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260 for PSLE
Saturday, September 27, 2008 ; 10:48 PM

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My wishlist
; 10:12 PM

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008 ; 8:47 PM

Gd day!

Hehe... I used the computer at 4pm today cos I finished all my hmwk le. Incl of the 3 papers and 1 given today. 4pm then use cos i busy sms-ing. (again..sigh)

Ok. Just a conclusion. Only 3 ppl realised that I didn't wear a hairband to school today and they told me. They were : Vanisri , An Qi and er... I think is Ying Li. Just 3 ppl la.

I don't want to blog anymore.

From next Monday onwards , I WON'T USE THE COMPUTER , UNTIL 9 Oct 08.
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Monday, September 22, 2008 ; 9:49 PM

This is LOL!

Mmmm.... Delicious... Isn't it? :D
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; 8:40 PM

Hi ?
Hi !!!!

Lol , my hair is growing longer , messier , untidier , curlier. Always curl here and there and MESSed up. O.o

Now now... I almost finished 3 english paper in one go... Lol.. not exactly almost but... Currently , I only have compre OE of the 3 papers and 1 vocab cloze and 1 synthesis. Lol. Shall I do it now? Tmr got tuition... Sigh.. But.. Tmr is the 2nd last tuition...!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD Yay yay.

Hmm... Today morning when I went to school I was so tired. Probably lack of sleep. Here how it goes: Ytd night... I was suppose to be in bed and sleep at 11.30p.m. (cos sunday) but I was so excited cos I thought of PSLE coming near and NO MORE tuition..! I was thinking of how to celebrate and go out with friends... take neoprints... etc.! I was so very excited know. I even sang at the volume of whispering. I did not lie down. I sat up right... Laughing silently to myself... Cosing myself to be so tired today morning. Lol.

Now now... I no longer enjoy playing habbo cos my habbo sis or rather best fren's laptop is smashed. So she can't use. Then nothing to do , don't feel like playing. Blalalala~ Now , I'm enjoying watching stop motion on youtube... many creative ones... looking for insiparation for my own stop motion after PSLE.

Let me give u an example. This is not stop motion though , hand-drawn animation rather.
Erm... This person drew all that on his own... on whiteboard , no digital help at all. That's y I 佩服 that person... He could link it up , so naturally and it's very interactive. From one idea to another , in between , that kind of linking up. And that person could involve a 3D world into a 2D one. WOW. And somemore it is hand-drawn. It is not edited by computer at all know...

Dk what to say.
Have a nice tuesday , tmr!
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Relax ba.
Sunday, September 21, 2008 ; 5:46 PM

So have you studied hard?
Hope you did !
Cos I did...!

To reward you little peeps...
I'll post this comic strip!
*Click on photo to make it BIGGER!*
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Saturday, September 20, 2008 ; 8:31 PM

Hi hi AGAIN!


Totally agree with Alicia... Yup... Not suppose to go out... But anyway I needed to go out for my lessons right... And erm... Need to go out buy something and play gachapon.. if not no more le..! So really really sorry.... O.o Study hard tomorrow! XD


I like the feeling of saturday school ! XD

But i may dislike it if it's to often..

13 days :D

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Saturday XD
; 10:35 AM

Today is SATURDAY!!!!
Came back home from maths mock exam...
Hmm... How much you rate the paper?
I rated 4 1/2... Our school's prelim.. Got 1 question can't solve and this RGPS' prelim got 3 question either can't solve or do until halfway dunno.

Let me show you my latest addition ( decoration ) to my study desk...


(After me decorating the photo)



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Late for tuition
Thursday, September 18, 2008 ; 9:29 PM

Late for tuition again
SAME old BORING tuition...
luckily time past fast...
very fast 6.30p.m. le

I guess , I simply got to get my mother to confiscate my handphone..
I REALLY could not control not sms-ing... 10 - 15 sms PER DAY ? What a joke.
My mother kept emphasizing to my father saying nowadays we "teenagers" very waste sms , one letter (like ok / k) also send one sms.. Then she say what ask me to gather all the replies and combine it in one sms and send it. I was totally (~.<)" can ar? answer is , as if as if...

