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Wednesday, September 30, 2009 ; 9:01 PM

It was raining this morning.
Went back to class.
Then went to hall for Closure Day assembly.

The teachers' skit damn funny! :D
Miss Er is so cute in uniform! She even tied plaits. :D
Then suddenly play the Paradise song.
The Munchin (Mr Mun :D) came in and pretended to play the guitar.
LOL. He was the Nan Hua idol and all the girls were crazy over him.
LOL. Mr Mun also wore uniform!
He looks more shuai then usual.
Because the white uniform creates a contrast to his skin colour , as Jelly had said.

We had bio practical today! :D
LOL. Something always happen to Jelly during bio prac.
That time , she got iodine on her book.
This time , she got the agar on her worksheet.
And the worksheet had to be thrown away because it is so called contaminated. LOL :D
The whole agar plate landed on her worksheet. O:

It was fun.
We did that assets worksheet again.
Bleh , why score 8 need stand. :l
Then must say the asset that I disagree with.
LOL. Optimistic. :D
I'm not optimistic. At least I don't think so. :D

JELLY! Jelly got nine and above.
LOL. We got a chance to praise her. (:

Then we got our class photo!
I was so excited for it! :D
LOL. The class photo very funny lo.

James :
Formal - *Smiles* :)
Informal - *Smile showing teeth* :D
He totally didn't move at all. LOL.

Ryan :
Formal - *No expression* :l
Informal - *No expression* :l
Also didn't move at all. LOL.

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Out-Of-Boredom Post
Tuesday, September 29, 2009 ; 9:16 PM

I'm bored.
I don't have enough wool to continue. :l
Thats why I'm bored.
Gah , need go buy again. :l
Nevermind if you don't understand what I'm saying.

Yesterday and yesterday's yesterday ,
I was lazy to post.

First lesson was Maths.
Did the graph groupwork and lesson.
English , four lists spelling.

Elit , boring.
Biology , so-so.
Geography , I forgotten what we did.
Miss Nornie looks like an egytian with that hairstyle. :X
Art , just like that.
ACC , the test , a lot is totally HUH one.
Guessed alot.

Walked to bus stop with Marissa and Cheryl.
They're two little cute kids. (:
When walking to bus stop, we saw a squirrel in the tree!
The tail so long and furry! :D
Gah. It ran up before we can take a proper photo of it. ):
Marissa and Cheryl said they'll be meeting up in their dream to disneyland.
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Three days
Friday, September 25, 2009 ; 9:05 PM

Three days didnt post.
Hahahaha. Busy with my own stuff.

Oral on wednesday.
Tough. Tough topic.
Hygiene. :l
It made me stuck in the middle of the conversation. :l

YAY LIYEE! She drawn something for me. xD

Today. :D
Language paper 1.
Bleh. So difficult.
The English one , I'm afraid I 离题.
I wrote the misunderstanding cause embarrassment one.
Gah. Gah. Gah.

Recess ,
Maths ,
Wee ~ Teacher didnt come.
Got a relief teacher. Bahaha.
I discovered Qiao Le really draw very very well.
Beyond our age kind. Woah.
She even draw the pictures out in her notes.

Lunch ,
Chinese paper 1.
Ahhh omg.
Sihan was alright.
But I dont have alot to write. :l
Compo = Disaster man.
All the questions so hard.
First one , foolishness causing misunderstanding.
Yes yes , I did wrote that before and got quite good.
But then hor , this is I myself misunderstand , I wrote that one is my friend misunderstand.
Haiya. I'm totally stuck at the storyline.
That means doom lo.
My vocab also not very good. Good phrases very little.
I wrote the very sad one.
I scared I 离题 again. AHHHH.

Then went to the bus stop with Cheryl.
When we were walking to the backgate , we saw a car.
Inside got a puppy! :D
It came towards the window to see us.
HAHAHA. Cheryl say it is attracted by her drumsticks.
LOL. The puppy is cute. (:

I want them take bus home with me.
Bleh. Cos hor , today , unfortunately , met that bunch of guys.
Meaning I taking same bus as them. :l

Cheryl! They didnt bully me. :D
Didnt even talk to me. :D
There was lots of people on the bus.

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Friday, September 18, 2009 ; 9:25 PM

Home econs prac exam was a disaster.
Shall not talk about it.

Hmm , we used tpc for maths.
Continued using through history, although wasnt suppose to.
And Miss Saw walked pass our class and saw us using tpc. :X
HAHAHA , I was playing bumper stars with Jie Yin.
Then , I played icy slicy and club penguin on Miniclips. :D
Thats how I made it through history lesson. :D

Lunch , I ate my fried rice.
Yummmmmy. LOL.

Physics , bleh , my diagram totally off.
English , english test.
LOL , I started drawing on my hand after I've finished my paper.

