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Li Yee's Birthday Celebration!
Tuesday, March 31, 2009 ; 9:49 PM

Happy 13th Birthday Li Yee!

Ah , tuesday.
We made a surprise card for Li Yee.
So when she said she was going to meet her project team mates,
we coloured the card.
But who knows , she came back.
And there goes our surprise.

School was as usual , nothing special.
We started off with biology.
Practical lesson for today.
Just like normal practical lessons.
Nothing much to talk about.

Next was english.
It was so late and that Mdm Zuraida hadn't came yet.
We thought that she was late , but even better...
She's absent , on MC!
I'm so happy that I sang the "Mdm Zuraida's on MC" song.
ROFL. Ran Tian said I was like singing children's song.

Rushed out Li Yee's card during recess with Alicia.
Alicia coloured the word "happy" and parts of the birthday cake.
I coloured the rest except Li Yee's name.
Then passed on to An Qi later on to colour Li Yee's name.

After recess was maths.
We were having usual lessons.
Then Miss Er asked Jun Meng to stop talking.
Since he like to talk so much , let him go and teach instead.
After that , Jun Meng really went up!
ROFL. He started by saying , "Everyone listen to Mr Tan ar!"
We were laughing already.
Then he started "teaching"...
"The negative sign is negative one la..."
Miss Er was sort of saying that was exactly what she was going to teach.
Jun Meng continued , "Negative one times 2a equals how much , class?"
We all were laughing like mad , including Miss Er. LOL.
After his hilarious teaching , we continued lesson.
He got lots of cheering indeed.

Art teacher also on MC!
(I'm so sorry , I can't finish my post , will continue tomorrow.)

Photos first!
Browsing through menu-s.

Our first sushi-s!

Our delicious drinks!

Ah! My favourite kani salad sushi!

Li Yee and the birthday card we made her!

Our last sushi-s... ):

Ah , we finished our sushi-s! LOL.
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Mini Gathering on Saturday (yesterday)
Sunday, March 29, 2009 ; 9:36 PM

Yesterday was our mini gathering at Alicia's house!
Went to cut hair before that.
Now I look like a doll , mushroom , etc.
But anyway , we coincidentally met at the corridor all together.

Went up to her house and waited for the door to be opened.
Momo , Zhi Yong , Yun Yu , Ying Li and Yee Shuin came!
Yayay. I missed them so much!

Went in to her house.
Everybody made themselves comfortable.
Hahaha , Momo "landed safely" on the sofa.
Then I "landed safely" on Momo!
Muahaha , Momo is so fun to play with.

We started playing Wii!
Created a Mii for Yee Shuin and Momo.
We laughed a lot while creating.
After that we played Wii Sports , Cooking Mama and Thrillville.

Played for awhile , then got bored.
Some of us , Zhi Yong , Alicia , Yun Yu and me began playing Hotel 626.
I was scared , duh.
But I'm still curious.
So , Zhi Yong controlled the whole thing while the rest of us watched.
It's so scary , freaky , horrifying and whatever you can describe it.
The first stage is still okay , I wasn't quite scared at when the girl screamed infront of us.
Cause I've saw a lot of screenshot of that already.
And , we were prepared for it.

The lullaby one , SCARY.
Sing badly , she scare us.
Don't sing , she scare us.
Sing properly , she also scare us.
In the end we skipped that stage.
Then Zhi Yong passed the keeping your balance stage.

After that was the mad man one.
This stage isn't about scaring.
You had to observe and remember.
But if you got the code wrong , it's scary.
We skipped this too.

Next was the phone call one I think.
It's just listening attentively and following the instructions.
I didn't dare to listen.
The man's voice was muffled and freaky.
Gosh , in the end , we got out?

They took a photo of Zhi Yong and a ghostly image of Yun Yu behind.
Zzz... The game was indeed scary.
I did peep a bit , cause I'm curious.
Curiousity kills Pui Yee , indeed.

Not enough? We played Pentilia's the house next.
Wasn't as scary but it was full of surprises.
It's just a still screen but there are lots of flashes and pop ups.
And they were all sudden , that's why it's scary.
But Hotel 626 makes you feel that you are really in the situation itself.
It's very real , very very real.

Freaked out like hell.
I screamed like mad too.
Even if it's only Zhi Yong making the chair fall by accident.

After all that horror , we did random things.
Yee Shuin didn't stay longer than five plus. ):
Momo went soon after. ):
Continued tpc and Wii-ing.

Soon , it was dinner.
And here's the exciting part!
We had our dinner and Alicia and I decided to play with food.
Yup yup , making another "6 Amethyst Restaurant's" creation.
This time , "Volcano Salad".
Made up of Gua Zi , peanuts , some other ingredients and a sauce.
The sauce? Try the dish and find out on your own.
This can be considered one of the most edible one.
Not that all gross , actually.
The combination is not weird too.
Tada , our wonderful dish!

We are proud to have Yun Yu as our first tester for this dish.
His comments are we put too much sauce.
Wow , valuable comments!

Soon after , EARTH HOUR!
As one of those who loves Earth , we've got all lights out.
Living room's lights , I mean.
We only left the TV and Wii on.
Played in darkness!

Nine plus , we went home.
We need to give our good host a good rest.
She had to leave home very early tomorrow.
Of course , we gave out host a big round of applause before going home.

At night when I was going to sleep ,
I kept thinking of the scary scenes , uncontrollably.
Gah! I tried to make myself stop thinking.
But I can't , really really can't.
So , I sang songs to myself , think of other things.
And in the end fell asleep.
Rofl , it really works , you'll occupy your mind with the lyrics of the songs instead if you sing songs to yourself.
If it cannot work , think of some happy things.
Last night , I thought of what to draw on sketchfu.
Cause I just drew on it before I slept. Lol.