Now , I really hate using computer. for long long time. I just don't get it. Later need edit my compo and hand in tmr as second draft.

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O.o I really bursted my phone bill...
Wednesday, September 17, 2008 ; 9:04 PM



It is to me the most not-busy day in the whole week! Why ? cos school end at only 1.30p.m. and there is no supp class ! And lucky us , today only 2 HCL papers!!!! I finished them and left 1 open ended question ... then i watch suite life of zack and cody! LOL , then 6.30p.m. when programme ended go back do last question. Ta!

But before dinner...
My father went to check the mailbox and the phone bill was here!
My phone bill really really BURSTED ! That was something I never wanted it to happen... Normally it's $30 plus only... I expected it to burst , cos I sms-ed so frequently , LOL , but i did not expect it to burst until like that... how much ? From $30 plus to $80 plus REACHING $90!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OMg. Burst burst.... and how much did i spent (or rather , wasted) on sms ? Hmm... Let me tell you ... I've sent a total of 1335 sms , about $72 , and I had a discount of free 500 sms ($25) but it did not help.... The bill still went up like dk wad ! Ya ya... Got nag and scolded and nag and scolded... Now most probably
gonna be banned from using , or rather , control myself (as if i can)... They say , the average of sms I sent a day , for the past month , is about 30 sms. Now , they limit me to 10 - 15 sms a DAY. OMG , how is that possible ? But the thing is , I DON'T RECEIVE or SEND sms EVERYDAY... only on weekends or weekdays with friends chatting with me... Ok... If it was a day when I was chatting with a lot for a long time , i would send about a few hundreds of sms... probably...


Then , i pack my bag.
Pack pack pack.
Pack maths mock paper file , cos Mdm Tan checking tmr.
LOL , there was this situation :
As some papers were seperated (Sections A & B seperated from C) and they were not labelled which school that was , I had to match them. Then , I found one part and found another part , I put them together and thought to myself , "hmm... this looks matching , they must be from the same paper! "

Nothing to say
for now
I don't really feel like using the computer already...
But don't use computer , nothing to do..
Just click click click .

Ooops... MAYBE , there'll be trouble tmr...
IF that's gonna happen it really... sucks

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Sunday, September 14, 2008 ; 9:15 PM

Today is sunday
19 days to PSLE

Do homework
Do until whole afternoon although i did most of it on friday
I haven't finish reader's digest wksht..
I wish that Mrs. Leong tuesday then go through...
I want to be disobedient this time , I shall not do it...

But what
P6 stay at home
don't even have celebration..
how can u celebrate??

Work hard ba~!
Let me motivate you...
Using the power of LOVE
are you motivated now?
I don't even CARE if you are.

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; 8:34 PM

Pui Yee's Plan for her Primary School Leaving Examination


Valid from 2nd Oct 08 to 9th Oct 08
  • Computer will not be allowed to be switched on THROUGHOUT the above period
  • Handphone will not be allowed to switched on on 3rd , 6th , 7th & 8th Oct 08
  • Handphone will only be allowed to be switched on 4th Oct 08 from 10p.m. to 11.59p.m. and 12a.m. to 12.30a.m. on 5th Oct
  • Will not be allowed to step out of the house unnecessarily except going to school
  • On weekdays , only allowed to watch television from 7p.m. to 8p.m. and maximum 1 hour in the afternoon


Valid from 2nd Oct 08 to 9th Oct 08

  • 100% concentration is required
  • Breaks in between are allowed , maximum of 15 minutes each
  • Study desk must be cleared
  • Minds must be cleared from thoughts other than studies

(Will be further edited in the time to come)

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A rare post :)
Friday, September 12, 2008 ; 4:10 PM

Such a rare time i'll post...
My family's not at home , so I'm HOME ALONE , to do homework...
But you know , it's impossible to stare at the homework with the computer beside you , isn't it?