After school. :D
Planned to go home with Jie Yin , Hui Lynn and Cheryl.
OMG , Cheryl damn cute can!
She made the little boy with some wooden stuff from daiso. :D
We went to canteen to eat.
I ate my fruits , then Cheryl gave me chocolate syrup.
AH OMG , so niceeee!
Thanks Cheryl! Fruits dipped in chocalate syrup is nice. (:

Then Hui Lynn and Jie Yin started to take photos of me.
And I covered myself with chocolate syrup. :D

Then it started raining heavily.
Very very very heavily.
But Cheryl and I wanna go home. ):
But Jie Yin , Hui Lynn and Mavis don't. ):

Finally , Jie Yin got an umbrella.
Then all of us decided to brave the weather with our home econs stuff. :D

You know , Cheryl was helping me hold my umbrella.
Because I'm carrying so much stuff , such a cute kind soul. :D
Then , she was covering our faces with umbrella when we're walking in the shelter.
And you know what she told me , LOL.
"Pui Yee , you know how famous you are , so you must cover your face."
CHERYL! LOL. Ya , some paparazzi were trying to take photo of me just now.

Then we walked.
Haiyo , LOL.
It is the fifth unglam thing to walk in the rain with bulky stuffs.
There were plenty of times I wish I could take a photo of what I see but I could get my phone out to take. Blehh.
Thats when I hope I have a camera in my eye.
And when I blink , it would take a photo. :D

We went under the flats to reach the bus stop.
Then hor. There's this guy , who looks like is in sec sch , and this younger guy , who looks like is in primary sch.
I dont know what the younger guy did , but it made the older guy shout his lungs off.
And his shout is can hear from very very very far kind.
Cheryl and Hui Lynn say the younger guy might be his younger bro.
I feel very scared for the younger guy.
He might be bashed up eh.

And LOL , somebody shouted "Shut up , bastard!"
Then that older guy shouted back "Fuck off la!" something like that.

Reached the bus stop , finally.
A few minutes after we reached , my bus came. O:
YAY. Went home and sleep. :D
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No Miss Saw Day
Wednesday, September 16, 2009 ; 9:12 PM

I'm happy today.
Although I'm abit quiet inthe morning.

First time in history , ya know. :D

Woah , this would be the happiest day of 111.
Because , coincidentally , there is two hours of Miss Saw today.
Yay , our life got better today , without her.

First lesson , chinese.
Baa , what did we do?
Let me think. OH YA.
Compo. Ghost ghost compo.
We had to write about ghostly experience.
Bleh , goosebumps.

Yay , Mamanda (Mer-man-der) wasn't here.
Then then , I got to sit at her seat.

English , three periods.
BAAAAAA , did the DIE book.
Heh , we had to read the passage , go down by rows.
LOL , I got called to read , ofcourse.
It wasn't that bad whatt.

WOOOTS. Two hours , no Miss Saw.
But she gave us bio paper. WTFFF.
We still had to do our chinese compo.
So we did our compo.
LOL. The funny part.

Spongebob is 一条人. :D

Hui Lynn , "What's honk in chinese?"
Me , "Oink oink." LOL , that was what first came to my mind.
Jie Yin , "No no , is bi bo bi bo."
(Jelly typed in bi bo into the edictionary to find how to write fire alarm sound)

We finished the compo.
Then we did our bio MCQ.
Lala , copied lots of them.

Then Vkay came. :D
We began saying ghost story!
Want hear? The Sally one.
I'll save it for later.
Vkay told us about horror movies' ones also.
Mavis told us the Orphan one.
I told them the Hotel 626 and my ridiculous 13th floor story.

LOL. Then Spongebob came.
He is like "Ghost story ar? I want hear I want hear!"
He told us about incredible tales one.
Then Vkay told the Sally one again.
Hmm , here it goes.

Once upon a time , there was this girl called Sally.
On one of her birthdays , she received a barbie doll from her dad.
She loved it very much.
On another birthday , she received a robot dog from her dad.
She played with the dog and accidentally thrown the barbie doll out of the window.
That night , she was sleeping.
She heard a voice , "Sally , I'm on the ground floor~" (Spooky voice)
She heard it again , "Sally , I'm coming up~"
And again , "Sally , I'm on the fifth floor~"
. . .
And again , "Sally , I'm on the tenth floor~"
Once more , "Sally , I'm at your house~"
Sally tried to cover her ears , but the voice got louder.
Sally kept screaming and screaming.
Then her dad came to her room , switched on the lights.
And he found the barbie doll , right beside Sally.
The barbie doll's hair was all messy and it was like torn and tattered.

Ba , the voice was damn freaky.
When Vkay was saying the Sally~ in a freakish voice ,
I suddenly screamed.
Then Jie Yin screamed right into Spongebob's ear , Vkay jumped up , Spongebob just stood there.
LOLOL. Oops. :X

Cordelia joined us later.
We said lots of ghost stories.
Until school ended.