Today afternoon , I was so addicted to doing my Maths worksheet.
LOL. I can't stop doing.
Then spent quite some time on it.
Started on my literature write up.
I don't know wth the poem talking about. :l

Oh yes , this is my 200th post!
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The Lots of Things Day
Friday, March 27, 2009 ; 9:54 PM

So much and so much things happened today.
Painful ones , inside and outside.
I've got stomach cramps throughout until after lunch I think.

We started with english lessons.
We were doing filing.
I really don't like the current english teacher.
She is so... strict , mean and fierce?
Just because didn't do the SRP , got scolded.
Hello? Nobody told us to do!
Last time with the previous teachers ,
they would tell us if we're going through together or do it as homework.
Wtf. It's only the first week!
What does she expect?

After recess , we went for malay.
The beginning part of it , I had my horrible cramps.
What made things worst was that that retard was sitting near me.
Whenever I turn towards Jelly , he would be in my sight.
Wtf , so talkative somemore.
If not for my cramps , I would have stepped up and hit them hard.
Then later the boys had to move infront of us.
Hahaha , Jie Yin started disturbing Sherwin.
Kicked his chair and the little table's cover.
Then I also did the same thing to Derek.
ROFL. Sherwin looks funny when he's irritated!
Of course , picked up some malay.

Lunch was the busiest time of the day.
Had to rush out my maths corrections , english SRP , get a break and eat lunch.
Zzz... Lucky got Jelly and Jie Yin! LOL.
Then when we came back from lunch ,
Teddy , Jelly and Jie Yin were hugging each other.
Wahaha , I also joined in.
The boys came in and went "Eee , lesbo."
ROFL. This is called bonding okay?
I know you all are showing off how gay you all are.
So you think we're not good enough , right? ;D
We don't need to compete with you all de ,
cos we know you all are too gay to be competed with.

H. econ theory was quite funny...
Haha , we were going through vitamins.
Teacher was explaining what's fortified beans then...
She began by relating it to breastmilk.
Then asked how to give the baby sufficient nutrition if the mum can't breastfeed?
Darren answered , by giving them teddy bear brand milk powder!
ROFL! Teacher said later drink too much became teddies.
Oh , that must be how my Sugar came about.
So teacher continued where we can get alternative milk source.
Know what? That retard answered bull.
LMAO. Bull produce milk hor?
No wonder he is retarded!
Even teacher said that she wondered how he got into a band one school.
And teacher suggested he breastfeed his baby next time.
I bet the baby won't even drink.
No wait , will he even have a baby?
Wrong wrong , got this mess up , he doesn't has an ass , can't reproduce.
And nobody would wanna marry him , unless that person's a gay.
ROFL! Anyway , we got on with our lesson.
So fortified means making it to the quality closest to the breastmilk.

After that , we were given group discussion time.
So our group rehearsed for our presentation.
Needed the script.
Then I ran back to get it.
I slipped and fell with a loud thud instead.
Wtf , so paiseh!
The boys from next counter was like..
"Who fell?" *Laughter*
"Eh , girl fell down la, still laugh!" *Stop laughing*
Of course got up and get my script.
Despite my painful arm and kneecap , duh.
Teacher was asking if I'm okay.
Of course I answer I am , although I'm not very.
Then the boys busybody again.
"Is she crying?"
"She's not la"
"I thought she'll cry"
Wtf? You think I'll sit down and go waaawaa-ing ar?
Just stand up , be brave , walk back with the script!

Zzz. So in the end I brought the script to them.
My arm hurts , it's the pain inside the muscle.
Then my kneecap pain pain too.
But it's just a little bruise only.
Not like I've never fallen down before...
Zzz! My arm is still a little painful now...

Ohgosh. Today is totally unlucky.
Got some stupid cramps and fell down.
Pain in my body.
On my way back home alone ,
so much memories flashed back.
Pain in my heart , again.
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Happy Tuesday!
Tuesday, March 24, 2009 ; 9:00 PM

Actually I was reluctant to blog.
But well , I have pictures for this post...
So , let's post!

Today we got our new seating arrangement!
I was frightened when I couldn't find my name.
But actually it was because Miss Saw forgotten to add mine in.
In the end , I sat behind Hong Wei , beside Ran Tian , horizontally behind JIEYIN!

At least , I don't have to sit with some crapper or nuisance.
And at least , there's JIEYIN!
Ah, I love her! LOL.

So the day passed by with this arrangement.
Hong Wei was lame.
Ran Tian was quiet and normal.
Phew. A big relief!

For art and design today, we did photoshop!
Yup, I LOVE photoshop.
But the lesson was boring.
Teacher was teaching what we were already taught.
So me , Mavis and Jie Yin were like playing with the picture?
Lols. I made it into a weird weird pic.
And I found our liquifying was fun!

GAH. I was She Lao Shi to teach our ACC!
Wang Lao Shi teaching... so boring!
Then we watched that lame video. O.O

Went home with An Qi and Li Yee.
Before that went canteen buy food and drink.
Then went toilet.
We were very funny in the toilet.
It was the first time I went into that toilet.
So , I was shocked at how mad it was painted.
We even zilian-ed in the toilet.
ROFL. The first picture was because An Qi didn't knew can take photo of us through mirror.
The second picture , she was giving an expression.
Oh yeah, my tucked out shirt... >;D

After that , Li Yee named us Maddie 1 , 2 , 3 and 4.
ROFL. Reminds me of my habbo clones.
On our way to bus stop ,
We were pretending to have lessons.
Then me and Li Yee were teachers. LOL.