I watched Avril Lavinge Live in Singapore , ON YOUTUBE...
It's true , $85 , see what? Avril of an ant's size? If not , the real size on the screen...

I wish that Avril Lavinge Live in Singapore's DVD will be out on sale...
I will DEFENITELY buy it...
If not , I'll wait till the next concert in Singapore , and go and watch her.
By then , I should be old enough.

Avril had curled her hair , it's not normal small curls , but big curls... She tied one side of her hair up too... Like the other youtube users , I agree that it does not suit her... Straight hair is nicer... I think , she put on weight.. That's what I observe...

Just see it for yourself , if you are interested.

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Hi again! (:
Thursday, September 11, 2008 ; 9:24 PM


Homework all monday pass up...




I just when out for dinner at a restaurant in balestier , it's so far away the journey there sure is long...

I brought along Mrs Kek's science paper to do... And I passed by orchard road , how i wish i could alight and... go shopping or just walk around.... The evening orchard road is so beautiful , so attractive , I stared at it , it sure did make me feel relaxed... It's been very long since I could experience this kinda feeling....

I feel like writing such a note then : Mrs Kek , I am doing your paper in a taxi travelling along Orchard Road... The feeling was so nice... Mrs Kek , enjoy marking my paper :)

Dinner.... The restaurant is very famous of its chicken rice. Air-conditioner , very cold , especially when i drink cold coke somemore.... Why go there? Cos relatives come to Singapore , then go there eat.... lol. And like 8pm plus , go home... (FINALLY!)

Take taxi.... reach home like 8.45pm like that... Phew, tomorrow still have listening... Come home , rest , pack bag , and talk to you! :D

Did i mentioned i went to chinese garden (with a whole lot of KIDS , not exactly all though)the previous Friday ? Let me upload some photos ba...

CINAMOROLL is so cute!!!

Muack muack i love it!


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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 ; 9:07 PM

23 days away people!



I want it to come.... FASTER !


Let me show u this photo...

Before (Above)

After (Above)


That's the Kinder Bueno Mdm Tan gave to us... (Sorry so late upload) I put in my bag , the space where you put water bottle , for the WHOLE DAY... Which means , from morning till 3.30pm :O

Yup , it melted like don't know what le. Let me give you a brief description... The cream inside , the caramel , had melted... The "designs" (lines) on the chocalate bar could not be seen... The brown chocalate coating melted , the caramel inside could be seen , there was white white like that. And let me tell you , (in the "before" photo) that's after freezing in the section where you freeze ice for about an hour plus...


Difference : Before , the original packaging. After , after the chocalate bar is in my tummy XD


(>.~)" Tmr... won't be able to post... i think... although that's quite some to post!

Every thursday : A long day in school till 3.30pm , go home have a little afternoon snack , take a shower , do tuition homework , hopefully can do some school work , go tuition at 4.45pm , tuition back at around 6.45pm , have dinner , cannot go to room do homework untill 8pm , my mum will be angry, 8pm go to room rush rush rush, sometime do till 9pm plus , sometime earlier , if nothing to revise , switch on the computer , and see you... 10pm , get out of room , brush teeth , prepare for tomorrow , probably pack bag too if didn't earlier , have "sweet" dreams , wake up the next day.....

Friday thoughts : YAY friday already!!!! 1 week past.... 3 more weeks to PSLE! ^.^

Buh-bye darlings , hope to see you tomorrow , see you! Muack muack muack ! XD


I wanted this : http://www.strapya-world.com/products/18294.html stroll down down down...

calculated... around 10 SGD ! OMG.

