there is 25 pipe cleaners in one packet. :DDD Got many colours in one packet but I picked this six colours out to form a "rainbow"! Too bad don't have indigo or violet. And it is not called pipe cleaners... on the package it is called chenille. Very weird name neh.

Aiyo... tomorrow need go wedding dinner with my mother. Lol. I three quarter feel like going and one quarter don't. Cos I lazy go out. And wedding dinner normally will be until very late one ma... Nvm.

One more thing...
Audrey come back from hk le!!! Can play habbo with her le. So I stop playing maple ready. Lol. Like very fast right? I play few days then stop playing.

And one last thing. You realise I use neh in some of the sentences? If you don't understand , I actually meant "leh" but I don't like saying "leh" so I use "neh" lo. Somehow I "invented" it. But I think something inspired me la.

Okay. Thats all!
Today's post long ma?
If long then thank you for reading.
If no then thank you for reading also.
Oh ya , I think I like taking photo for my posts.
I promise you photos and words from now onwards kays?
Wah I end a post also end so long.
Bye bye la!

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This afternoon.
Friday, November 14, 2008 ; 10:24 PM

It rained again!!! Lol.
Nope , I don't hate the rain.
But I hate the thunder and lighting!
So loud , scary and horrible!
(Pssss , I hate it , not scared of it kay...)
Like I said I played maple story this afternoon.
I discovered several things :
1. I level so low cos last time there is computer time limit and I dumb dumb also dunno how to level up faster.
2. Now I know why my level would never be very high , I'm very impatient. I play for awhile cant level up or gain exp. very slowly then give up ready.
3. As mention in the previous post , there is a light bulb above my character right. It actually meant there are new quests for me. =.= Lol , so dumb , diao myself.
4. I like the melody in maple story! Lol.
[The end of talking bout maple]

Next , let us think about one question , why do we say lol ? No , why do i keep saying lol?
You want the answer ? Okay. First it is funny , secondly, it is so funny it made me speechless , lastly , it means laugh out loud. Erm , LOL. Nvm if you don't understand.

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Lalalalalala rainy day!
; 4:46 PM

I not sad at all know! I really dunno why ><
Last week I kept crying bout graduating.
But after yesterday I wasn't sad at all. Lol.
I thought I going to cry last night. But I didn't.

Topic change!
Finally I installed maple story le.
The site had been encountering problems recently so I only finished installed today.
I'm very bored so I play maple lo.
The last time I played was like... last year?
Not much change apart from the light bulb above my character. Lol.

I very lazy nowadays. Zzz
I lazy to take a nap also. Lol I know it is ridiculous someone would be lazy to take a nap.
Nothing much to blog since got no school.
Life is interesting because of my friends.
Hmm... Thats 90% true.
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Lol. I wantttt!
Thursday, November 13, 2008 ; 9:26 PM

Hey hey hey!
Go watch this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcXlscYmb9Q !
I want go the shop!!
For no reason. But it's so niceeee there. Lol.
I want go play toy catcher!
But my mother say waste money ><
I want experience catching the toys ma.
And the toys so cuteeeeeee.
Outside sell so ex leh. O.O
Someone sponsor me can?
Lol. It's ridiculous.
I also want kurousa de little taps...!
$35 leh. Buy for me, someone? Lol JK!

Updates : Thank you list and sorry list.
Eh, I dk put for what. O.O
(Or maybe I do)
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; 1:53 PM

I thought today would be very sad and unhappy.
But it wasn't...
The class was so chaotic that there wasn't any sad atmosphere.
I didn't cry.
Maybe it is better to part this way.
Without tears , but with joy.
I brought my camera and handphone to school.
No , I'm not posting the photos of my friends.
They don't want me to.
Will post later and update my blog.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008 ; 5:17 PM

It is raining outside...
And perhaps tmr everyone will be raining inside also...
U should know what I mean.
I'm trying to be as happy as possible now.
I need to add-on to the previous post.
I need to thank all my team members who helped out yesterday. A big thank you! Also , Shiori is so cute! :D Her voice also so cute! Lol. I was following her around ytd and Brandon told me , don't force her la. Then I ask Shiori if I forced her. Then she said No No No No. And shaked her head in the cutest way. Awwww... So lovable and cute! :DDDD

Thats all.
I'm bored, once again...
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008 ; 9:27 PM

Finally the exhalaration fair was OVER.
So tired out of it!
Early in the morning started to be very busy setting up.
Then everything was so disordered!
Sometimes this person help with this and another person help with that then got messed up!
And me?
I team leader... yeah... but I was already bored when the fair started not long , like a few hours. Then I started to go walk walk lo. I played our game just to get a lollipop. Oh LOL. Then after I enjoyed my drink , I enjoyed my lollipop! :D Heh. I was skiving leh. Lol.