Went home.
YAY , today no homework.
Apart from art...
Gotta work on my new blogskin!
OMG , I haven't decided on a url yet!
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Ruined Monday
Monday, March 23, 2009 ; 5:47 PM

Hello hello.
First day of term two!
And new time table with new seating arrangement too.
Omg , hope I don't sit near any nuisance.
Gah , I'll miss my dear JIEYIN and JELLY!
We haven't got our seating arrangement.
But we've got out time table.
It looks terrible , no more of my relaxing monday.
My relaxing monday refers to having art and home econs.
Why? Cause they both are not those normal subjects.
You get to draw (yay!) and cook (lol!).

Yes yes. Chiong-ing homework yesterday made me tired.
Didn't manage to complete before bedtime.
Today on my way to school in the bus ,
I was like a mad and pathetic girl. :l

Went to school , nothing special.
Fooled around like normal with Jie Yin and Jelly.
And haha , whole class didn't bring P.E. attire today.

Fortunately , this time round ,
Miss Saw is coming in for CEP.
And for today , we arranged our tables.
Exactly like how it's arranged when we're in P5.
Still remember sitting between Heng Sheng and Jia Jun.
And poking and colouring that Jia Jun.
Oh , so I sat beside Jelly for the time being.
It was so fun , I did body art for her during geo.
Hahahahaha. Today homework's very little.
So , I'm freeee~
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March Class Gathering! 6Amethyst!
Thursday, March 19, 2009 ; 10:46 PM

6 Amethyst's March Gathering!

Heys people.
Let's start today's post.

Went out at around ten thirty.
Ate mcdonalds breakfast.
Then took train to Bishan.
The journey was so long!

Reached Bishan MRT.
I only saw Dorothy and Jasmine.
Later on , the rest came.
Punctual punctual. Good.

Walked to Guides' House.
Went to the shop to buy uniform.
Scare us , they were out for lunch break.
Luckily dont know how they came back.
So , we tried the uniform sizes.
Then tried the T-shirt , belt and hat sizes.
Finally finish buying.
YAY. Only one plus , have time for my beloved 6Amethyst♥!

On our way back to the MRT ,
I called Li Yee.
I asked them to stay til at least four and blah.
Then I asked for Alicia.
But she handed over to Ying Li.
LOL. I couldn't recognise her voice. :X
After that she really handed over to Alicia.
Then everybody shouted PUI YEE!
LOL. Haha. So "encouraging".

Walked back to the station.
My mum bought me a cardi.
Actually wasting time but I want the cardi.
Lols. Few minutes only...
Then my mum insisted that I eat lunch.
But I can take it til I reach west coast!
Sigh... In the end still ate.
My order took so damn long to come.
Luckily my parents agreed to cab there.
So after lunch , cabbed to west coast.

I reached west coast.
Met Adeline on the way.
And through Adeline , I found them.
Knew it , such a small bunch.
And worst , heard that they didn't co-operate.

When I just reached there.

LOL Yun Yu!

Started going wild. LOL.
Then we began playing 老鹰抓小鸡 because they didnt co-operate for a group photo!
I ended up laughing so hard when the game started.
I laughed so hard that I squat down and my face went red.
Somemore , I laughed til my tears almost fell. ROFL.
Then I ended up "crying" because they didnt co-operate for a group photo.
And I got "fed up" and took my bag and started walking.
Finally , they were organised for one!

Oh gosh , what's with my leg.

I was super ugly but others are posing for the photo. Don't look at me!

This is my fave one!

A "freestyle" one!

This one's a little bit more messy.

After that carried on playing.
Went to mcdonalds for a break.
Then continued playing again.

Lol. Only Yun Yu posing!

Random photo.

Yun Yu and Alicia!

ROFL. Look at Loo Jia Jun. Peek-a-boo!

Nina and Ying Li!

Ying Li is so pretty!
Lols. She is , with longer hair.
For sure , a lot have crush on her. (Yee Shuin too!)
And those who had , must be mesmerised even further if they saw her.
Chio bu!

After some left ,
we went to the stage to play.
Played blow wind blow , wacko and some nonsensical games.



Chasing the one to be wacko-ed.

Thats all for the gathering.
We went to Alicia's house after it.
Our aim was to play Wii but then everybody was so attracted by the tpc.
We ate dinner. Pizza!
We prepared two special slices of pizza.
LOL. One for Zhi Yong , another for Yun Yu.
Zhi Yong's slice was super cheesy with a little spicy taste.
Alicia and I added cheese powder and some chilli.
It also had extra toppings!
Yun Yu's slice was spicy!
We added the chilli plus the sauce from the satay.
LOLOL. They both ate them.
Last but not least ,
The leftover slice!
It was topped with mashed satay rice mixed with sauce and toppings.
WAH. Zhi Yong ate it! LOL.
Remember the 十全大补汤 we made last year?
Yup , we even planned a "6 Amethyst Restaurant"!

After that we played Wii.
Started off with Cooking Mama.
Then Thrillville.
Ended off with Wii Sports.
Had lots of fun!
Laughter too! Duh.

Went home at nine thirty.
It's all worth it.

People , I have to tell you.
I'm not angry because a lot of you didn't come.
I'm angry because a lot of you chose not.
You all said busy with schoolwork.
For some , it may be true.
But for many others , your main aim is to finish your work and play computer.
So , in the end , it's still computer.
Oh , I know , you all hug it to sleep , right?
But let me ask you ,
Is computer more important then your friends?
Especially when you don't see them so often anymore.

I'm disappointed in the boys.
Really , I am.
And I'd like to thank Jia Jun.
I think , he's the only boy who is the most enthu about this gathering.
Also , he really did me the favor of asking which boys are coming.
Did you know , it brought back a lot of memories?
I speechless already. So disappointed that I am.