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Monday, September 8, 2008 ; 6:23 PM

Let me tell you what I am doing now...
I've finished my situation writing sometime ago and now ,
I am finding out the pattern for the question Mdm Tan gave us and also solving the number of squares for that question... WHILE listening to music from my handphone XD
I just felt the sudden urge to on the computer and TAAAA it's on , LOL... Shh... Don't laugh so loud , my mum outside , luckily I closed my room door , probably she doesn't know I've on the computer ! Hehe...

ok , I'll continue later what happened in school today...


P.S. My blog is QUIET again.... Can you just TAG? It's too simple , let me explain : you clicked on
"tag" sign at the left hand side of my blog , scroll down , click on the message box , type anything or simply a few letters , click on the name box , enter your name and click "go" or hit enter and TAAAAA the tag is THERE!
Can it get any easier ? {the answer is defenitely , NO}
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27 days
Saturday, September 6, 2008 ; 10:24 PM

Hehe... The button above not I request to make one...
I found it while browsing around blog etc. templates sites...
Coincidentally , its my chinese name ! XD


How I wish PSLE is over...
Cos I've got a lot of things to do...
Let's talk about PC related ones....
1)I will play habbo
2)My rich SG habbo sis promised me Habbo CLUB
3)I will make a blogskin for my blog
4)I will take photos of my gachapon collection
5)I will make my little productions gallery blog
6)I will make a blogskin for my little productions gallery blog
7)I will ask Freda about blogskin making
8)I will also ask Freda about buttons making
9)I will find out more about blogskin and buttons making
10)I will start on my new stop-motion project
11)I will improve and continue my previous stop-motion project
12)I will surf deviant art
13)I will create a new animation character relating to symbols faces
14)I will work on that new animation character
15)I will go find and watch cute cute videos on youtube
16)I will make another handphone theme
17)I will make a video for our class
18)I will make photos with friends into neoprints-like
19)I will download some games for my DS
20)I will find cute pics on photobucket
Actually , that's all I could think of for NOW , which means there's gonna be additions next time...

FYI > If you don't know what's stop-motion , go search "stop-motion" on youtube... And to Ying Li : it's the videos I've sent you earlier this year...
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Thursday, September 4, 2008 ; 10:38 PM

Here's the video!!!

Sorry sometimes the video can't be played and I don't know why... :X
Just bear with it , if i realise i will try to embed it again...
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It's just another post , what do u expect?
Wednesday, September 3, 2008 ; 8:36 PM


Another Post

I'm so lazy to post nowadays...


Today , Mdm Tong was not here ! (YAY!) And we could all go home at 10 a.m. plus... Me , Yee Shuin and Su Ning walked home together and Su Ning said that she did not want to go home and wanted to come to my house and so she went home with me...

We just settled down when suddenly the phone rang...! It was Hui Wen and Ying Li !!! They called to ask if they could come... Of course they could! It was the first time Ying Li came to my house and I was very surprise that she was allowed to come...

When they reached , they were surprised to see Su Ning , LOL , especially Hui Wen cos she wanted to ask her to go out at first... IT was then that I know that they walked halfway and decided to come! ^.^ And I also know why Ying Li could come when she told me then...

We played computer , chit-chat , Su Ning and Hui Wen played DS , me and Ying Li talk about stuff and used the computer... Lol , as u know, there's simply nothing to do at my house...

We were chatting while eating lunch and I like this kind of feeling... Maybe the next time you can experience this "together-with-friends" feeling is AFTER PSLE! Lol...

After sometime they went home , about 1 p.m. ...

It was really a surprise that we ended up having a gathering rather then supp class as I was still worried about how I would "survive" the 2 hours of CHINESE LESSON...

ROFL ppl...

Wait a while... I'll come back in a min!

*Goes off*

*Comes back in*


Ok , I've finished making the video for the meleka trip ... lol , i left it there for don't know how long le...

Here it is!

(Sorry VIDEO not up) Refer to next post pls....

Alright , ugly pics don't laugh , cos it should not always be too nice... As you know , I took photo of every single person or thing possible (and i ran out of battery on the first day).... So , there's photos whereby people are ugly and beautiful too , right?

Don't Mind.x

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