After that it was like... Our stall enough ppl help out. Like I'm not needed already. Me? I could only supervise... PPL STEAL LOLLIPOPS LEH!!! Then I complained to Mdm Tan when she gathered us. And just then , one of the thieves , who was Hovan , was eating the lollipop. Muahaha! I complained to Mdm Tan then she "fined" Hovan. Lol.

The rest of the time... I was walking around to get things to do. First I collected the money. Then I gave out the coupons. After that I went to sit down. Rest. Then walk around. If not play. Lol. It is so BORINGGGGG. And today wasn't as good as I expected.

Oh ya. Play as in... Er... Jia Jun and I "toy fight". Lol. Hmm... Jia Jun took the teddy while I took the dino. Lol. Then he went bear head bumpppppp. Then use the teddy to hit me. Lol. He was obviously stronger than me. I only could run around and he chased me and I attack sneakily. Lol. So funny...
Updated - 13Nov08

We earnt like... quite little... If we were to compare with the other classes... I think we would lose... Cos they have JUMBLE SALES & SERVICES somemore. And us? We only have games. And we sold some sticker while the other group sold lollipops. !!! NOT fair lo.

I don't want talk le.
Go refresh ur memory of what happened today.
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Sunday, November 9, 2008 ; 6:17 PM

Just now...
In the afternoon , I was about to view some photos I've taken.
I took my camera and was about to lie on my bed... when suddenly I jumped up!
Got a spider on my PILLOW!!!
It is that kind normal BLACK spider... about 1 to 2 cm like that de. Got 8 disgusting legs and one BLACK gross body.
My first reaction is EEEEEeek spider on my bed!!!
Then I took a brochure , in booklet form, and HIT the spider. The spider is pancaked but not dead , when i remove the brochure , it still can crawl crawl. Ahhh! I want change bedsheet! I want change my bed even! So I ran to the living room and took newspaper. When I came back in , the spider disappeared! I look look look but don't have. I held up the pillow and the spider drop down (from dk where). I then HIT the spider with the newspaper and it is more pancaked , SOOOOOOO DISGUSTING. But not dead yet! Still can crawl crawl! It is like big black dot with short legs sticking out! Eew. I can't look at it. I covered it with the newspaper. Then HIT the newspaper with the brochure on the spot where the spider was under. I HIT HIT HIT. Eek JERKY SPIDER! Who ask you come to my room and MY BED ?! Not my fault hor. After a few hits , I lifted up the newspaper , the spider still can move! Then I covered the spider again and HIT HIT HIT! I lifted up the newspaper again , it can still move! But it is flat already... I repeated the mentioned action again. And finally , it stop moving le. DIE ALREADY! Or maybe it haven't but it can no longer move. But its "corpse" so disgusting , it is BLACK! I can't stand that disgusting spider so I put another piece of tissue on it , and wrapped it up and FLUSH it down the toilet bowl. ARGH! Finally I got rid of that JERKY spider. :DDDDD

Hiting the spider wasn't the most cruel thing I did to an insect or spider... Shall I continue? Once I used a pair of scissors to cut a fly alive. :O The fly , not sure if it is a fly , is like ant with wings. Then it won't die , so i used scissors to snap it! The blood , which is black brown red or whatever colour , OOZEEEEEEEE out. Lol. Very disgusting? I continued to cut it until it die. Eek. I so cruel. Lol.

You know that kind of insect which flies around a light source (forgotten what it is called) ? I remembered when I was younger , there was one night when it was raining heavily , so a bunch of that kind of insect flew around the lamp in my living room. My mother said they will fly towards water. So she brought out a tub of water and put under the lamp. Then the insects all dive into the water. They didn't die though , just that their wings got detached and they wriggle wriggle and swim in the water. I used a straw and played with these wingless insects. I let them in the straw and forgotten do what to it. Lol.

Last year when we are still in 5 Amethyst , there was a spider on the wall. Then Jonathan (or was it me?) killed it. The corpse was still stuck on the wall with blood surrounding it. Lol. It is directly beside my seat... :S So I scotch taped a piece of paper on the spider. And I wrote on the paper "Dead spider inside" :DDD But after the sch holidays when we went back the cleaners removed the paper and cleaned the wall le.