I miss 6Amethyst♥!
Most of all , I miss Yee Shuin and Ying Li!
All the laughters , the fun and the friendship.
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Poetry Appreciation Workshop!
Monday, March 16, 2009 ; 11:04 PM

Went to school for that workshop today.
It was raining cats and dogs. Woof woof , meow meow.
Lols. Ya. And I took bus to school.
So , I was soaked from head to toe.
My socks especially.
Apart from that , everything else was drying.

I reached school.
I went to 111's classroom since I didn't see anybody in the canteen.
Well , I just walked past the canteen.
Nobody's in or out the classroom.
And me , the pathetic soaked girl , was standing down there.
Of course I asked people come accompany me.
While waiting , saw the Myo and Kai Ze.
Then the Myo was like ,"Pui-e."
You know , joining my name together?
I gave him a diao face.
Later on he and Kai Ze went away.
And soon , those who were here came up.
I mean the girls.

Then we went in to the classroom.
It was a mess.
Arranged arranged.
Then settled down.
People gradually came in.

Workshop trainer here already.
When it was about one , they started.
We were splited into half.
Our half was damn boring.
While laughters could be heard from the other half.
Our trainer and their trainer were worlds apart.

Later on , we did the tableux.
Wahaha. We'll splited into half again.
Our half did basketball.
We wanted to do classroom.
But then , it was too difficult.
So ended up doing basketball.
LOLOL. Jakin and Jun Meng was the basketball net.
By then , the whole class was combined again.
But we're competiting in quarters.

Next next , was the exciting part!
We did drama. Yes , drama!
We need to act out a poem.
Our group did the cookie thief.

Guess what , the main actors were Jun Meng and An Qi!
LOL. I must award them with best actors awards.
Really , Jun Meng , he's funny through his expressions.
An Qi , she's expressive and she resisted laughing!
Narrators were Cordelia and Jakin.
Loud and clear. Good!
Me? I was the shopkeeper , flight announcer and the flight stewardess.
The rest , Cheryl , Derek and Ran Tian were the flight passengers.
Wahaha , so damn fun!

We watched the other groups.
Hmm , not bad. And funny!
Group two , they got a nine.
We told ourselves we'll be getting at least a nine.
But , guess what? ;D

So it's our turn.
Quickly , we organised the props.
Then the two main actors started.
I "sold" the bag of cookie and book to An Qi.
Then she sat down and read while eating Jun Meng's cookie.
But she told that was hers , so she acted annoyed.
Really , her expressions were great!
While Jun Meng , his actions eating cookies were so funny!
Both of their acting combined , it became perfect!

Then , me , the flight announcer went ,
"Calling for Flight F123 , Flight F123 please board the gate now."
LOL. I was quite nervous... actually.
Then , me , again , the flight stewardess , pretended to serve Cheryl orange juice.
LOL. We're both laughing.
Then I went away while An Qi continued her acting.
LOLOL. Her scream when she found her bag of cookie!
Her guilty expression too! It was very funny!
Though it wasn't suppose to be...

Oh oh , and the results!
Teacher had a tough choice making decisions.
Wahaha , ours was organised and the flow was good.
YAY! But we let the "projecting" part.
Not everybody was speaking.
But well? We couldnt get everybody to speak.
Also , it was detailed.
Lol! Didn't thought my "serving orange juice" part was praised!
Oh yeah , we got a wonderful TEN!
For being organised , we got the extra one point!

YAY YAY! So , we won the prize.
The prize was a box of cookie wrapped in gift wrapper.
LOL! Anyway , better than nothing.
And so , we shared it among ourselves.
The narrators and main actors deserved an extra one.
Haha , they got two instead of one.

After that , went home.
Lucky it wasn't raining anymore.

Finished my post within time.
I'm going to sleep soon.
Tomorrow maths trail!
Had to wake up early...
After that still have to do project... Zzz.

Anyways , I have only FIVE more posts left to think of a new URL and make a new blogskin.
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Oh , sunday!
Sunday, March 15, 2009 ; 4:08 PM

Hey people.
It's sundae sunday!
But where's the sun?

Just now , there was heavy rain and wind.
The sound of the wind howling is like so loud?
And it sounds so funny.
Oh , the rain stopped already.

I'm quite bored.
So I'm working on my new skin.
You know , yesterday night , I was so bored til the extend that I did my homework.
On tpc , duh.

I don't want write the zuo wen and sui bi!
Eeek. Horrible.
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Saturday, March 14, 2009 ; 8:51 PM

Rawr. It's my DOMOKUN♥ pouch!

It's saturday , people!
This saturday is so bizzare. LOL.
Let's start this post.

The bus ride was looooong.
Maybe it's because today's a saturday.
Many getting on and off the bussie (LOL).
Haha. Luckily my teddy sms-ed me through the ride.
She killed my boredom and I killed hers. LOL.

We went to Bras Brasah to use up that book vouncher.
I wanted to buy a book de.
But cannot find.
Ended up my mum bought one.
Oh , and that's the main point of today's trip out.

Unplanned , we went to bugis.
We only wanted to eat something at first.
But then a Domo♥ purse grabbed my attention when I passed by a stall.
Then saw a wallet. But , it's $20.90! $_$
Obviously didn't bought it, although it's nice!
Oh , this reminded my mum that I'm getting a new wallet.
So , she suggested to go look at wallets upstairs.

On the way to the place we are going to eat at ,
I saw the girl from campus superstar!
She's very sweet-looking and pretty in real!
Haha , but she's short.
Hmm , I don't know what's her name but I just knew she's from campus superstar.

After we ate , we went up to the third floor.
WOW. So different.
The middle was renovated into a row of shops.
Managed by teens boss and for teens.
Omg omg. It's so awesome!
Saw very nice hoodies and clothes too!