Went for CCA.
Slacked. :D
I was very tired. :l

Then go home.
Baa , I napped.
Still have to do bio and revise elit.
HEH , I didnt do alot of questions for bio.
What can she do to me huh huh.

Can't stop typing. :D
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The Day After Monday :D
Tuesday, September 15, 2009 ; 6:12 PM

Today , LOL.

First lesson was maths.
Learned about the graphgraph stuff.
HAHA , I like James' idea of Domo bar graph and pictogram.
It will be damn cute la! :D
LOL. An Qi like Kim Bum bar graph and pictogram.
Imagine Kim Bum's face being cut into half and quarters.

English was blehh.
Spelling. :l
RECESS! The best part of today. :D
When we went back to class , we saw Sherwin they all sitting at the corner.
So we joined in.
Then somehow Sherwin began complaining about Miss Saw.
His face immediately turned red with bushuang-ness. D:
Then all of us started to do the "calm down" action.

Then then , the guys were kogla-ing in all corners of the classroom.
Right infront of us , good performance.
And Ryan ended up laughing in highpitch. LOL?
And there was a cry of help among the bunch.

Elit made me sleepy.
I'm dozing off during lesson.

Bio. The guys' favourite topic.
Jun Meng , as expected , knew alot about it.
And he is like , answer all the questions , everbody laughed , but his face remained like that. LOL.

Geography. Bla bla bla.

Art. Did shading.

ACC. Watched the dog movie again.
Sadd ending.
The dog eventually died.

Weee , I shall change my blogskin. :D
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School reopens~
Monday, September 14, 2009 ; 5:51 PM

After one week of suffocating at home , we're back to school!
I'm happy and high. Lols.
LALALA~ And I laughed my way through.

PE , was taken away by the stupid assembly. :l

Chinese , watched the movie again.
The dog's cutee.

English , WEEEEE~
Miss Sheryl! YAY! :D
Free period! LALALA~ :D

We sat behind the class.
And we played the hit hit game at first.
Which , stopped when Jie Yin was gonna hit me. :D
Instead , we played truth or dare.
We spinned the pen.
Bleh. Truth was boring.
So we did dare instead.
HHAHAHAHA. The dares.
Woots , I asked Qiao Le and Jelly to hit gujianing. :D
Jie Yin was asked to drink from Spongebob's bottle and hug cucumber.
The others were just hitting.
And me. Hold James' hand. ROFL.
He squeezed my hand instead. :l

Maths , went to do survey.
It sucked whenever it came to where you need to type words.
Ahh , anyhow type and just type similar meaning words when describing. :D
Then ended up talking to Jie Yin.
Third one.
Ahhh , I thought of the past.
How. I really missed that time. ):

Music , damn boring.

Mannn , I made the wrong choice in going to the know-how-to-swim group.
Cos hor , when we have to test swim , I totally scared to swim.
It's like , I go in , totally OMG. GAH D:
Then I went to don't-know-how-to-swim group.
Aka aqua transformer. LOL. Name given by the coach.
YAY! It's good to learn swimming again.
Swim swim swim.
I very scared to swim without holding anything. Bleh.
It is like , I'm sinking. Ah.

After that , went to shower and went home.
LOL , I forgotten about taking bus front the bus stop infront of the flats.
I went to the stadium stop there instead. :l

Today's so shuang! :D
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Friday, September 4, 2009 ; 9:36 PM

What's wrong with blogger on IE? :l
YAY. Lets make this post short and sweet. :D

Morning , PE.
HAHAHA. Jelly threw the ball back to us.
But then , I didnt catch it.
And then it went up the corridor , down to the road.
And vroom vrooom , a car came.
OHMYGOD. The tyres went over that spongeball.

It didn't got squashed though. :D
It just got tyres mark. HAHAHA.

Ryan was funny.
He said he wanted James' penis.

History , I wasnt listening. :l
I was staring at James playing Plants VS Zombies.

Maths , I was drawing a guy with Gu Jun Pyo's hair.
His hair was fun to draw.
Curly curly curly. :D

Chinese , bleh , sorted out file.
I hate sorting files. :l

Literature , Sherwin was funny. :D
Okay , Mdm Sia is a technology idiot. :D
She freezed the image herself and she didnt know it. :l
And Sherwin. Good one.

"You know that freeze button? Freeze as in F-R-E-E-Z-E"
"You know that minus button? The one line one"

After school , Hui Lynn , Jie Yin and Mavis chatted in the canteen.
Then we bought salad for the sake of charity.
My salad had chicken , veggie and cucumber.


Then we walked to the bus stop.
Alright , I'm retarded to bring that piece of cardboard and brown paper home.

YAY. Hui Lynn you rock for giving me that cardboard and brown paper. :D
YAY. Hui Lynn and Jie Yin you rock for accompanying me to the bus stop. :D
BLEH. Jie Yin you baa for eating my chicken. :l
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