I ended up blogging bout insects.
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Photo time!
; 11:57 AM

Catholic High SchoolMy Balloon! (Someone stole it when I went to take group photo , left the string only O.O)
Lol. This Guy carrying the big big soft toy.
See... The hall is filled with balloons flown away...
Tada! My Tattoo! Cinamoroll!
My rubik's cube. Lol.
My little cute friends! :D
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111th post
Saturday, November 8, 2008 ; 10:52 PM

Now is ten fifty-three at night.
Just to tell u my arms are so pain.
Bcos ytd go carry the stuff la.
Bye bye.
I know it is lame I'm complaining.
Felt like typing ma.
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Longggg day!
Friday, November 7, 2008 ; 8:34 PM

Let's start.
I woke up at nine and went to sch at nine forty-five like that. Reach there at about ten (I think is before ten la). The p3 to p5s all having their sports day. How pathetic , shouldnt it b held at a stadium or something? It's held in sch... O.O Then I asked Mr Ong , who is distributing MILO , about bla bla bla. Luckily , I wore the correct attire , which is uniform. I went in... The others were already in the canteen. Most brought their handphones... Hehe... Me too! We played with our handphone for a while then went to library. Something hilarious I saw in library. Well , Jia Jun , Yu Jia and Yu Jia's friend (the boy from wushu and same height as him , forgotten his name) were chatting. U know that's a platform in the middle of the library and near the windows side there is a sofa infront of the platform. So , Jia Jun was sitting on the sofa while the two others sitting on platform. Jia Jun was talking talking talking and Yu Jia and his friend was looking at him , listening. LOL. It seemed like Jia Jun was the "storyteller" while Yu Jia and his friend were the "kids" who were "listening attentively" to the story. Why it gave me this impression is because of the height of Yu Jia and his friend (you know...) and Jia Jun sitting on the sofa... oh LOL. When I first saw it , I laughed and laughed then Jia Jun stared at me... maybe he was wondering why I'm laughing. Later , I pulled vanisri to see this "scene" and I explained to her about it. Then both of us laughed. I think all three of them stared at us. After that Vanisri told Jia Jun about it. LOL. I forgotten his respond.

At about ten plus , we went to the fitness room to take bags of toys. Big and heavy bags of toys. We each carried one to the bus. Er , not everyone carried one though. We boarded the bus and offffffff we go!

After a long journey... We reached Catholic High and once again , we all had to carry the bags of toys down the bus. And we waited under the sun for i think the guide for our team or whatever. Then later we carried the bags of toys all the way to the hall. When we reach there , we unpack all the toys. Those which is not wraped were brought down to be wrapped. While the others whch were wrapped, would be arranged on the booth. I arrange until sweat. LOL. In between there would be some not wrapped properly or not wrapped at all , because we were still in the process of unpacking. After that we went down to the canteen to buy food. But none of the stalls was open. So we took a break before we start wrapping. After we had taken our break , we went back to the hall. When we arrived , it was empty... But when we returned , some schools had started decorating and arranging , or rather , almost finish. Beside our booth was Anglo Chinese School (Primary) and Pasir Ris Primary. Wah... Anglo Chinese School de toys like so new... and they were boxes of monopoly , board games , etc. All seemed like new. Some even said that they could be bought instead of donated. And their booth is... on the booth-top loaded with boxes and some soft toys , on the floor infront of booth , were boxes of toys stacked up. And for Pasir Ris Primary , all the pupils wore xmas hat. Lol. They keep taking group photo. Lol. Like that also take , like this also take.

Then... Started to wrap the presents. I didn't help wrapping la. But I was arranging. Then I ran up and down , down and up , up and down , down and up (Canteen first floor , Hall second floor) to take the wrapped presents up to the hall. Can imagine hugging heavy presents up the staircase. Hmm... Bcos I take lots of wrapped present in each trip up. And they wrapped a few stuff toys together in a present. Some huge some small. Sometimes there would be toys in a box , and it would be very heavy. Of course I wasn't the only one bringing the present up. There was this huge stuff toy (and I mean HUGE) which I saw a P2 girl carrying to sch one day. She donated it. And this HUGE stuff toy used up two sheets of wrapping paper , when normally a few stuff toys could be wrapped in ONE sheet of wrapping paper. I hugged it up. Ahh so cute!! Even the polytenic students helping to wrap said it was so cute. Lol. As I was saying , I hugged it up. SO BIG. :DDDDDDD and so cute! Alright , I'm repeating myself. I was exhausted from all the running up and down.