Then then , a Domo♥ bag caught my eye!
So , we entered the shop.
They sell japan imported stuffs de!
And the ugly but cute monster and other stuff.
Lots of purses and wallets!
Browse browse browse.
Finally decided on a Domo♥ pouch (or is it considered a purse?) long enough to fit in two or five dollars notes. YAY!
It's not that ex also!
Almost bought a tissue packet pouch , if not for the price.
GAH. The stuff there are irresistable!

Then shopped for my laptop bag.
But didn't bought any.
Why? Because of the price.
Nice ones are so damn ex!
At least thirty plus? Some even sixty.
Then those cheap ones all so ugly.
And the budget set by mum is only like twenty??!

Later , we went downstairs.
Oh , today was the i WEEKLY party or something.
Have the milo van.
Then when to take milo.
Oh , guess what happened?
One side of the van is facing the road.
So of course , people also took milo from that side.
Because the side not facing the road is crowded.
Suddenly , one mini bus came in and its back hit into the side of the van.
OMG. People taking milo then were squashed.
Really , it must be terrible.
Then the driver instead of going forward , it went backwards even more.
OMG! Guess that the driver was not on purpose...
A big commotion was then created and people start crowding around.
Fortunately not many people were taking milo from that side of the van.
Finally the mini bus went forward.
Then a teen (or was he a man? half half ba) was so furious ,
that he walked very quickly to the driver , who was still in the mini bus.
He was shouting loudly when he's walking , with vulgarity I think.
What happened in the end I don't know.

After that , came home.
That's that. :D
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Last day of term one!
Friday, March 13, 2009 ; 8:29 PM

Happy birthday to those whose birthday is in term one!

Today is the very last day of term one!

First lesson , Physics.
Teacher spent time talking to us about internet safety.
And so on.
Physics homework use tpc do , hurray!

P.E. , wahaha.
Today for P.E. test , we played a match.
Teacher will see how we play it.
I think I'm getting a C.
Because I suck at sports. Soccer? OMG.
Next , I can't help but scream.
Whenever I got the ball , I scream.
That's because I'm at lost.
In the end anyhow kick. :X
Also , when I missed the ball , I scream.
The ball hit my leg and dirty it , I scream.
I get excited , I scream.

And oh yeah , like owner like teddy.
Teddy too , screamed.
Lol. But at least she played better than me.

During maths lesson ,
teacher was teaching non-stop.
OMG , I'm like still copying the thing then she start talking about another.
Then call my name answer the question.
Lucky it was an easy one.
I went completely HUH? Then Rebecca told me the answer.
If not , I'm dead already. x.x
We also got the bad news that we'll be getting three periods of CEP. OMG.

Chinese chinese!
We thought teacher would let us watch videos.
But he didn't. Aww. ):
Instead he handled with those naughty children.
Who didn't pass up homework , duh.

GAH. Literature.
You know what , me , Jie Ling and Jie Yin were arranged with Eugene and Jin Jing.
OMG OMG. That guy.
Then literature teacher gotten very angry because of us. O:
What more? We'll be doing a project together.
Must do it seriously. Help me pull my literature marks up.

For the biology workbook right ,
It's not that I didn't do my work or wait.
It's because I didn't know we should hand it up yesterday.
Then then then. Sigh...
I'm getting a late for it. O: O: O:

Lunch break! :D
I love 111! Lols.
We celebrated term one people's birthday at the canteen.
We also attracted the whole canteen's attention.
Haha , maybe their class don't do this.

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to all of you,
Happy birthday to you!


We sang that song three times.
One when we reached the canteen.
Sang again when Miss Saw came.
Another time for Miss Ng.

Cut the cake. Eat it up.
My lunch is the cake.
And I'm full already.
Thanks to Darren who bought it. Lols.

After that , the responsible cleanliness leader , not like somebody ,
cleaned up the table and wiped it clean.
With some helpful people helping of course.
Then that irresponsible fucker , die until don't know where already.

Back at class , I'm so angry I shouted like hell.
EH. Why the fuck did you volunteer to be a cleanliness leader ar?!
Your 报应 will come when it's time. Let me warn you.
I want the whole class , no , whole world , to know what a fucker you are.
Fuck you. I don't know why I waste my energy and breath for such a fucker like you.
I hate him like I've never hated anybody before.
Go suck ass la , GUJIANING.

Then it was geography.
Lol. Jie Yin drew a map with cartoons on it.
Sure made geography interesting!

Yay, enrichment! It was fun.
We did an activity whereby we continue what the previous person wrote.
Only allowed one word and three seconds.
Of course exceeded time limit!
We had a great laugh over those that we all wrote.
Our team wrote about how we rule. LOL.
It's very funny what nonsense came out from all the teams.
Then the Mr. Cheng (Spelled this way?) came in and scolded the other team for writing "you sux" in the activity. O.O?
What is so wrong with him..?
Oh yeah , that teacher.
That teacher who didn't accept me into Art & Design!
!@#$%&* I'm still hopping mad kayy!

After that we got back out report card.
Still okay. I think...
4 A1s. 1 failure. A few A2s and Bs. O:
6 out of 9 hitted target! YAY! :D
Lat me share with you some interesting parts of my remark from Miss Saw.
"An enthusiastic girl who..."
"Although she ... in taking up the role as the class cleanliness representative , she has shown that she's willing to learn and initiative can be seen on her part."
I really want to see what's on GUGUJIAO's remarks.
I bet it would be something like he's not responsible! >:O
HA! HA! I have initiative , not like somebody !!! >:P
My mum was quite okay with my results.
She's always on the "as long as you do your best" side.

The end.
Have a happy holiday! Hopefully.
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Tablet PC Fun!
Thursday, March 12, 2009 ; 8:38 PM

We brought tablet pc to school todayy!
Lessons are just usual...
For english holiday assignment , there's only one comprehension for me.
I've finished it already! Yay.

Chinese was just as usual.
Went through that COW comprehension.
I was doodling on that piece of newspaper during the lesson.
Guess I was too bored.
Later teacher check my file how?

Got performance from temple of fine arts.
Lolol. When the teachers from the temple of fine arts performed the music that time ,
Rebecca said she heard them singing HOLY CARE BEAR.
Then we passed this message on.
Wonder if it was passed til the end.
LOL. No offence...

After that they asked for volunteers to learn the dance.
Then the Suresh from 109 and another guy from dont know which class went up.
The way they danced was sissy but LOL.
Very entertaining. LOL.
They were like pulling their shorts up like how the dancers pull their skirts up.

History. It's the most interesting lesson of the day.
Mdm Yip had to host the teachers so we're left to do research.
Then we couldn't connect to internet.
So we did our own stuff.
I drew. Many others too.
TADA! Lols.
Domokun! Drew it out of boredom. :l

We also took pictures with the webcam.

Jie Yin don't want take photo! Have to pull her! Lols.

Jie Yin and me!

Sujata , Jie Yin , Vanessa and me! Omg , I look retarded.

Another version! Vanessa , me , Jie Yin and Sujata!

Fun fun. I can't wait to have proper tablet pc lessons!
Lols. That reminds me , I should take family photo with my soft toy!

CEP. Have CEP common test...
O.O CEP also can test de..??
Fill in the blanks.
I only knew how to do the values of the school de.
For those open-ended ones , I wrote crap.
Prepared to fail.

Oh yeah , tomorrow will get tpc collected to be configured.
And tomorrow will be last day of term 1!
As expected , we'll be getting the holiday assignments.
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I hate boys.
Wednesday, March 11, 2009 ; 9:00 PM

Just another day.
I got lots of things straighten out.
I know why I don't get any inspirations.
Because everyday I walk the same old road to school , had the same old boring lessons in school , take the same old bus back home and walk the same old road back home.
It's all the same. Nothing interesting.
Therefore , nothing to inspire me.
The end of this.

Next ,
I forgotten what else I got straighten out.
Good. No need type. LOL.

And and.
Today , Jelly and Jie Yin kept saying I don't look like an only child.
Jelly said only child should be like Amanda. (???)
Jie Yin said only child should be more emo de.
LOLs. Hahahaha.

Oh and.
I repeat , I HATE BOYS!
The boys in our class are fucking noisy , nasty and irritating.
Everytime , had to be shouted at the shut up.
They can't seem to control themselves from playing.

Stupid , idiotic , retarded.
Like no words can describe.
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Sick Tuesday
Tuesday, March 10, 2009 ; 9:10 PM

Not much to say for today.
Just lesson lesson lesson.
I went to school with flu.
And duh , I'm very cold during lesson time.

Hmm... I'm not updating that frequently this few days.
I'm busy... Busy with schoolwork.
I'm also thinking of a new URL for my blog.
And considering which type I skin I should make.
One , a skin based on my sketching , more of a "mature" kind?
Two , a skin based on my digital art , more of the "cute side"?
Normally I make these decisions myself , but I'm really at lost now.
So , do me a favour by telling me your opinion.
Obviously , the "cute" kind suit me more cause I'm not mature de.
But then...?

Projects are coming in and we had to do it during the march holidays.
Yes , I'll be even more busy although it's holiday.
Of course , I'll keep my thursday free for my beloved 6 Amethyst.
And the other weekdays , I'll be busy with holiday assignment and projects.
School. It's getting more and more terrible.
I'm daydreaming in class more and more often.
I'm also not paying attention in class that much.
Schooling tired me out.
It's not that I want to not pay attention.
But I'm not given a choice , I'm handling all those schoolwork.

And today , it's worst.
Down with flu and lack of sleep.
I spent almost forty-five minutes of my sleeping time to complete my project's script.
So , forty-five minutes is very important for sick people.
I went sneezing and sneezing today.
It was bad. Really bad.
My nose is stuck almost throughout the day.
And it is still stuck now , unless I sneeze.

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Friday + Kinder Joy!
Friday, March 6, 2009 ; 9:06 PM

Hello hello.
This is my very first post on my tablet pc.
Oh boy , I love it.
Can draw for all I want! Haha.
But then , the screen very wide..
Then my blog look so weird in it.
And the screen is short also. Zzz.

Anyway , today is friday. YAY.
Apart from maths , we got back all our results le.
Geography , all I could do is sigh.
Yes , I did get quite high for the class test.
But no no , the common test is a complete different thing.
Don't pin high hopes on me.
I've completely failed myself for the geography common test.

Oh yeah , many teachers wanted us to return to our original seating.
NO WAY, no way I'm going back to that seating.
No more Jie Yin. T-T
And Jie Ling will be horizontally behind me , and not beside!
Also don't have Vanessa beside me...
And got GUGUJIAO. Eeeeeeek.


Today also have leadership programme.
Oh , I'm a "I" , can't you tell?
Yup yup , influential.
In other words , talkative.
But at least , I know when to talk and when not to.
Unlike some idiotic people.
We also built a bomb shelter. Lols.

Came home.
My mum bought me a kinder joy!
YAY. But it's more expensive le.
Now $1.80 ++ per kinder joy.
Unlike last time , one box with three only $3 ++.
But then but then , it's nicer!
The packaging also very nice!
And me so bad luck.
My kinder joy toy got one part not given.
I guess they left it out accidentally.
I want my toy! ):
Never mind , can always buy again! :D

I hate boys , again.
They made me hate them.
They're so irritating , noisy , idiotic , troublesome , annoying , noob-ish , brainless , selfish , mean , bad , nasty etc.
Oh , fyi , I'm referring to 111's boys , most of them.
Retarded. How retarded.
Now , don't be offended that I'm fierce to you boys ,
Cause you all annoyed me in the first place.
Watch out , like I say , I can be really fierce.
Just you see.
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Tablet PC!
Thursday, March 5, 2009 ; 8:58 PM

Shoosh shoosh shoosh.
My darling tablet pc is charging.
It just came back home , it needs resting.
I've finally brought it back to its home sweet home. Haha.
So , being its owner , I shall not disturb its rest.
By taking photos of it. Lol.