The next tiring and difficult thing was giving the presents away. Why was it tiring and difficult? Well , I'll tell you why. As you know , there were other school's booths too, obviously , not all the presents were attractive. The presents were wrapped in transparent wrapping paper so the needy children know the contains of the presents. I chose some attractive one , which seemed attractive to me , and went around the hall asking the needy children selecting their toys , " Do you want this?" Let me tell you , the hall is damn noisy and there was once the child couldn't hear me. LOL. When I hold the present and showed to the child and ask him or her if he or she wants it , the child would give an innocent look or no expression and shake their heads (thats the most common respond) and I would just smile and asked ,"No?" nicely. And the smile isn't those fake one , is those friendly and warm and expresses "It's okay" kind know. There were a few times when I offered a present and the child would respond by giving a HEH! look , er... meaning very "I then don't want" or proud and then shake their heads. That made me unhappy! But I still give the same nice repond mentioned above. Don't like also no need like that ma... Aiyo... But some would give me a bright bright smile and say "No..." and I can see it is not a pretend smile. This respond I like and not make me feel rejected at all , but instead , a little glad. Then that Jia Jun went around hugging HUGE soft toys (those a little bit smaller than the one i mentioned above) and offering it. He looked so funny! He was so so proud that he gave away a total of 20 presents. LOL. He went around and HAH HAH HAH! people... O.O He was soooo proud! And he kept on asking me how many I gave away. Ya la ya la , I gave away a total of 10 only O.O lol.

I was busy offering the presents that I forgotten it was lunch time. I was offering offering then suddenly I look at our booth , eh... nobody de... and I looked around , eh... nobody from our school either... Oh ya! They have gone for lunch! Then I quickly went down to canteen to eat lunch. :l I asked where the food and Jia Jun said it was upstairs... (he was the only one who replied me) So I ran up to get the lunch set. I ran down. I asked where's the spoon. He told me it was upstairs... O.O but luckily he took one extra so he gave me. Then I eat eat eat. Not bad la. In the lunch set was chicken , it is sweet one. I think it was cooked with honey or something. Pineapple rice , doesn't taste like pineapple rice although it is yellow. And long beans , I didn't touch it at all. I finish my meal. As for the long beans I dumped it to Jia Jun. Muahaha! There was no one else I could dump it too... mostly finished their meal. Then I went up. Continued with my job and went down , Jia Jun brought me to take ice cream (at the food and fun fair). I had a cup of ice cream and a packet of cookie! The cookie was nice! And Jia Jun insisted I give him a bit of the cookie for bringing me to the food and fun fair. O.O lol. He tasted it and said it was nice. Then run to the food and fun fair to get one packet. LOL. When I was about to eat my cookie , Mr Ong ask us to get the leftover wrappers up. He asked me to go help but I answered him "I very busy you know..." He replied, " Busy with what?" Then I showed him my packet of cookie. He murmured,"Busy with eating..." And gave me the very sigh face. LOL.

Oh ya. Throughout the trip , Jia Jun , Yu Jia and Yusuff (That guy from Jade. I think his name was spelled this way) were constantly disturbing me. Why? Yusuff was influenced by Jia Jun and somehow he thought it was amusing I had the same name as his teacher... :l Yu Jia from the start like to disturb girls already and Jia Jun? No need say already... Jia Jun and Yusuff kept wanting to take a picture of me. Ya , they took a picture of me without me having to be awared. Then Yu Jia? First he wanted to poke my balloon , next he teased me. Then... Jia Jun and Yu Jia took two big soft toys and come and "toy fight" me. I was holding a small box of doraemon playdough set then... So what I did was I ran around , avoiding them. Both of them were childish right? Exactly... Aiya... Then that Jia Jun kept saying "So sad , your buddies are gone..." I had no partner ma. So on the bus I sat alone and ate lunch alone too. So he said my buddies , referring to those I partner or be with , were not here. And he repeated that THROUGHOUT THE TRIP.

Around four plus , I've already lost interest in offering the toys. And by that time , all the toys were wrapped. So , I went to the food and fun fair to get another packet of cookie , balloon and tattoo. Lol. Then Nina , Faye and I also played the games there... So bad lo. Ambassadors cannot get prize one! So we only played , but no prize. And before we started playing the game called "Catch the Water Babies" , ambassadors from another sch came in. Then the game stall keeper was telling us that ambassadors can't get any prize but then she pulled a boy , also an ambassador from another school , and told us , whoever is the winner gets a kiss from him , how about that? And all the players were girls. So the girls went EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Lol.

At about five plus. Whole thing finish le! :O Mr Ong said it was until six leh. Then we took group photo and went down to wait for bus... Was like... wait wait wait until so longgggggg. Meanwhile , there was a big map of china and few phrases beside it. Then Mr Ong was explaining to us the meaning of the phrases. Shamini and Vanisri wanted to learn chinese and requested Mr Ong to teach them. Mr Ong asked them to repeat after him , "我是猪" Then Shamini and Vanisri , not knowing the meaning , repeated , "我是猪" Everyone else laughed. Then Shamini and Vanisri were like what? what? what does it mean? Mr Ong then told them it meant I'm a pig! They laughed and went "Mr Ong you cannot like that la..." After that whatever Mr Ong asked them to repeat , they would be very suspicious and asked for the meaning. Soon after the bus is here!!!