Ah yes... Today.
First lesson in the morning was music. O.O
We were walking along second floor corridor.
Passed by 109's classroom.
Then the Suresh said , "I pity 111."
We asked , "Why?"
He answered , "Hai... First lesson of the day then music."

I totally agreed. And it was totally true.
The fucking Miss Yeo say what she's in the discipline cord and whatever rubbish.
Then she went round pin-pointing about attire.
She almost spoilt my day. Almost.

Got back chinese results.
Rebecca not happy.
And I hate JieLing for scoring so well.
FORTY-SIX marks. O: O: O:
Not me of course , her.
And me , I'm so sad I didn't hit forty.

We got another history project.
Geeee. We're acting this time.
Sounds fun. Who knows?

YES. Collection of tablet pc.
Oh , we're the last class to get it.
But it's okay , we still get it anyway.
The whole thing was so exciting.
Then we went through training.

After that ,
Carried the heavy box home. Alone.
Poor thing right? Lols.
But even if my mum come fetch me ,
She also can't help carry. Cos it's heavy.
On my way to bus-stop , met Nicholas and Sherwin.
Then the Nicholas dont know tell me what what. LOL.

And yes , tomorrow got dental.
Had to skip PE...
Long time didn't went for dental checkup le.

That's about all I'm not lazy to type.
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Annual Road Run & Mass Games + Project at Rebecca's house
Wednesday, March 4, 2009 ; 9:10 PM

The Green Ones!

I scared I lost control of myself and couldn't stop blogging. LOL.
But , it's okay , as long as I can finish it in time. :D

Today. Is road run! *Faints*
At first when we were called to do girl guides' duty ,
I was half-happy , half-not happy.
Need not run , great.
But but , cannot wear class tee nor go for class picnic.
Boo. I don't want to.
So I was kinda glad when it was cancelled for us.

Yes. Road run.
This morning took cab with mum to west coast.
She agreed to take cab as bus will take very long to reach. Haha!
Then we arrived. It was early.
Lots of people were at the Mcdonalds'.
I walked walked to grand lawn.
Saw that Hovan. LOL.
I guess he saw my mum so didn't say HI to me.
Oh , I was glad that he didn't.
But both of us exchanged those about to laugh glances.
After that saw Vanessa (Wong) they all.
I was on my way to Mcdonalds' to meet numberSEVENTEEN. Lols.
Found her inside Mcdonalds' and brought her to the grand lawn.

After some time people gradually came in.
Oh , another two classes also had green tee.
Some classes don't have tee.
So the busybody me and Jie Yin went to take a "walk",
To look at people's tee designs.
What can I say? Lols.

While waiting , we were making stars with fingers and legs.
Hehe , fun fun. Refer to above pictures ba! :D

Soon after we sang the national anthem and school song.
Maybe it's because the music was soft ,
So it seemed that our singing was loud.

And oh yeah , Mr Foo told us about yesterday.
We managed to evacuate near to two thousand people within fifteen minutes.
The police were also impressed with how we evacuated.
Woohoo! Well done Nan Hua. LOL.
I heard that NUS High , the teacher "escorted" the pupils out.
LOL. As heard from Yee Shuin of course.
She also said that they took quite sometime to get out cause of that.

Then , it was the commencement of the road run already.
Sec 4s went first. Followed by sec 3s , sec 2s and US!

When we started running , I could see that a few sec 4s finishing.
WOWOW. Then me? Walking. Haha.
I was walking walking running running like that.
Now , I've only got one sentence to say :
I've survived through hell , fortunately.

Next up , Mass Games and class picnic.
Arrange arrange , eat eat.
Then it was the games.
We lost all the matches.
I cheered for them til my throat burst can.
Well , I can only say that we lack of skill , height and roughness.
They were too gentle le , people "took advantage" of them.
But , it's okay oneELEVEN ,

Oh , I said that to comfort all of you.
LOL. Like there was even friendship between everyone.
Everyone. Boys AND girls. LOL.

Then it was the end for us.
So , being the cleanliness leader , I'm in charge of keeping the place clean.
And , I was happy because that GUGUjiao didn't come.
But he was just late. Eek. He did play the last match.
Ya , about the cleaning part.
Oh , if he didn't do anything as a cleanliness leader this time ,
I'll give him a big slap on his face and ,
Go to Miss Saw and ask her to sack him.

So he did something.
He held the rubbish bag and became a rubbish bin.
And me? I shout til my throat broke and still get ignored by some boys.
Ended up I have to shout into their ears to get them to do duty.
I told everybody that if they dont make the place clean ,
I'll make sure they clean the whole field.
Well , of course I didn't mean it.
But if it is really dirty , I'll really make a request to let 111 clean the whole field.
Try me , I dare you. See what I can do if I'm fed up.
Actually I wasn't angry , it's so hard to be angry. Lols.

At least , the place is clean.
Haha , I'm cooled down le.

After that , prize ceremony.
We were all roasted alive during the whole thing.
The sun's burning up man.

Finally , finally , it's over.
Then went to take bus to Rebecca's house with Yu Hong , Jie Yin and Rebecca.
Most the NanHuarians are taking 176 , the only bus at that only bus-stop.
So the whole situation at the bus-stop was ROFL.
Everybody was kia-su. Duh , who's not?
Especially when it's so crowded.
So when we all saw the bus coming , we crowded at the spot where the bus is most probably to stop.
Unexpectedly , the bus overshot.
Then everybody was practically running towards the bus.
Lucky we're near the left side , we got on the bus!