Reached home at seven. And reached school at six thirty plus instead of seven fifteen.

Wah. My post sooooo long! :D Must be my longest post until now...
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Thursday, November 6, 2008 ; 8:24 PM

Today went to Suntec Convention Hall for the environment exhibition.
Oh yeah~ I was only one without partner! Er, how pathetic and how unique! :D
When we reached there I followed Vanisri and Shamini around. We walk one round. Then we stopped at the stage there to watch the kids perform. OMG. They are so CUTEEEEEEE! Especially the team doing the rap! Lol. It is like they are those little little kids , dancing to teenage kind of songs. Then the two little girls doing the rap so CUTE! Ahhhhh~ XD They went, "Recycle, recycle. Reuseeee, reuseeeeee. Think about it, don't do it." They rapped like muffle muffle but the voice so cute. Recycle, recycle... Makes people REALLY want to recycle. We stood there and watched for a while. Ah. They are so CUTE. :D Then we went out to the place we need to gather. I went around to collect autographs and signatures. After a while , GO BACK LE.

SO FAST lo. Went back to sch and do survey. Then that TANG LAO SHI don't let us use computer , must go back after finish. HEH! So bad lo. What what what what what all her nonsense. Go back lo. Listen to her what so ever thing. I'm not LISTENING at all. I was talking to Ying Li. HEH! Whatever, oh pls.

Go home le!!!!! I went home. Then told my habbo friend I saw her sch's stall at the exhibition. Then she said too bad she didn't go, if not she can see me le! Haha. Then I played computer and chat on msn. Then ate dinner. Sigh... Tomorrow have to go to catholic high til 7.15p.m....
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008 ; 12:33 PM

I'm completely empty now.
I cried last night because we are graduating already.
Yes , maybe I'm overeacting.
I can't bear to leave everyone.
Let's not talk about sad things.
This morning, I looked at our class photo. For the formal one , the 3rd row of boys look so super hilarious!! LOL. Then informal one... I think the 3rd one... Everyone is so funny! Especially the boys... Zheng Xin was very funny too , he was like YAY! then his mouth wide open , the can see tounge. LOL.

I took some photos this morning la. Later upload. I now playing Habbo , helping friend make her room and listening to music. Lol. The song is Too Cool... I'm too cool... And I'm too cool to know you... Don't take it personal don't be emotional... Lol. I'm not singing. Next song is Play My Music. :DDDDD Music in my soul I can hear it everyday , every night.......there's still one thing on my mind......................... and I'll never let it go... NO no.... i just wanna play my music!!!! :DDDDDD By Jonas Brothers♥ de... Sang in Camp Rock.

Oh well.
"Good news" - I can solve my rubik's cube without referring to anything , the guide or etc.
I just wanna play my music! - Lol.

Wah so fast next song le... Gotta Find You...
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008 ; 5:04 PM

Sorrie for not posting recently.
Today we did the presentation.
Jia Hao and Jia Jun were the presenters...
I was very worried that they wouldbe irresponsible or did not rehearse...
But luckily , they did prepare the script and the speech was quiet smooth.
When we went to the computer lab , while setting up , they practiced once more. Ying Li and I were the "audiences". Yes , it wasn't that bad. Then they present to the class. :D Wah , not bad! But then there were a few slides which needed amendments , so we stayed behind to continue editing the slides while the rest of the class went for PE. Jia Hao and Jia Jun kept commenting on my sun background. O.O But then Mdm Tan said it's nice and some other said it's cute or nice. See! I put that background because Mdm Tan said we need to make it attractive and more fun and informal , suitable for kids. Tada. That not suitable meh? They kept saying about the backgrounds I put in and the pictures... O.O Lol. Then we edited the slides while listening to music (oh yeah , we're not allowed to do that). We only spent a very very short while on editing until it was done. The rest of the time , we were listening to music , recording some stupid things and rehearsing! :DDDD We skipped half an hour of Mother Tounge! Yay! I finally got my class photos back. I'm going around to get autographs. Thursday must continue!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008 ; 4:52 PM

Hello again.
Didn't post ytd cos I very busy.
Yesterday went to Vivo City.
Bought Rubik's cube! :DDDDD

Today stay home.
Don't feel like posting.
Later feel like then edit this post.
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