The bus was packed with people.
Colourful people. Who were wearing colourful tees.
So we jerked and fell and hold and whatever on the bus.
When arriving Jurong Library's stop , there was a slope.
When going down , it was so funny.
We all are standing. And it's very not balance.
So when the bus went down the slope ,
The whole bus is screaming.
Or was it just me? LOL.

(Will continue the rest of story tomorrow due to time constraint)

Oh ya , tomorrow getting our chinese paper.
OMG. I'm so excited.
Heard from Mr Lim 我考得不错 .
What's his defination of 不错 ?
Gee. I hope I get above forty. O:

AND AND. Tomorrow getting our Tablet PC le!
Finally , finally! I'm so excited.
Just one more night Tablet PC , I'll take you home. (:
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Happy Tuesday
Tuesday, March 3, 2009 ; 8:23 PM

Road Run tomorrow! Wear Class Tee!

Today was our last common test paper.
Mathematics! Apart from two questions , it was quite okay.
Hope hope get quite good marks for that!

Oh yeah. Got back history results.
I didn't get full marks. T-T
Two marks to full marks! The two marks!

Physics. We did experiment.
A lot people didn't read instructions.
Made teacher angry and said she won't be giving us our paper.
Wow. She marks at a remarkable speed! One day only!
But of course , she didn't mean it.
We still got back our paper for corrections after all.
Gee. The marks are better than I've expected.

And maths lesson. Wahaha.
At first , teacher scared us by saying ,"We'll be going through common test 2009 corrections."
Oh , she meant that we'll be going through corrections only.
She haven't mark the paper...
If she did, she'll be Super Miss Er ! O:
Thanks to teacher , I'm happy once more.

It went like this :
Teacher called me to go up to do the question.
(Oh that one I know how do.)
At first thought was unlucky.
But it turned out the right opposite.
Teacher called Jia Ning also.
Hurray , hurray , and some more hurrays!
He's a blind , deaf , stupid , retarded GUGU.
Really. I beat him. I did I did!
I copied the question , so much faster than him.
Then I do do do , he still stuck.
And somemore need his friends tell him the question copied wrongly.
While he is still stuck , I finished le.
I did proud for myself and the girls can.
HOR! Most of my friends know that I hate him so damn lot.
So so , obviously , they were happy for me!

Thank you thank you all of you for the applause!
It made me happier , so much more.

HA. This proves that academic-wise , I'm better than him.
AND. Responsibility-wise , I'm also better than him.
Til now , I've never heard him utter a word about his duty as a cleanliness leader.
He's so dead and doom. Let's see what I can do. Just wait and see.

English english.
I wasn't paying attention at all.
I was highlighting my book. Lol.
That explains why I read the wrong page when teacher called me to read.
LOL. It was so sudden. And somemore teacher call full name!

During PC , something "big" happened.
There was an announcement :
This is an important announcement ,
An incident happened at the HDB constuction site beside our school.
The police are doing the investigation.
All the school's personnel including the teachers and students have to get out of the school NOW.

Everybody was so anxious.
They immediately pack up.
Okay fine , pot calling kettle black.
I'm also one of them. LOL.
Went out put books in locker.
So anxious that I panicked.
Then lucky got friends help.
Managed put it in.

On our way to the bus-stop.
It was so crowded. Lots of NanHuarians.
Everybody went , "Guess what happen?" , "Eh, maybe is..." , "You know what happened?"
Lols. After that took Alicia's car home.

I sat infront of the TV to watch the whole news.
Oh. Got report got report!
It was a World War Two Bomb , from the Japanese war.
Oh , an antique! LOL. Very old le wor.
Then at five-thirty today , they bombed it.
Nan Hua and NUS High was evacuated although it did us no harm.
Reporters went into our school to take photo of the construction site with better view.
Lols , I sounded like a news reporter.
FYI , I watched channel 8 de news.

Hurrays again!
Saw the advertisement for the new Kinder Joy.
Oh , Kinder Joy is the new version of Kinder Surprise.
Kinder Surprise had disappeared from the market for so long.
How much I miss it! Finally it's back.
I'm getting Kinder Joy , I'm getting Kinder Joy!

Hmm... Today so weird.
During lunch break and exchange of period for english and PC ,
I suddenly got headache. For few seconds. O:
Then when walking home , my ankle hurts again.
Well , actually during school got pain little bit le.
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The first day of the new month
Sunday, March 1, 2009 ; 9:26 PM

Oh. Hello! How are you recently?
It's a new month already , it's march!
Oh how time flies. It just flew out of the window!
Let's count , one , two. Two months had just gone past!

In this two months ,
I had became so stressed out.
I had thought of many many things.
I had missed 6Amethyst a lot a lot of times.
I had made quite a lot of new friends.
I've found my teddy and her family of teddies , which includes Seventeen and Nineteen. Hehe.
Of course , they are also my good friends in school , not just my teddies.

So much had gone by.
And so much is going to come.

Looking forward to the coming tuesday ,
When common test ends.
To the coming wednesday ,
When we are running on the road. Road run.
To the coming thursday ,
When I get my very own Tablet PC.
When I can start "drawing" my own blogskin.
When I can draw very well on sketchfu and sketchstar.
When I can draw my "ten-cent coin comic".
To the coming march holidays ,
When I can meet with my beloved 6 Amethyst.

There's so much to look forward to and get over.
Good luck for all these.

And an announcement :
I'll be changing link again when I reached my 2ooth post , currently at 184th. Any objections against me changing link? Haha. Also , I'll be changing the whole blogskin too , maybe using back brown , or changing to grey.
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